JEE Advanced 2021 Chemistry Syllabus - Free PDF Download

IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry Syllabus

An eminent exam like IIT-JEE Advanced ranks 1 among the other engineering exams. Every year, the types of questions are not the same, they come up with mixed concepts. 

Preparing for this exam demands a great practice over all the concepts, which means a student should be prepared from all spheres because what may appear in the upcoming exam always remains a mystery.

The NTA conducts the JEE exams and releases the notification regarding the dates, syllabus, therefore, students need to be well-prepared before the exam date arrives; however, to make you well-prepared for the upcoming JEE Advanced exam 2021, Vedantu has provided the latest JEE Advanced Chemistry Syllabus 2021 on its homepage. 

Below mentioned are the Chapter-wise JEE Advanced Chemistry syllabus 2021. These are as per the latest JEE Advanced 2021 Chemistry syllabus:

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JEE Advanced Chemistry Syllabus part-1

JEE Advanced Complete Chemistry Syllabus 2021

The chemistry subject is divided into three following parts:

  • Physical Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Inorganic Chemistry

Now, we will discuss the detailed syllabus of each section for the JEE Advanced 2021:

1. Physical Chemistry:- 43 marks

  1. Basic Concepts in Chemistry: 

  2. Energetics

  3. Solutions

  4. Nuclear Chemistry

  5. Surface Chemistry

  6. Atomic Structure & Chemical Bonding

  7. States of Matter: Gaseous & liquid states

  8. Electrochemistry

  9. Chemical Equilibrium

  10. Solid State

  11. Chemical Kinetics

2. Inorganic Chemistry: 36 marks

  1. Isolation, preparation and properties of non-metals

  2. Preparation and properties of compounds

  3. Transition elements (Three dimensional series)

  4. Ores and Minerals

  5. Extractive Metallurgy

  6. Properties of Qualitative Analysis

  7. Preparation of Non-metals

  8. Preparation of Compounds

  9. Properties of Compounds

3. Organic Chemistry:-  45 marks

  1. Basic Concepts

  2. Preparation, properties, and reactions of alkanes, alkenes and alkynes

  3. Phenols

  4. Characteristic reactions of Alkyl halides, Alcohols, Ethers, Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic acids, Amines, Haloarenes

  5. Carbohydrate

  6. Practical Organic Chemistry

  7. Amino acids and Peptides

  8. Properties and uses of polymers

Download the JEE Advanced Chemistry 2021 Syllabus PDF

Get the JEE Advanced Syllabus PDF here available as free downloads on the Vedantu site because preparing according to the syllabus will ensure that you are well-prepared for all the important topics. Downloading the JEE Advanced Full Chemistry Syllabus 2021 will help you to boost your preparation and score high in the upcoming exam. For downloading the syllabus, click on the link above.

How to Prepare for the JEE Advanced 2021?

A JEE aspirant should always do a smart preparation because a prestigious exam like the JEE Advanced never has a fixed criteria of the questions; therefore, to tackle this exam,  an aspirant must focus more on the important topics, which means the topic with a higher weightage; for your convenience, our subject-matter experts have done a comprehensive study on the trends of questions asked in the past exams, and shared a list of significant topics for the JEE Advanced 2021. The below table lists the topics with the respective weightage:

Expected JEE Advanced 2021 Chapter Wise High-to- Low Weightage for Chemistry





Carboxylic Acids


Atomic Structure


P-block elements Group: 13-18




Atomic Structure


Organic Chemistry






Chemical Bonding


Solid State


Coordination Compounds




Important Chemistry Chapters for JEE Advanced 2021

In JEE Advanced 2021, 25 chapters are prescribed in the Chemistry syllabus, no matter, you are good at Chemistry or not but if you are able to gain command over the following topics:

  • Bond formation and  breaking, and 

  • Periodic table, you can surely score high because entire chemistry revolves around the concepts mentioned above. 

To provide you the guidance on ‘How to Improve JEE Advanced Score 2021; we have shared important JEE Advanced Chemistry topics for you..

Students must focus on the important topics because a maximum number of questions may appear in the upcoming exam. The below list will help you focus on the topics to be prepared importantly:

  • Thermodynamics & Second Law of Thermodynamics

  • Redox Reactions

  • Solid state

  • Solutions

  • Gases Theory

  • Mole Concept and the concept of Equivalence

  • Chemical Bonding & the 

  • Carbonyl Compounds and their derivatives


Preparation Tips for the JEE Advanced 2021 by Vedantu’s Experts

  • Students must go-through the PYQPs and detailed syllabus to understand the difficulty level of the exam and topics to be prepared.

  • Practice the sample papers to enhance your strengths and weaknesses and make a preparation strategy to enhance your preparation level.

  • Students must follow a comprehensive approach towards building the concepts.

  • Students must have a firm hold on the analytical portion as many questions in the JEE Advanced exam are numerical-based.

  • Candidates must practice and solve more numerical questions on a regular basis to get a stronger grip on every topic.

  • A student must stick with a proper preparation strategy to cover all the topics of the vast subject like Chemistry. 

  • Select the best books for your preparation and prepare  notes for a quick revision during the last days of preparation.

  • Prepare short notes on important topics and highlight those.

  • Take proper sleep and food, prepare early in the morning with a fresh mind.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: List the Best Books for the JEE Advanced Chemistry Preparation.

Answer: The below is the list of books with their respective authors:

  • Inorganic chemistry:  OP Tandon

  • Problems in inorganic chemistry: VK Jaiswal

  • Inorganic chemistry for JEE: JD Lee

  • Numerical Chemistry: P Bahadur

  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations:  R. C. Mukherjee

  • Physical Chemistry for Competitions: O. P. Tandon & A. S. Singh:

Question 2: Who will be Conducting the JEE Advanced 2021?

Answer: This year, IIT Kharagpur will be orchestrating the JEE exams, while the notification related to exam date, and further process will be soon released by the NTA.

Question 3: Will the JEE Advanced 2021 Postpone?

Answer: Yet, there is no official notification regarding the postponement or cancellation of the exam. However, looking at the present situation, the NTA will review the current events and finalize the dates for the JEE Main 2021 soon after the school reopens, and accordingly, the dates for the JEE Advanced 2021 will be announced.

Question 4: Who is Eligible for JEE Advanced 2021?

Answer: Candidates must possess the age less than 25 years and must have passed 12th or equivalent in the year 2020 from the recognized board with 75% for General category and 65% for SC/ST/PwD.

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