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JEE Advanced 2017 Maths Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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JEE Advanced Maths Question Paper-1 2017 with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download

Free PDF Download of JEE Advanced 2017 Maths Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys on Practicing JEE Advanced Maths Question Paper-1 for 2017 with Solutions will help students to score more marks in Joint Entrance Examination.


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JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

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About JEE Advanced 2017 Maths Question Paper-1

On May 21, 2017, the JEE Advanced 2017 Exam was held to allow admission to several IITs and ISM Dhanbad. IIT Madras administered the JEE Advanced 2017 exam this year. The marks acquired in JEE Advanced 2017 are used to determine admission to IITs and ISM. IIT Madras' official answer key for the exam. Vedantu has the JEE Advanced 2017 answer key and solutions with analysis. You can download the JEE Advanced 2017 answer key with paper solutions provided by Vedantu's best JEE Advanced professors. We also provide a full review of the JEE Advanced 2017 paper, including projected cutoff scores and difficulty levels. The JEE Advanced 2017 Rank Predictor is also available here, allowing you to determine your projected JEE rank using an estimated score based on the answer key.

There were a total of ten sets of JEE Advanced 2017 Question Papers (code 0 to code 9). Each set was split into three halves (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry). The exam pattern for JEE Advanced 2017 was almost identical to that of the previous year's exam. JEE Advanced question papers, together with their answer keys and solutions, were made available on Vedantu's official website shortly after the examination.

Meanwhile, the answer keys are extremely useful JEE study tools, and they play a critical role in helping students prepare for the exam. The JEE Advanced 2017 answer keys and question paper with solutions are available on the Vedantu website for students to download.

Solving a large number of question papers, whether sample papers or previous year exams, is the most effective strategy to improve your skills for facing JEE Advanced questions. Candidates can also take practice tests. All of these practice questions will assist applicants in becoming familiar with the paper patterns and determining how to respond to questions during the actual exam.

FAQs on JEE Advanced 2017 Maths Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys

1. What are the advantages of solving the JEE Advanced previous year question paper of Maths?

The following are some of the advantages of practicing IIT JEE Advanced 2017 question papers: 

  • Students will encounter a variety of vital ideas and several difficult problems that are not included in textbooks or study materials offered by coaching institutes. Finally, they will be able to take their preparations to the next level.

  • While taking the exam, completely analyzing these JEE Advanced 2017 solutions will improve their approach, speed, accuracy, mental process, and time management skills.

  • Furthermore, these JEE Advanced question papers will allow students to quickly review the whole syllabus. It also gives students a basic sense of the main topics for the examination point, allowing them to form a solid understanding of the exam pattern.

2. Can Vedantu help me in getting JEE Advanced 2017 Maths Question Paper-1 with answer keys?

JEE Advanced Paper 1 answers are available through Vedantu. These solutions are available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free. These are also available through Vedantu's online learning platform. JEE Advanced Question Papers 1 and 2 are required for candidates who pass JEE Main. Maths solutions can be found in these solved Paper 1s. There is no set exam pattern for JEE Advanced. Every year, the quantity of questions on the exam paper varies, adding to the element of surprise. The questions are nearly identical, and practicing these solved papers will help you comprehend the different types of questions posed. You can also attend live sessions with professionals to get your questions answered.

3. Why should I appear for the JEE Advanced 2017 Maths Question Paper?

You should appear for the JEE Advanced 2017 Maths paper because it will open the door of opportunities for you.

The best is required by everyone. After passing the exam, JEE exam candidates can apply for admission to the leading IITs, IIITs, NITs, BITS, DTU, NSUT, IIT, NIT, Manipal, PEC, Thapar, VIT Vellore, USIT, RVCE, and other schools. Some colleges don't even administer entrance exams, instead of relying on the JEE score. Some colleges and universities allow students to enroll in their college/university through Direct Entry if they have passed the JEE Main Exam. For straight entry, JEE Advanced is not required. There are also a number of reputable colleges throughout state and public institutions that pick students based on merit lists or eligible percentages.

4. What are the tips for JEE Advanced 2017 Maths Question Paper-1?

Use some of the suggestions below to help you overcome internet limitations.

Adapt the process in the numerous secured education portals that offer academic or simulated trial trials to combat technical faults. This will improve and boost your quickness as well as your ability to keep track of the math subject's competence. Make a plan to use online preparation to help you with difficult subjects. This eliminates the possibility of making mistakes, improves time consistency, and ensures a smooth projection of your material.

  • On the day of the examination, if there are any technological issues, contact the invigilator/admin examiner in charge without becoming stressed.

  • Adopt a "B" plan for revising, checking the attempts, and comparing the time spent to the time given. The mock test would be easier to handle online on each visit if you practiced well.

  • Do not rush while focused on the speed to avoid negative marking or marking incorrect options by accident.

  • Make sure the sheet is submitted before saving after each try.

  • Maintain a calm demeanor and a laser-like focus (mental state) on your objectives while taking online exams.

5. What is the benefit of JEE Advanced 2017 Math Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download?

There are three major advantages to using answer keys-

  1. Improved comprehension of the topics covered

Students are more likely to comprehend all of the topics discussed. It's also logical! Any student who spends time figuring out why he or she missed a question will comprehend more than a student who does not go over missed problems.

  1. Self-teaching abilities have improved.

Self-teaching abilities are significantly reliant not just on reading comprehension but also on the student's learning style. Some students are naturally excellent at self-teaching through reading. Even though I was a proficient reader, I was not one of them. Because I practiced the method, I am now significantly better than I was previously. And it's something that most college students will have to accomplish (especially grad school). The sooner they begin, the better prepared they will be when the time comes.

  1. Tracking Progress in Depth

Not every student understands what they don't grasp — they don't know what they don't know. It's true, as perplexing as it may sound. In fact, students frequently believe they understand a topic when they actually have it backward. However, questioning professors on every single topic addressed is ineffective: it takes too long and doesn't help students as much as focusing on the one or two issues they don't grasp.

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