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UPESEAT Syllabus 2023-24

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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UPESEAT Syllabus - Maths, Physics and Chemistry PDF Download

USEAT is an acronym for the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies Engineering Aptitude Test. In 2022, this exam will be orchestrated by the UPES university for offering entry in the engineering programs. After clearing this exam, candidates will be able to take admission in a B.Tech course in the university.

The seat division is done on the 80: 20 ratio, where 80% of the seats are offered to the UPESEAT qualified candidates and 20% of the seats are offered through Board Merit or JEE Main score. This article will discuss the all-inclusive of the UPESEAT Exam 2022; however, our main focus will be on its syllabus, so let’s get started.

UPESEAT Syllabus - Maths, Physics and Chemistry PDF Download

UPESEAT Syllabus 2022

UPESEAT syllabus will be as per the latest guidelines. The syllabus of UPESEAT will be similar to the JEE Main Syllabus.

Candidates must know that the paper will have three sections, i.e., Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, also the paper will comprise two additional sections, i.e., Current Affairs and English Language Comprehension.

Below is the listed UPESEAT Latest Syllabus based on the JEE Main Syllabus:

UPESEAT Physics Syllabus 2022


Laws of Motion.

Physics & Measurement.

Properties 0f Solids and Liquids.

Work, Energy & Power.


Oscillations & Waves.

Rotational Motion.

Thermodynamics & Kinetic Theory of Gasses


Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents.

Dual Nature of Nature and Radiation.

Communication Systems.

Electromagnetic Waves.


Electronic Devices

Atoms and Nuclei.

Current Electricity.

Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism.

UPESEAT Chemistry Syllabus 2022

Basic Concepts of Chemistry.

Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure.

Atomic Structure.

Chemical Thermodynamics.

Chemical Kinetics & Equilibrium.

States of Matter.


Surface Chemistry.

Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry.

Classifications of Elements and Periodicity in Properties.

s- Block Elements.


Environmental Chemistry.

p-Block Elements 

d and f -Block Elements & Coordination Compounds.

General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals.

Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry.

Purification and Characterization of Organic Compounds.


Chemistry in Everyday Life.

Organic Compounds Containing  the following compounds:

  • Oxygen

  • Nitrogen

  • Halogens



Principles Related to Practical Chemistry.

UPESEAT Mathematics Syllabus 2022


Relations & Functions.

Matrices & Determinants.

Complex Numbers & Quadratic Equations.

Permutation & Combination.

Mathematical Induction.


Binomial Theorem and its applications.

Integral Calculus.

Limit, Continuity & Differentiability.

Sequencers & Series

Three Dimensional Geometry

Differential Equations.

Mathematical Reasoning


Coordinate Geometry.

Statistics & Probability.

Vector Algebra.

UPESEAT English Language & Comprehension Syllabus 2022

This section will test the candidates proficiency in English language. For this section, candidates must have a good hold on the basic concepts of English.

UPESEAT Current Affairs Syllabus 2022

This section will test the awareness of a candidate, so a candidate must be updated with national and international developments and affairs one month before appearing for the exam.

Download the Latest UPESEAT Syllabus 2022 Free PDF

Before starting the preparation for the UPESEAT exam, it is really crucial to learn the entire UPESEAT syllabus from where the questions will appear in the exam. This will aid you in quickly preparing well for the examination. You can download UPESEAT syllabus for free in PDF format which is easily accessible here at Vedantu. For downloading the PDF format, click on the link below:

UPESEAT Marking Scheme 2022

The examination pattern for the UPESEAT 2022 lies hereunder:

  • This year,  the paper will be in both offline and online mode and will beMCQs based.

  • Timing will be 3 hrs.

  • One mark will be awarded for every correct response; however, no provision of negative marking for an incorrect response.

Now, let us look at the exam pattern for the UPESEAT 2022:

UPESEAT Exam Pattern 2022


Respective Number of Questions

Maximum Marks










English Language 





Current Affairs.



Total Number of Questions: 200

Total Marks: 200

UPESEAT Latest Updates 2022

Exam’s Particulars


Application form release date.

29 November,2022

Application form submission last date.

29 March,2022.

Hall ticket availability date.

Last week of March,2022

UPESEAT Exam 2022 Entrance test

  • Pen-Paper Based Test or PBT

  • Computer Based Test or CBT

1st April,2022.

2nd April,2022.

UPESEAT Result 2022 Declaration.

4th April,2022.

Counseling Date for board merit students.


Counseling for JEE Main Applicants.

Last week of July,2022.

Commencement of Counseling Starts.


Please note that the counseling process will be in offline mode and candidates will be allowed to make the on the spot selection for the course of specialization.

UPESEAT Eligibility Criteria 2022

There are two types of eligibility criteria: Examination and non-examination. 80% will be for the examination way and 20% for the non-examination way.

For Examination Way:

  • A candidate must have been born on or after October 1, 1988.

  • He/ She must have passed 12th from the recognized board.

  • A minimum of 60% marks are obligatory in the qualifying examination.

  • All candidates must have passed 12th with PCM as their main subjects with an aggregate mark of 60%.

For Non-Examination Way:

Two types of merits are formed in a non-examination way, let’s talk about these:

1. Eligibility for a Board Merit

  • Candidates must have passed 10th and 12th from a recognized board.

  • A minimum of 80% marks are obligatory in the qualifying examination.

  • Candidates must have passed 12th PCM with a minimum aggregate of 60% marks.

2. Eligibility for JEE Mains Merit

  • Candidates must have passed X and XII from a recognized board.

  • He/ She must have passed 12th with PCM (irrespective of percentage).

  • A minimum of 60% marks are obligatory in the qualifying examination.

Please note: UPESEAT Exam 2022 cut-off will be released after the JEE Mains 2022.