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Environmental Science

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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What is the Scope of Studying Environmental Sciences?

Environmental science is sometimes also called environmental engineering. It is one of the most prominent fields of study that students opt for these days. The basic definition of environmental science consists of fields such as ecology, biology, chemistry, geology, and much more. It is an interdisciplinary field and that is because it consists of different aspects of social science as well as humanities too. 

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Apart from studying the physical and biological aspects of different characteristics of the environment, this field also consists of certain cultural and social impacts that humans have made on the environment today. Hence, it is really important for students to delve into environmental science study to understand what factors affect the environment. 

How to Define Environmental Science? 

In order to know what is environmental science, one has to understand how it is different from environmental studies. Environmental science can be defined as a quantitative discipline that has aspects of both theoretical and applied science. This field is influential when it comes to informing the different policies of the government in safeguarding the environment all over the world. Environmental studies and environmental science have a lot of differences, the emphasis of which is on the human relationships with the current environment as well as the political and social dimensions pertaining to it.

Importance of Environmental Science

After understanding what is environmental science, students have to figure out its importance. Environmental science is crucial for the following reasons: 

  • To figure out a more sustainable way of living. 

  • Understanding the behaviour exhibited by organisms under some natural conditions. 

  • Educating and making people aware of different environmental issues and problems. 

  • Using natural resources in an effective manner without actually causing any harm to the environment. 

  • Teaching human beings how important environmental conservation is for the rest of humanity.

There are some other branches of environmental science such as atmospheric science that deals with the atmosphere of the Earth. Ecology is another branch of environmental science that focuses on the interaction of organisms with our environment. It also teaches the impact of certain environmental factors such as water and air pollution on the environment. 

Admission and Eligibility Into Environmental Science Colleges 

One of the most important questions that students have about environmental science and studies is how to get admission to the colleges that have this particular course. For some of the undergraduate courses, the students have to pass their 12th examination and must have a combination of science subjects such as Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. However, for the post-graduate courses, students need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental studies or some fields related to that. 

The admission of students happens on the basis of the marks that they have obtained in the examinations before that. Some colleges also tend to have other entrance examinations in order to grant admissions to the students. 

Career and Scope of Environmental Science 

It can be said without a single speck of doubt that the scope of studying the different types of environmental studies can actually have a lot of scope in the employment sector. Both the private as well as government sectors have their own list of reasons why individuals with a degree in environmental science are important for their organizations. 

Environmental science is basically a branch where students will be able to find different ways to protect our environment with the reliable utility of resources. So, individuals have a wide range of opportunities in their careers. They can apply for the roles of environmental engineers, environmental biologists, environmental scientists, environmental journalists, and much more. 

These roles are influential in fertilizer plants, mines, dying industries, textile industries, food processing units, and many other areas. So, the students can have a lot of opportunities to choose from. They can look for work in these organizations which will hire them in a snap. The students having a higher degree in environmental science can actually apply to universities and colleges to teach others about environmental science. 

Salary Scope and Pay Scale 

The salary scope of someone who has a degree in the different components of environmental studies is also pretty high. Students are wanted all over India in different sectors of private and government organizations. These organizations are willing to pay them a very huge amount in order to figure out the resources for safeguarding the environment. The salary of the individual depends on the qualification 


Environmental science is a pretty lucrative field that has a lot of career opportunities for students. Apart from that, students will be able to study the subjects and find out new ways to preserve the environment in resourceful and effective ways. 

FAQs on Environmental Science

1. Define environmental science.

Ans: Environmental science is also called environmental engineering and is considered to be one of the most prominent fields that students opt for. According to the definition of environmental science, it is the study of different factors that affect the environment and preventative measures which can help safeguard the environment in the best way. Some of the different aspects included in the study of environmental science are ecological studies, biological studies, geological studies, chemistry, and physical studies of the different environmental factors. Environmental science is seen as an interdisciplinary field since it has components of both social sciences as well as humanities. Environmental science also has a lot of career opportunities and scope in the future. 

2. Who is the father of environmental science? 

Ans: Environmental science is a pretty huge field and there are many people who have made their contributions to the studies. Everyone deserves their own share of respect and recognition for the acts that they have performed to ensure the safety of the environment. According to environmental facts, Dr. Rex N Olinares, a professor at the University of Philippines is referred to as the father of environmental science. He was the one who made a proposition that hygienic and sanitation measures are essential to ensure the prevention of spreading different microorganisms into the environment. He also stated that sanitation is one of the main causes of environmental pollution. His contribution made in the field of environmental science and studies is unparalleled.