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IIT Ropar 2023-24 : Admission Process, Cut-Off, Scholarships, and Placements

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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An Overview of IIT Ropar

The Indian Institute of technology is one of the greatest centres for academic excellence in India. With its branches in almost all prominent cities in India, IIT Ropar is distinguished among the rest. It is precisely located in the city of Rupnagar in the state of Punjab. IIT Ropar is an institute for all aspirants looking for top-notch higher education in the field of science, engineering, and technology. It was established by the MHRD or the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Indian Government under the amendment of the 2011 Act of The Institutes of Technology. Seven other IITs were also established under this Act. The primary aim was to broaden the reach and improve the quality of India's technical educational level.

The institution is heavily devoted to providing avant-garde technical schooling in a myriad of fields and also for promoting the transmission of knowledge concerning the latest developments in education. With the stress laid on the two above-mentioned areas of pedagogy, students can be assured to gain a considerable amount of exposure to the current trends in their preferred area of study. Furthermore, they will also gain plenty of practical experience by participating in numerous activities conducted on the institution's campus. IIT Ropar arranges these events by collaborating with various industries and institutions. The campus is beautifully spread across 500 acres of land and situated right on the Satluj Riverbank.

The youth is India's greatest human resource and thus making sure they are educated will contribute to the country's development. IIT Ropar ensures that all modern facilities are available on the campus to nurture young adults' minds studying to build India's future.

IIT Ropar Highlights

Year of foundation


Accredited/ Type

Autonomous/ UGC, AICTE

Situated in

Rupnagar, Punjab, India- 140001


500 acre

Courses available


Students enrolled in the college


Faculty-Student ratio



  • Ranked 22 for Engineering by NIRF 2023

  • Ranked 19 for Engineering by JEE Cutoff 2021

  • Ranked 11 for University by Outlook 2022

  • Ranked 22 for IITs by NIRF 2022

Number of Departments


Total number of centres on campus


Total number of hostels


Means of education


Means of application


Criteria for admission 

Based on entrance

Criteria for admission 

Based on JEE entrance examination

Scholarships offered


IIT Ropar 2023 Courses Offered

IITR strives to give the best possible education to the eager young adults of the country. The IIT Ropar courses are strictly regulated to see high educational standards. Recently, the curriculum was changed to make the syllabus more understandable. It is based on the Tyler-Taba Rationale. This emphasises the practical context of schooling, along with the individualistic development of each student. The institution offers a total of 6 courses at the undergraduate level—each of these courses last 4 years.

IIT Ropar Course Details




- Computer Science and Engineering

- Chemical Engineering

- Electrical Engineering

- Mechanical Engineering

- Civil Engineering

- Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science

Qualifying exam: JEE Main and Advanced

Eligibility criteria: 

  • Class 12 with Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and a language and as an optional subject other than the four mentioned subjects with 75% aggregate (65% for SC/ ST candidates)

  • Candidates should be born on or after October 1, 1995 (up to 5 years of relaxation can be given to ST, SC & PwD candidates.)

Class 12 equivalent exams:

  • The final exam of the 10+2 system or two-year Pre-University conducted by a Central or State Board or any AIU recognized university.

  • The final exam of the two-year course of the NDA Joint Services Wing.

  • SSC Exam conducted by the NIOS with a minimum of 5 subjects.

  • Any University, Public School, Board or exam in India or in a foreign country recognized as equivalent to the 10+2 system recognized by the AIU.

  • AICTE recognized diploma or an SBTE of minimum 3 years duration.

IIT Ropar 2023 Admission Procedure

IIT Ropar has an exceptionally well-organised and administered admission process. The admission process is made simpler and understandable to encourage students to send in their applications as soon as possible. It made sure that a fair chance is given to everyone and the discrimination process is based on gender, class, caste, or creed. IIT Ropar’s ranking supports the ethnic diversity within the campus, and its admission process reflects that. It is an ideal place for children to learn through innovation and experiments and build a strong personality.

