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JEE Advanced Differentiations Important Questions

Last updated date: 23rd Nov 2023
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Differentiation, in Calculus, apart from integration is considered one of the two important is defined as a method that helps in finding out the derivative of a given function. In mathematics, it can be considered a process in which we strive to find the instantaneous rate of change in a given function based on one of its variables. The most well-known example of this is the rate of change of displacement with respect to time, also known as velocity.

To put this in a formula,

If x is considered the first variable, and y the second, then the rate of change of the x variable with respect to the y variable will be written as dy/dx, which is the general method of expressing a derivative of a given function. It will be represented as] f'(x) = dy/dx, where y = f(x) is any given  function.

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JEE Advanced Important Questions


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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Differentiations

One of the best ways to prepare for the JEE Advanced mathematics exam is to go through the important questions and with this, students can strengthen the basic concept and can improve their preparation accordingly. Maths is always a part of our life and it will also be used in our day-to-day life. The short-cut technique to score well in maths is to practice. Believing in yourself plays a major role in ace the Maths fear.

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Differentiations Important Questions for JEE Advanced

In this chapter, you will learn about notations, geometrical interpretation of differentiation, rules of differentiation, Logarithmic differentiation, and steps of logarithm differentiation. Basically, differentiation is a process of finding a function that outputs the rate of change of one variable with respect to another variable. With this, you can find the position of an object, the slope of a line, and how a particular function is processed through a graph.  These derivatives are used to determine the maximum and minimum value of a particular function like profit, loss, cost, strength, amount of materials used in a building, etc. You can also check the behavior of a moving object. 

Our experts at Vedantu have provided solutions along with the important questions and these solutions are based on the latest NCERT guidelines.  These important questions will help students to understand the concept and also in clearing any kind of doubts so that they could score good marks in the exam. Solutions provided by Vedantu come with supporting graphs and examples to make the learning or revision easy for the students.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Differentiations Important Questions

1. Is there any repetition of questions in the JEE advanced exams?

No, there is rarely any repetition of questions in the Jee Advanced exams. Though the question pattern remains the same, the questions usually go through changes. But as a relief for the student, the concepts and the topics are mostly similar to what was previously asked. Therefore, it is quite evident that if the student is thorough and well versed with all the topics and important concepts that the syllabus of the JEE advanced examinations holds, then with assurance, the candidate will be able to solve any question that the question paper presents. To help the student achieve this, the website of Vedantu provides the candidates with the relevant study materials that will guide and assist the candidate in their preparation of the exam.

2. What are the differentiation rules?

The different differentiation rules are as follows;


This rule states that if a given function is the sum or the difference of two other functions, then the derivative associated with the functions will be the sum or the difference of the individual fiction. For instance; 

If f(x) = u(x) ± v(x)

then, f'(x)=u'(x) ± v'(x)


The product rule of a function refers that is a given function f(x) is the product of two other functions, u(x) and v(x), then the derivative of the function will be ;

If f(x)= u(x) + v(x) or If f(x)= u(x) - v(x), then


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3. What are the real-life applications of differentiation?

The real-time of applications of differentiation are as follows;

  • It helps one find the acceleration, that is, the rate of the change of the velocity with respect to the time. 

  • It also finds its application in calculating the highest and the lowest points of a given curve in the graph. The derivative function also helps to find out the turning point of the curve. 

  • The derivative functions are very useful to deduce the tangent and normal to a given curve. 

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4. Where can one download the important questions for the topic Differentiation?

The candidates who wish to apply for the JEE Advanced examination, have to be very thorough with the topic of differentiation along with many others. To access the important questions for the given topic, the students can visit the website of vedantu, from where they can download all the important and exam-relevant questions in the pdf format. These can be downloaded for free, and can even be utilized offline. The practice of these questions will help the candidates immensely. It will not just improve the skills and the knowledge of the candidates, but it will also help the candidate to come to terms with the question paper pattern and work upon their time management skills.

5. What are linear and nonlinear functions in a derivative?

It is well known that in calculus, the functions are categorized into two parts- linear and nonlinear.

The Linear function is said to vary with constant rate through its domain, which does not affect the overall rate of the change of the given function. That is the overall rate of the given function remains the same/similar to the rate of change of that function at any given point.   

But in the case of the nonlinear function, the rate of change of the function undergoes variation from point to point. 

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