JEE Main Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry Revision Notes

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JEE Main Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry Revision Notes - PDF Download

The JEE Mains is an online and computer - based test conducted by the National Testing Agency for the students who are aspiring to pursue UG courses from the top engineering institutes in India. It is the IIT Joint Entrance Exam’s first phase. This JEE Main 2020 examination is conducted in two sessions, and the candidates can attempt for the exam either in the month of January or in the month of April, based on their interest. Candidates can further opt to appear for one or both the exams. The better of two NTA scores will be considered by the authority of exam conduction in preparing the ranks or merit list.

JEE Main Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry Revision Notes part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Give One Latest News About JEE Main 2020?

Ans: Exam Registration Date Extension of JEE Main 2020 April

Now, the National Testing Agency has extended the JEE Main registration date for the examination, which is to be held in April 2020. According to the notification released by the official board on its site, the last day to submit the application form is going to be March 12. Earlier, the deadline for the registration completion was March 6. Also, one can access the application from the official website, and the registration link will remain open until 5 PM for the declared date.

In addition, candidates will be able to make the corrections or edit the particulars in their respective form starting March 13th to 16th.

2. Explain the Branches of Chemistry?

Ans: There are many branches of chemistry, which can be given as,

  • Organic Chemistry 

  • Inorganic Chemistry

  • Physical Chemistry

  • Industrial Chemistry

  • Analytical Chemistry

  • Biochemistry

  • Nuclear Chemistry

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