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JEE Advanced Parabola Important Questions

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Parabola

Maths is perhaps voted as the most scoring subject for JEE Advanced. Of the entire syllabus for JEE Maths, ‘Geometry’ has the longest list of formulae. Students often struggle while remembering the formulae of the conic section. Among the important topics, Parabola is a comparatively easier one and this PDF consists of JEE Advanced Parabola Important Questions. A Parabola somewhat resembles a ‘U’. The general formula for a Parabola is y=4ax. A parabola has a focus and a directrix.


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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Parabola Important Questions for JEE Advanced

Also, the curve obtained when \[ y =x^{2}\] is plotted on a graph forms a parabola. A parabola has an axis of symmetry. For a parabola that does not have its vertex at the origin, but at some point, say (h,b), the quadratic function, representing it becomes  \[4a(x-h)=(y-b)^{2}\]. For a parabola centered around the y-axis, the vertex lies at the origin.  

The below table enlists the formulae to find the focus, axis of symmetry, directrix, and equation of a parabola centered at a point (m,n).




Axis of Symmetry

\[(x-m)^{2} = 4a(y-n)\]


y = n - a

x = m

\[(y-n)^{2} = 4a(x-m)\]

(m+a, n)

x = m - a

y = n

The important questions on Parabola for JEE Advanced include finding the locus of certain points on trisection, questions from double ordinate types of a parabola, etc. JEE Advanced 2023 aspirants need to practice sums of parabola, for scoring high in the conic section. The below PDF consists of Parabola important questions for JEE Advanced 2023 and is free to download as well.

JEE Advanced Important Questions of Parabola

Parabola is an important topic in mathematics and is frequently asked in the examinations such as JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Though parabola is a mathematical concept, it can easily be explained with the help of a practical example.

It is a conic section that is formed by the intersection of a plane and a double-napped cone. The curve resembles a U shape and hence the name parabola.

The parabola can be used to model various natural phenomena such as sound and projectile motion. Students preparing for their JEE Advanced exam can find this topic useful in their preparation. 

At Vedantu, all of your important questions for JEE Advanced Parabola are covered in one easy-to-download PDF format. We have a FREE downloadable PDF here on this page with the most important questions that you can use to practice for exams and gain better marks.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Parabola Important Questions

1. What is a Parabola that is often asked in the JEE Advanced Maths paper?

A parabola is a curve that looks like the opening of a parabolic umbrella and it is shaped like an open parabola. The main and important property of this curve is that it is symmetrical.  The slope of a line segment joining any point on the curve to the focus is equal to the slope of another line segment joining the same point on the curve to the directrix.

2. What should be the answer if a question like the following is asked in the JEE Advanced Maths paper: What's the difference between a parabola and a hyperbola?

  • A parabola is the set of points whose distance from a given point (called the focus) is equal to their distance from a given line (called the directrix). 

  • A hyperbola is the set of points whose distance from a given point is greater than their distance from a given line. The equation \[y^{2}=X\] describes a parabola, while XY=1 describes a hyperbola.

3. What are the four different kinds of conic sections as discussed in the chapter Parabola for JEE Advanced?

  • Conic sections are curves made by intersecting a plane with a right circular cone. The four main forms of conic sections are parabolas, ellipses, circles, and hyperbolas. 

  • Ellipses are the easiest to visualize because they're sort of like stretched-out circles. Hyperbolas and parabolas look more like stretched out parabolas. Circles are pretty much circles.

4. Is it necessary to study the Parabola chapter in JEE?

Students preparing for exams such as the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) are often faced with questions on parabolas. It is a topic that comes up quite frequently in this exam and hence students need to understand the concepts well. Students should not skip chapters when they are aiming to secure a seat in IITs.

5. How do I practice Parabola to score well in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced?

  • JEE Advanced is one of the most difficult exams in India. It tests your skill in solving problems that come under different categories such as calculus, analysis, mechanics, physics, etc. It also tests your ability to solve problems with constraints and other conditions. 

  • To score well in JEE Advanced, you need to practice a lot of questions on a regular basis so that you become comfortable with the question types and can solve them without much thought.

  • The best way to practice a parabola is by solving previous year’s papers. Vedantu provides you with previous year papers of JEE Advanced and other competitive exams. Solve as many questions as possible as it will improve your speed and accuracy. Make sure you enjoy the process and not stress it out.