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JEE Advanced 2022 Paper 1 with Solutions PDF

Last updated date: 22nd May 2024
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Download JEE Advanced 2022 Paper 1 Solutions and Answer Key - Download Free PDF

If you are seeking for JEE Advanced 2022 Paper 1 Answer Key with Solution, Vedantu has you covered. This article provides a free download of the revised JEE Advanced 2022 Paper 1 PDF with Solutions.

Our JEE Advanced 2022 Question Paper 1 was handpicked by subject-matter experts with years of experience in the field, ensuring that applicants receive a full explanation of each solution.

To do well in the forthcoming JEE Advanced exam, aspirants should practice as many previous year papers as feasible. We have included all of the JEE Advanced previous year papers below to assist you prepare for the upcoming exam.


JEE Advanced Question Paper


Text, Images, Videos and PDF


JEE Advanced

Academic Session:



English Medium


Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (Combined)



Available Material:

JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

JEE Advanced 2022 Paper 1 Solutions

Mentioned below are the JEE Advanced 2022 Subjectwise Question Paper 1 links, you can download the Free PDF from the given link.

JEE Advanced 2022 Question Paper Analysis

Mentioned below is summarised examination analysis of the JEE Advanced 2022 Question Paper.

  • The paper was moderately tough.

  • The questions were lengthy and based on NCERT concepts.

  • Most of the questions were directly asked from NCERT, except for the physical chemistry questions. 

  • The Chemistry section was easy while Physics & Mathematics were moderately tough and lengthy.

  • The important topics of chemistry included Electrochemistry, Mole Concept, Surface Chemistry, Thermodynamics & Chemical Kinetics.

  • Optics, Kinematics, Work Power & Energy, and Rotational Motion are some of the important chapters.

  • Calculus & Coordinate Geometry were given weightage in the mathematics section.

JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Paper PDFs

Students can easily download the free PDF of the Previous Year JEE Advanced question Papers with solutions by clicking on the links provided in the tables given below.

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JEE Advanced 2022 Paper 1 Pattern


Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Question Type

1 or more correct options

Single-digit integer

A single option is correct

No. of Questions




Max. Marks




Partial Marks (if the only correct answer is marked and no incorrect answer)


No partial marking

No partial marking

Negative Marking


No negative marking


Total Marks




Benefits of Solving JEE Advanced Question Papers with Solutions 

There are so many benefits of attempting the JEE Advanced question papers. It allows candidates to come up with an effective and result-oriented preparation strategy. Other benefits include:

  • These  Question Papers with Solutions help candidates to understand the exam pattern and difficulty level of questions.

  • Practising JEE Advanced Question Papers with Solutions will help in time management and strategising which section should be attempted first.

  • Candidates will be able to analyse their performance which will help them figure out their weaker areas or topics that need more practice.


The JEE Advanced 2022 Paper 1 Answer key with Solutions offers valuable insights for students preparing for the exam. Key takeaways include understanding problem-solving strategies, grasping concepts thoroughly, and practicing regularly. Focus on identifying patterns in questions, mastering fundamental concepts, and managing time efficiently during the exam. Analyze JEE Advanced 2022 Paper 1 solutions approaches to gain deeper comprehension and apply them to similar problems. Prioritize understanding over memorization, as it enhances problem-solving skills. Consistent practice of the previous year question paper and revision are crucial for success. Stay updated with solution guides, clarify doubts, and seek guidance when needed. Ultimately, aim for a strong conceptual understanding and strategic problem-solving abilities.

FAQs on JEE Advanced 2022 Paper 1 with Solutions PDF

1. Explain the exam pattern of JEE Advanced 2022 Question Paper 1.

Question Paper 1 will be 3 hours in duration. Questions will be set in both English and Hindi. Question paper will have separate sections for questions on – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Multiple Choice Questions, Numerical Aptitude Type and Match the cases are asked in the exam. Refer to the article above for a detailed overview of exam patterns.

2. Are JEE Advanced 2022 question papers 1 and 2 different?

Yes, the JEE Advanced 2022 question paper 1 and 2 are different. It is also mandatory for students to attend both the papers.

3. How were questions asked in the mathematics section of JEE advanced 2022 question papers?

The mathematics section was moderately difficult and lengthy. The questions were asked from calculus and geometry. An important point note is that questions were not direct. Questions were mixed concept questions, clubbing the concepts of two chapters, these included, Functions & Progressions, Application of Derivatives clubbed with Differential Equation.

4. What was the overall difficulty level of the JEE advanced 2022 question paper?

The overall difficulty level of examination can be defined as moderately difficult in which chemistry section was the easiest. The physics and mathematics section was moderately difficult. The physics section constituted questions from the concepts of NCERT whereas in mathematics the questions were tricky.  

5. What are the important topics covered in the chemistry section of the JEE advanced 2022 question paper?

Electrochemistry, mole concept, surface chemistry, thermodynamics & chemical kinetics are some of the important topics that are covered in the JEE advanced 2022 question paper.

6. Is there any difference between paper 1 and 2 in JEE Advanced?

Yes, there is a slight difference between JEE Advanced Paper 1 and Paper 2, but it is not a major difference in terms of the overall difficulty or the topics covered.

The main difference lies in the format of the questions. Paper 1 consists entirely of single-correct answer type questions. Paper 2, on the other hand, has a mix of question formats including multiple-correct, integer type, and paragraph type questions.

Due to the difference in question types, the marking schemes also differ slightly. Paper 1 awards marks for correct answers only, with no negative marking for incorrect attempts. Paper 2 might involve negative marking for incorrect options in multiple-choice questions.

Don't underestimate either paper. Both papers contribute equally to your final JEE Advanced rank. So, it's crucial to prepare effectively for both Paper 1 and Paper 2.