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JEE Advanced Binomial Theorem Important Questions

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Binomial Theorem

Binomial Theorem is one of the most important chapters in the Maths syllabus of JEE Advanced 2023. The Important Questions on the Binomial Theorem for JEE Advanced are provided in the below PDF along with the solutions. Some basic sums for an introduction to the Binomial Theorem are included in the syllabus of class eight as well. The concept of the Binomial Theorem becomes easy to comprehend once students get familiar with the derivation. Practicing the JEE Advanced Binomial Theorem Important Questions from the below PDF will help students increase their pace for JEE Advanced.


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JEE Advanced important questions on Binomial Theorem

The binomial theorem states that any positive integer (say n):

The sum of any two integers (say a and b), raised to the power of n, can be expressed as the sum of (n+1) terms as follows.

\[\sum_{k=0}^{n}a^{n-k} b^{k}=(a + b)^{n}\]

The reason behind using this formula can be explained by some expansion patterns. Let us consider a polynomial (a+b).

  • On multiplying this polynomial (a+b) by itself, that is,

(a+b)*(a+b), the result so obtained is as follows.

\[(a^{2} + b^{2} + 2ab)\]

  • On multiplying the resulting polynomial by (a+b), the following result is obtained.

\[(a^{2} + b^{2} + 2ab) * (a + b) =  a^{3} + 3a^{2}b + 3ab^{2} + b^{3}\]

  • On multiplying this above result by (a+b), the following polynomial is obtained.

\[(a^{3} + 3a^{2}b + 3ab^{2} + b^{3}) * (a + b) = a^{4} + 4a^{3}b + 6a^{2}b^{2} + 4ab^{3} + b^{4}\]

The same results of polynomial multiplication are obtained when the formula of the binomial theorem is used for the same. For a better understanding download the below PDF for free and refer to the solved binomial theorem JEE Advanced important questions.

Binomial Theorem Important Question

A very important and crucial Topic for the JEE Advanced 2023 Mathematics syllabus,  a very basic introduction, and some basic sums of Binomial Theorem is also a part of the Class 8 CBSE syllabus. The complex understanding of the Binomial Theorem becomes easy to understand once students get familiar with the main derivation which can be explained with the help of certain expansion patterns.

In order to get familiar with, and understand the meaning of Binomial Theorem, the JEE Advanced 2023 Question Paper, along with the solutions should be downloaded from The download is easily accessible from the Vedantu website and is available for a free download in PDF Format. This will enable students to prepare for the JEE Advanced examination to get a clearer understanding of the Binomial Theorem and its formulas. In the JEE Advanced Examination, Binomial Theorem is a part of Algebra, an algebraic expression that consists of two different terms, and is an important chapter for the JEE Advanced examination.

To understand the formulas that constitute the Binomial Theorem, it is often very useful to practice the previous years’ Binomial Theorem questions of JEE Advanced that are available for a PDF format download from the Vedantu portal. 

The Important Questions that are available along with very well-researched solutions on the Vedantu portal are very helpful for students who are preparing for the JEE Advanced.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Binomial Theorem Important Questions

1. How to study for Binomial Theorem for JEE Advanced using JEE Advanced Important Questions of Binomial Theorem?

Solved Question Papers of previous years’ on Binomial Theorem chapter for JEE Advanced is very important to understand its concept. Important Questions on the subject are easily available for a free PDF download from the Vedantu portal. Understanding the concept becomes easier as the Solutions found in Vedantu have been very nicely explained in a clear-cut manner, by experienced academicians. Solving and practicing from the Important Questions gives students an idea of the question pattern and also of the marking scheme.

2. Why is it important to study notes from Vedantu?

Focusing on Chapter notes while preparing for the JEE Advanced examinations helps students realize their problem-solving and analytical skills. Notes on Important Questions with solutions help students understand and get familiar with the pattern and marking scheme of questions too. Regular practice of the Important Questions and questions from previous years will enable students to score good marks in the examination. Important Questions with solutions that are available on the Vedantu online portal are considered to be helpful study material.

3. Where to get Important Questions with solutions for Binomial Theorem for JEE Advanced?, the online educational portal provides study material for all school, college, and other professional level examinations and courses. The JEE Advanced Important Questions along with solutions are easily available for a free download at the Vedantu website. The practice of these Important Questions with solutions, helps students get a clear understanding of the concepts required to understand the Binomial Theorem properly, which helps them to fare better in the examinations.

4. What are some benefits of solving  JEE Advanced Question Papers of previous years?

Solving JEE Advanced Question Papers of previous years enable students to be more adept with their time management skills, while also improving their problem solving and understanding capabilities. Students get a  better idea of and get familiarized with the pattern of questions that could come, as well as get an idea of the marking schemes for each question type. It helps students to realize their current level of proficiency and makes them aware of how prepared they are. Solving the 2023 JEE Main Question Paper will also give a real-time feel and experience of the exam. 

5. What is the best way to prepare for the JEE Advanced examination?

Preparing for the JEE Advanced requires a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication coupled with a great deal of discipline. In-depth, thorough knowledge of the three fundamental subjects, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry is important and required.  Students should be clear about the syllabus and should try and get acquainted with the pattern of expected questions. It is very important to give equal importance to all three subjects, and giving mock tests regularly is recommended.