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Hot Spring

Last updated date: 24th May 2024
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What is Hot Spring?

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Hot springs are also known as the thermal springs, which spurts water that has higher temperatures which are moreover higher than the air temperature of that region that is surrounding the spring. The hot springs are a discharge of the groundwater that is heated by shallow intrusions of the magma. 

However, these thermal springs are not related to volcanic activity. In the cases of hot springs, the water is heated by the convective circulation of groundwater which percolates downward and then reaches the depths of a kilometre or even more where the temperature of rocks is quite high because of the normal temperature that is the gradient of the crust of the earth. 

Hot Spa

A hot spa is formed by a hot tub, which is typically used to refer to the above-ground portable spa. A hot tub or this portable spa is a total self-contained vessel. All kinds of plumbing works, and also the electrical control system and other such components, are built inside the hot tub. Extra plumbing is not required here.

The contrast between these two is their actual use and their location. A hot tub does have spa-like qualities like spas are often a standalone establishment or this is an in-ground structure that also provides all the health treatments. Whereas, a hot tub is portable and has plumbing and other electrical control systems.

Asin Hot Springs 

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Asin Hot Spring is located 16 kilometres away from Baguio City. The hot spring is set in between the tall mountains.

Passing through the Naguilian Road, which comes before Cooyeesan Hotel Plaza after a few minutes, we can find Woodcarving Village. Woodcrafts are here displayed along the roadsides, where we can stop and watch the villagers carve beautiful images from the wood. The travellers travelling in the Asin, usually enjoy the whole trip because of the beautiful mountain scenery that is displayed throughout this trip. There are two waterfalls which catch the attention of the travellers. The travellers need to pass two tunnels after which they can finally reach Asin. 

There are 5 resorts to choose from, depending on the preference, budget and availability. The entrance fee to the resorts starts from Rs. 40-60 for the kids and Rs. 80-100 for adults. All the resorts have great amenities like restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops.

People with minimal budgets choose to go to the river instead. The water is clean and clear there, with no rules, so that they can enjoy nature at its best. People can also bring their fishing rods with them. Here the travellers come and enjoy with fewer restrictions and entry fee, they also carry picnic mats with them.  

Hot Spring Bath 

The hot spring bath is a steamy and sulphur-smelling tradition that spans the ages and continues to be a luxury requirement for spas, resorts and campgrounds around the world. People around the globe talk much about the rejuvenating powers of the sulphur springs. So, we can say that the hot spring bath causes many health benefits.

  • Hot Spring Baths are friendly to the skin.

  • This relaxes the mind.

  • A hot Spring bath increases blood circulation.

  • Hot Spring Bath proves to be a natural painkiller

Hot Springs Resort and Spa

Hot Springs are located in the mountains of Western North Carolina and are located along the banks of the Spring Creek and in the French Broad River, this is a town with rich history and with beaming natural charm. This town is an intersection along the historic Appalachian Trail and they are the part of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

There is a Hot Spring Resort and Spa located in the heart of Hot Springs, North Carolina, this is a 100-acre Resort & Spa. In this resort we can find jetted hot tubs, that are positioned outside along the tranquil banks of the Spring Creek and the French Broad River; these tubs are supplied with a continuous flow of the World Famous Natural Hot Mineral Water. The resorts also have a nationally certified and state-licensed staff of massage therapists to compliment the same. 

Hot Springs Resort & Spa also offers other lodging options for those looking for a relaxing time to spend. These resorts have four luxury suites that have a jetted tub with mineral water in the room. This resort also has a deluxe cabin along with a full size outdoor jetted tub.

FAQs on Hot Spring

1. Explain the Meaning of Magma.

Ans. Magma is an extremely hot liquid which is a semi-liquid rock in its form that is located under the Earth's surface. This magma is able to push through the holes or through the cracks in the crust, which causes a volcano to erupt. When the magma flows or it erupts onto the Earth's surface, this turns into a material called lava. Like solid rock,  magma is a mixture of all other minerals. Magma is quite hotter than the lava, this also depends on how quick the lava reached the surface and also if the magma and the lava are from the same magma chamber below the earth’s surface. 

Scientists use the term magma for the molten rock which is underground and the lava is used for the molten rock which breaks through the Earth's surface.

2. What Do You Mean By Convective Circulation?

Ans. In the hot-water heating system, the movement of the water through the pipes occurs as a result of gravity, this causes the lighter and warm water in the system to rise, and the cool and heavier water to fall below.

3. What are Sulphur Springs?

Ans. Sulphur springs are springs that contain the water of sulphur compounds in them, like hydrogen sulphide with its own characteristic odour.

Hot springs which are a rich source of sulphur have their own healing benefits including the treatment of skin irritations and other skin infections like rashes and eczema.