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What is Business Studies?

Business Studies is one of the academic subjects that is taught in schools and at the university level in several countries. Its study combines the elements of finance, marketing, accountancy, organizational studies and its operations. Business Studies is the broad subject in the Social Sciences, allowing for an in-depth study of a range of specialities including finance, accountancy, organization, human resources management, and marketing.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Does the ISC Board make Every Student Pass? Mention the Pass Marks in Each Subject of ISC?

Ans. Students fail in the ISC examination rarely because of the easy papers, lenient checking, and internal markings which leads the students to pass the exam easily. But, a few students are unable to cross even the pass mark because of various reasons. The pass marks for each subject in the ISC Board is 35 per cent which was earlier 40 per cent.

2. Is the ISC Board Tougher to that of the Other Boards?

Ans. When it comes to the syllabus part, there is no much difference between the ISC to that of other boards. The ISC Board English is considered as the more challenging subject as compared to other boards, and other core subjects are either less or more similar. Scoring well in the ISC Board is much easier due to the lenient checking. When it comes to weightage scenario, both the ISC and CBSE are given equal weightage.