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JEE Advanced Probability Important Questions

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Download Probability Important Questions JEE Advanced

JEE Advanced, also formerly called the  IIT JEE, is known to be the second phase of the JEE examination. This takes place after the JEE Main exam. This examination holds a very important place for those candidates who aspire to take engineering as their course in esteemed institutions like the IITs. This examination is computer-based and the venue for the examination is usually one of the seven different Indian IITs, that is, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Roorkee, IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi and IIT Guwahati.  The main subjects that are covered in the examination are usually Physics, Maths and Chemistry.


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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Chapter-wise Important Questions with PDF

The entrance exam is conducted in two different phases and consists of two papers – Paper 1 and Paper 2. This takes place in two different shifts conducted on the same day.  To be eligible for the merit list, The students are supposed to sit for both papers. The marks obtained by the students in the two papers will be the source of their admissions into undergraduate and masters courses offered by IITs.

Students planning to sit for this exam are required to meet certain eligibility criteria. The failure to meet these criteria would not allow the aspiring candidates to sit for the exam. Therefore, it is advised that all the candidates that plan to sit for the JEE advanced examinations should first go through all the important guidelines before filling the application form.

In this article, the student will be guided on the important questions and topics that the topic of Probability encompasses in the JEE advanced examinations presented before the candidates.

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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Probability

The concept of probability is one of the most interesting concepts as far as the syllabus of Maths for JEE Advanced is concerned. In order to master the concept of Probability, students do need to have a proper understanding of Permutations and Combinations. Download the below PDF, for free and refer to the JEE Advanced Probability Important Questions. Also, solutions to the questions are available here. The sums of Probability are easy to understand once students are able to recognize the related concepts and identify the probability of occurrence of any event.

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Probability Important Questions for JEE Advanced

The basic sums of this chapter include finding the probable outcome of

  • drawing a particular card from a pack of cards

  • Tossing a coin, and getting the desired outcome

  • Drawing a ball of a particular color from a bag containing balls of mixed colors.

At times, the questions are not for finding the probability of a certain event, but the probability of that event not taking place. These are the trick questions, especially in competitive exams. In such cases, the probability of the event taking place has to be subtracted from 1. The value of the probability of any event always varies from 0 to 1. For getting a grasp of all such trick questions, students may download and refer to the below PDF consisting of important questions on Probability for JEE Advanced and their solutions. 

Generally, the probability of an event taking place is denoted by P(A). It is found by the following formula:

The number of ways in which the particular event may take place/ Total number of possible results.

The PDF has Probability important questions for JEE Advanced 2023 along with their solutions, which can help the aspirants with their preparation.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Probability Important Questions

1. Where can we get the Important questions and topics for the JEE advanced exams?

The website of Vedantu provides the candidates with all the important topics and questions that the JEE advanced examination encompasses. The students can simply visit the website of Vedantu and avail all the important information that will help them in preparing for the examination. The website makes sure that all the materials are updated regularly so that the student is not left behind on anything. An insight into the important questions will help the student in understanding the important topics and thus help them prepare accordingly in order to score good ranks. 

2. How Do Probability Question Papers Help Students for the JEE Advanced exam?

The important questions for the JEE advanced are designed in order to help the students familiarize themselves with the questions that are asked in the JEE advanced question papers. With access to the Important questions, the candidates will be able to monitor their preparations and figure out the areas that they might be lacking in. These questions will help the students realize their strengths and their weaknesses alike.  Apart from this, the practice of the Important questions will help the candidate improve their time management skills. These questions can be easily accessed on the website of Vedantu. 

3. Is probability important for JEE Advanced?

Yes, the topic of Probability is very important for the students who aspire to sit for the JEE Advanced examinations. In order to understand and master this topic perfectly, the student needs to have prior knowledge and insight into Permutations and Combinations. To get the required assistance and guidance, the students can access the pdf for free from the website of Vedantu. This website aims at providing the candidates with the best materials and guidance that will help them prepare and excel in their examinations. 

4. Are questions repeated in JEE Advanced?

No, the questions hardly repeat themselves in the JEE Advanced examination. Though the exam pattern remains the same, the questions in the exam are never seen to be repeated. But as relief for the students, the concepts and the topics that the question paper consists of are the same every year. Thus, it is advised that the students should be very thorough with all the important topics in the subjects concerning physics, chemistry and maths. In order to get guidance for the same, the students can visit the website of Vedantu where they will be provided with all the important questions for the JEE advanced exams. 

5. How many marks does the JEE Advanced paper consist of?

The JEE advanced papers consist of a total of 366 marks. Both the papers, paper 1 and paper 2, have 183 marks each assigned to them. The question paper is a combination of the objective type questions, which also has MCQ’s, and the numerical type questions. The language that the question paper is set in is Hindi and English respectively. To get assistance and guidance on the type of questions that the question papers hold, the aspirants can visit the website of Vedantu and download all the relevant materials in PDF format. The website makes sure that the students are provided with the best materials that will help them score good ranks in the exam.