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IIT Kanpur Seat Matrix 2023

Last updated date: 05th Mar 2024
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An Introduction to IIT Kanpur Seat Matrix

The seat matrix for admission to IIT Kanpur will be released for admission to undergraduate programs by JoSAA (Joint Seat Allocation Authority) in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology. IIT Kanpur seat matrix for 2023 admission can be availed by the students once it is available online. The Seat Matrix consists of the total number of seats available for the candidates for admission to different programs offered by IIT Kanpur. Students willing to take admission to the B.Tech courses under IIT Kanpur must refer to the seat matrix. Students need to keep in mind that the matrix will be released both course-wise and category-wise. 


Many students aim to study in top engineering colleges that include all the IITs with an ambition to have a successful career in the field of technology. There are lakhs of aspirants for JEE Main and Advanced. However, only a handful of candidates clear through both the examinations to be a part of the IITs. Due to tough competition and very less number of seat availability, candidates need to be prompt towards the admission. 


The seat matrix for IIT Kanpur for 2023 admission has not been released by the institute yet. However, candidates can check the previous year’s (2022) seat matrix to get an idea of the number of seats offered under different specialisations. The different courses include Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc.  Candidates need to note that the seat matrix will be released by JoSAA in association with the IITs after JEE Advanced Examination. You can check the IIT Kanpur Seat Matrix 2023 on the official website of JoSAA once it is released. For now, you can refer to the IIT Kanpur seat matrix for admission in the previous year, that is, 2022.

IIT Kanpur Seat Matrix 2023

The following chart shows seat allocations for different streams based on different categories for admission to IIT Kanpur in the previous year, that is, 2022. We recommend that you go through this chart to have a rough understanding of what this year’s (2023) seating matrix for IIT Kanpur could look like. 



B.E./B.Tech. (4-Year Course)

Aerospace Engineering - Gender Neutral


Aerospace Engineering - Female Only


Biological Sciences and Bioengineering - Gender Neutral


Biological Sciences and Bioengineering - Female Only


Chemical Engineering - Gender Neutral


Chemical Engineering - Female Only


Civil Engineering - Gender Neutral


Civil Engineering - Female Only


Computer Science and Engineering - Gender Neutral


Computer Science and Engineering - Female Only


Electrical Engineering - Gender Neutral


Electrical Engineering - Female Only


Materials Science and Engineering - Gender Neutral


Materials Science and Engineering - Female Only


Mechanical Engineering - Gender Neutral


Mechanical Engineering - Female Only


B.S. (4-Year Course)

Chemistry - Gender Neutral


Chemistry - Female Only


Earth Sciences - Gender Neutral


Earth Sciences - Female Only


Economics - Gender Neutral


Economics - Female Only


Mathematics and Scientific Computing - Gender Neutral


Mathematics and Scientific Computing - Female Only


Physics - Gender Neutral


Physics - Female Only


Statistics and Data Science - Gender Neutral


Statistics and Data Science - Female Only






Refer to the given chart to understand the seat distribution for 2023 admission and, accordingly, figure out which course you should take up. Students can get all the related details for admission to IIT Kanpur from the official website of JoSAA. JoSAA is a national body responsible for managing and regulating seat allocation and admission to over a hundred institutes in India. Joint Seat Allocation Authority will release the seat matrix for candidates who qualify for JEE Advanced 2023. The seat matrix will be released for the counselling session and only those who are eligible will be offered admission by the institute.

FAQs on IIT Kanpur Seat Matrix 2023

1. Which authoritative body decides the seating allocation for IIT Kanpur?

After the JEE Main and JEE Advanced examinations are conducted, the JoSAA or the Joint Seat Allocation Authority releases the seat matrix or the seating allocations for the current year based on certain factors. 

2. Where can I find the IIT Kanpur Seat Matrix for 2022?

The official website of IIT Kanpur will be declaring the seat matrix post-release by JoSAA. Apart from that, you can also visit Vedantu’s website to check the seat matrix for the year 2022 as soon as the data is released.