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JEE Advanced (Paper-2) Sample Question Paper-4 with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 24th Nov 2023
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JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper-4 with Answer Keys for Paper-2

JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper-4 with Answer Keys for Paper-2 (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) solved by our expert teachers on Downloading the JEE Advanced Sample Question Paper-2 with Solutions and Answers will help aspirants to score more marks in their IIT-JEE Examinations.

JEE advance is the toughest entrance examination and with every year the competition level is increasing.  Students need to crack this examination to get admission to the top engineering colleges of India. As the jumper of candidates applying for this examination is increasing it is getting more difficult for the students to get on the list of toppers. You should have the right strategy to prepare for your JEE Advanced examinations then only you will be able to reach the toppers list. You should follow the tips and tricks provided by the expert teachers of Vedantu to get a better study pattern and score more marks.

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Physics JEE Advanced Paper 1 Paper 2 Syllabus:

  • General physics

  • Mechanics

  • Thermal physics

  • Electricity and magnetism

  • Optics

  • Modern physics

Chemistry JEE Advanced Paper 1 Paper 2 Syllabus:

  • General topics of Chemistry

  • Gaseous and liquid state

  • Atomic structure and chemical bonding

  • Energetics

  • Chemical equilibrium

  • Electrochemistry

  • Chemical kinetics

  • Solid-state

  • Solutions

  • Surface chemistry

  • Nuclear chemistry

  • Isolation preparation and properties of non-metals

  • Preparation and properties of compounds

  • Transition Elements 3D

  • Ores and minerals

  • Extractive metallurgy

  • Principles of qualitative analysis

  • The Basic concept of organic chemistry

  • Preparation, properties, and the reaction of alkanes

  • Alkenes and alkynes

  • Reaction of benzene

  • Phenols

  • Characteristics of carbohydrates

  • Amino acids and peptides

  • Properties and use of polymers

  • Practical organic chemistry

Mathematics JEE Advanced Paper 1 Paper 2 Syllabus:

  • Algebra

  • Matrics

  • Probability

  • Trigonometry

  • Analytical geometry

  • Differential calculus

  • Vectors

FAQs on JEE Advanced (Paper-2) Sample Question Paper-4 with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download

1. Where can I get JEE Advanced (Paper-2) Sample Question Paper-4 with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download?

Sample papers are very important for the preparation of the JEE Advanced examination. All the excerpts and the toppers of JEE advance practice the sample papers to score a good rank in the examination. They all recommend the same strategy to excel in the JEE advanced examination. Vedantu is the best online portal that provides you with all the sample papers with 100% accurate solutions. Vedantu helps you to keep motivated throughout your preparation and provides you with all the updates regarding your upcoming examination.

2. How you should speed up your problem-solving capacity to prepare for JEE Advanced?

You can increase your speed to solve the answers in the jee exam by practicing more and more sample papers and important questions. You can get the best result by increasing your problem-solving speed. All you need to do is keep practicing multiple questions papers that will increase your speed. You can get an idea of how much time you can spend solving 1 question and in which section you can devote more time to score more marks. This will help you to get organized and know your capacity to answer questions in the allotted time.

3. How to build confidence to appear in JEE Advanced?

Huge number of students prepare for appearing in JEE Advanced Examination but only a few of them are able to crack the examination with flying colors. You need to believe in yourself and have confidence that you can crack the exam. JEE advance is one of the toughest examinations which helps students to get admission in the topmost engineering colleges of India. Offen candidates make a mistake by panicking at the hour of the exam. Getting stressed on the examination day is not the solution. You should take a good sleep and relax one night before the exam so that you can concentrate well during the exam.

4. How many questions are there in the JEE Advance Examination?

According to the latest JEE Advanced criteria there, are108 questions asked in the Jee advanced examination. You can get an idea of the pattern of the paper by going through the sample question papers . it will give you an idea of how the questions are framed from various topics. The question patterns asked in the examination are very tricky and they will help you to get the best outcome in the examination and get enrolled in the best engineering colleges.

5. Who Sets JEE Advanced Question Papers?

You can prepare yourself for the examination by practicing the JEE Advanced (Paper-2) Sample Question Paper-4 with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download given by Vedantu . The experts prepare the sample papers according to the survey and a lot of research to provide the best possible questions that can be asked in the examination . The conducting body sets the question papers for the JEE Advanced exams, no question is ever repeated in the JEE exam and it is set to test all the possible skills of the candidates.