The institution's high standards and credibility go hand in hand, and thus, only the most prestigious students are admitted to join the academic year. IITR strives to give the best possible education to the eager young adults of the country. The courses provided by this institution are strictly regulated to see high educational standards. Recently, the curriculum was changed to make the syllabus more understandable. It is based on the Tyler-Taba Rationale. This emphasises the practical context of schooling, along with the individualistic development of each student.

You can secure your admission to IIT Ropar by scoring high ranks in the respective entrance examinations. For undergraduates, this entails JEE or the Joint Entrance Examination. As IIT Ropar believes in each student's true potential, they also provide scholarships based on merit, studentship, special provision for the ST/SC category, government policy, and so on. The admission process generally commences from December. 

This is around the time JEE Mains registrations are open. The counselling process is regulated by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority for all the IITs across India. The entrance exam required for IIT Ropar is JEE advanced. In total, there are six rounds of counselling sessions conducted by JoSSA. The eligibility criteria for most of the courses are listed below:

  1. Students must score 75% aggregate or above in their Class 12 or equivalent board exam.

  2. The aggregate is 65% for ST, SC, and PwD candidates.

  3. PCM or Physics, Chemistry, and Maths are the mandatory subjects that should be taken during the board exams.

  4. Secure the cut-off score for their desired course.

IIT Ropar 2023 Application Process

The application process for IIT Ropar is simpler as everything can be done online. This is to increase the convenience of students and parents who wish to apply. The online portal on the official website link facilitates the application process. The procedure comprises all the details, including the details of academic qualifications, scanned official documents, and the desired course. At the end of the process, you can pay the surcharge and look forward to enjoying your college life at this outstanding university.

Step-by-Step Application Procedure for IIT Ropar

B.Tech aspirants should fill the JEE Advanced Application Form through the NTA's official website. The following are the steps for IIT Ropar's application process:

  1. Open the official website link of IIT Ropar.

  2. Surf through your options and choose your desired course.

  3. Click on the "Apply Online" tag of your preferred course.

  4. Fill in the required details to register as a new user.

  5. Type in your credentials and login. 

  6. Fill in the precise details in the application form.

  7. Accurately enter your academic qualifications.

  8. Disburse the application fee and submit the form.

List of the official documents that need to be provided along with the application form:

  1. Scanned versions of coloured photographs and signatures.

  2. Scanned copy of the birth certificate.

  3. Scanned copy of both the qualifying mark sheet and a passing certificate.

  4. Scanned copy of the scorecard of entrance exam.

  5. Scanned copy of caste certificate.

  6. Scanner copy of the category certificate (if applicable).

IIT Ropar Cut-Off

As mentioned above, the entire admission process is regulated by JoSAA or the Joint Seat Allocation Authority. IIT Ropar decides the Cut-Off marks and the final merit list is released by JoSAA after every round. There are a total of 6 counselling rounds. There is a category-wise division of IIT Ropar cut-off which includes the opening and closing ranks for all 6 rounds. The IIT Ropar cut-off split is set in a way that makes it gender-neutral. JoSSA usually conducts seven rounds of counselling, but since 2020, it is conducting only six rounds of counselling. 

IIT Ropar Cut-Off (B.Tech) 2021

The cut-off scores are announced by the concerned qualifying examination authorities. In the case of JEE Advanced cut-off, it is released by JoSAA Counselling. Here is the IIT Ropar 2021 cut-off after round 6.







Chemical Engineering 






Civil Engineering 






Computer Science and Engineering 






Electrical Engineering 






Mathematics and Computing






Mechanical Engineering






Metallurgical and Materials Engineering






IIT Ropar Scholarships

IIT Ropar ensures that maximum financial aid is provided to their students as no one should be deprived of getting a quality education. Therefore, the institution offers 8 scholarships to the students. Given below is the gist of the scholarships provided by the institute. However, students can get details regarding the same on the official website of IIT, Ropar. 

