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ISC Previous Year Question Papers for Class 12 English

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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Previous Years’ Question Papers for ISC Class 12 English - Free PDF Solutions

Free PDF Download of ISC Class 12 English previous years’ question papers with solutions solved by expert teachers on Students can score more marks in their Board examinations by practicing Class 12 English question papers with solutions. They can now download the ISC Previous years’ question papers for class 12 English and score better in their next English exam. With detailed sections covering all topics, these papers are surely a way for students to understand the kinds of questions asked in the exam and prepare accordingly in a very short period of time. 

English is definitely not something that a student can ignore in their life. With clear basics and the right strategy to approach the subject, English can definitely be a high-scoring subject for students.

These question papers can be used as a great revision resource, or a practice tool to simply put one’s knowledge to the test. By using these papers for mock tests, or by simply cherry-picking the questions based on the topics being studied and discussed, it gets easier for everyone as the habit of solving keeps on developing. Strictly following the actual exam patterns, students can get a better sense of what is left in their preparation and which topics or chapters require their focus. Links to these papers are given below and can be accessed by simply clicking on them. 

Benefits of Using ISC Previous Year’s Question Papers

ISC Previous Years’ question papers for English give students a clear idea of what it feels like to actually take their final tests. By using these papers students can:

1. Understand the pattern of their final exams

2. Work on their time management skills while writing the paper

3. Grasp important topics and concepts by understanding the repeating question  patterns in the previous year’s questions 

4. Improve comprehension skills and get better at solving questions that follow 

5. Ease their exam anxiety and be fully prepared on the day of the final exam


By solving the previous years’ question papers of ISC Class 12 English, the students will gain a deep understanding of the subject from an examination point-of-view. They will be able to take the test with confidence and score well.

FAQs on ISC Previous Year Question Papers for Class 12 English

1. How many English question papers should a student solve before the exam?

It is advisable to solve as many previous years’ papers as possible to make sure that there are absolutely no gaps in your learning. The more you practice, the better you will get at solving and scoring more in exams. Use these papers multiple times or use several others that Vedantu has to offer to boost your confidence so that the day of the exam feels like a walk in the park!

2.  Is scoring in ISC Class 12 English tough?

A very common thing observed in students these days is that although they can speak and communicate well in English, their test results say otherwise. The reason for this is pretty simple and clear: most students do not know how to answer questions in their tests. This is why it is so important to solve the previous years’ question papers. In order to know and understand what is being asked, students need to solve papers, observe questions and understand the basic concepts to finally put their skills to work.

3. Is English really that important for Class 12 students?

English is definitely one of the most important subjects for Class 12 students. It requires important comprehension skills to not only put your knowledge to the test but also to get better at your communication skills. There is no denying the fact that good communication skills help everyone in the long run. They help you to get better at being more expressive and articulate your thoughts clearly. Therefore, English is not something that should be overlooked and deserves to be practised and prepared for like every other subject in your curriculum.

4.  How do I improve my English grammar in Class 12?

Grammar can definitely be a bugbear for many students. Everyone has a story where they messed up a great conversation or missed out on marks in their exam because of grammar. Mastering grammar requires the right teaching. Luckily, with Vedantu, learning grammar is easy. With our brilliant teachers who break down concepts into smaller sections to ensure the best learning, every subject, including English grammar becomes easier. Visit the website or our app to improve your concepts and become a grammar genius with Vedantu!