  1. Institute Merit-cum-Means (MCM) scholarships: This particular scholarship is available to the undergraduate students who are pursuing engineering and technology. Only 25% of the total undergraduate students receive the scholarship. The students who get the scholarship only have to pay Rs. 1000 per month and they are exempted from paying the tuition fee. B.Tech students can also get the scholarship at the time of joining. The eligibility criterion for the first year students is their AIR in JEE. Further, the students can enjoy the scholarships till they continue to meet the eligibility. Their performance will be viewed at the end of each semester. 

  2. Institute Merit Prizes and Certificates: The BTech students for the first and the second semester can also enjoy the Merit Prized worth Rs. 2500. Only 7% of the total students will get the benefit of the Merit prizes. The top 7% students will be chosen based on their SGPA result which will be viewed at the end of each semester. 

  3. Institute Free Studentship: This particular scholarship will exempt the students from paying the tuition fee. This is offered to 10% of the total students on the basis of means only. The students who are eligible for the scholarship are those whose parents have income upto 4.5 lakhs per annum. This is open for all students including SC/ST. 

  4. Scholarship Provision for Students of ST/SC category: The students belonging to SC and ST groups are exempted from paying the tuition fee irrespective of their parent’s income. They can also get a scholarship of Rs. 300  per month and exemption from paying the hostel rent but under certain conditions which are written on the official website. 

  5. Post-Matric Scholarship: This is offered by the state government. Interested students can visit the state government site. 

  6. Top Class Education Scholarship for ST/SC category: these are awarded by the government of India. 

  7. Other Scholarships: these are awarded by NGOs.

  8. Scholarship for B.Tech - M.Tech Dual Degree.

IIT Ropar Seat Matrix

The following table shows the total number of seats for BTech/ BE courses offered by Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar. 



Chemical Engineering - Gender Neutral


Chemical Engineering - Female Only


Civil Engineering - Gender Neutral


Civil Engineering - Female Only


Computer Science and Engineering - Gender Neutral


Computer Science and Engineering - Female Only


Electrical Engineering - Gender Neutral


Electrical Engineering - Female Only


Mathematics and Computing - Gender Neutral


Mathematics and Computing - Female Only


Mechanical Engineering - Gender Neutral


Mechanical Engineering - Female Only


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering - Gender Neutral


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering - Female Only




The official website of IIT, Ropar also provides detailed information on the seat matrix and also category wise seats available for all the courses offered by IIT, Ropar. 

IIT Ropar Placements

The placement records of IIT Ropar have been impeccable so far. The graduates get into good companies with the help and support of the IIT Ropar faculty. According to the 2020 IIT Ropar report, 96 out of 113 students were placed. The average CTC offered was INR 15.85 LPA. The top recruiters among many are Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft etc.  Given below is a table showing CTC offered per course. 


CTC Offered

B. Tech


M. Tech


M. Tech Artificial Intelligence

INR 14.91 LPA

This was the entire discussion on IIT Ropar. Hope you have found information useful. Stay tuned with Vedantu to get other latest updates about IIT Ropar. Good Luck!

FAQs on IIT Ropar 2023-24 : Admission Process, Cut-Off, Scholarships, and Placements

1. Name Some of the Top Recruiting Companies Present for the 2020 IIT Ropar Recruitment Drive?

Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Microsoft, Maruti Suzuki, HPCL, Flipkart, etc. to secure the IIT Ropar highest package.

2. Where can you check the fee structure of IIT Ropar?

You can visit the official website to check the IIT Ropar fee structure. The institution also provides various financial aids to help students. The official website of IIT, Ropar also provides the composition of institutional fees as well as hostel fees.

3. Where should you register for UG Admission in IIT Ropar?

For UG admission, students can register on the JEE main or NTA website.

4. How are the hostel facilities in IIT Ropar?

There are three hostels for Boys - Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune.

One hostel for girls - Venus.

The hostels are spacious and equipped with comfortable lodging to fit in 380 students. The hostels also have a continuous supply of clean and hygienic water. The hostels have shops so as to meet the needs of the students. There are warders who guide the students and Student’s representatives who manage the daily affairs of the hostel. 

5. Did IIT Ropar shift to another campus?

IIT Ropar has finished the shifting process to the permanent campus ever since June 2019. It is built in the previously known Birla Seed Farms land.