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What Happens During the SSB Interview and Selection Process for NDA?

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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What is an SSB Interview?

The National Defence Academy (NDA) exam is one of the toughest examinations held all over India for admission and to qualify to be part of the military services ,such as the navy, army, or air force. Every year, NDA aspirants fill out the application form. The NDA selection process has two parts: the written exam and the SSB interview process. Only one who qualifies in the written exam appears for the SSB interview (NDA) process.

Let’s understand in detail what SSB interview is? and what happens during an NDA interview  and selection process.

NDA Written Exam

Students who have passed 12th grade or are appearing for the 12th examination are eligible to appear in the NDA written exam. You should be born between 2004 and 2006 and should be unmarried. Both males and females are allowed to appear for the exam.

The NDA written exam has two parts: mathematics and a general ability test. Students have to qualify for both parts. The students who qualify are shortlisted for the SSB interview process. The table provided below represents an overview of the exam pattern in a nutshell.





Mathematics (120 Questions)


2 Hrs & 30 Mins


General Ability Test (150 Questions)


2 Hrs & 30 Mins

SSB Force Selection Events

Find below the second stage events that happen during the selection process for NDA.




Day 1

Picture Perception Test and Description Test


Day 2

Psychology Tests


Day 3

Group Testing Task


Day 4



Day 5


SSB Test: What is an SSB Interview and What Happens in NDA Selection?

SSB stands for service selection board interview. The test includes two parts: an intelligence and personality test and a group interview. On the basis of that, students are shortlisted for admission to NDA. The two parts are taken into two stages. One who qualifies during personality and intelligence tests is selected for an SSB interview.

Stage One: Intelligence and Picture Perception Tests

At this stage, an image is shown to a candidate for 30 seconds. The testee has to write a story within 4 minutes with a character count, their age, gender, mood, and the past, present, and future of the story. After that, candidates are divided into groups and asked to narrate a story (30 minutes to talk about the pictures). There are approximately 15 candidates in the group. Each contender narrates word for word his or her own written story. As a result, in Part II, all of the candidates are asked to discuss and come to an agreement on the story's protagonist and topic.Those who qualify for the round are asked to stay for the next round.

Stage Two: Psychology Test and Group Task

The stage two includes psychological tests, group tests, and group discussion stages and includes a series of test days. In the psychological test phase, the candidates go through tests such as TAT, WAT, SRT, and self-description. The Thematic Apperception test requires you to look at 12 photographs and write a story about each one. The Situation Reaction Test comprises 60 scenarios that occur in everyday life. The candidate is asked to complete the sentences with his or her reactions to how they would feel, think, and act in certain situations. In the self-description test, each setting requires the candidate to write five independent paragraphs about the opinions of his guardians, friends, and superiors; in the word association test, the candidate is supposed to put down the first thought or idea that comes to mind when the word is mentioned. After the psychological test, the group interview and task follow. On the basis of the above, the results are declared for the final selection of students.

Documents for The Admission Process After Selection

Aspirants selected for interview must bring the following documents with them and submit them to the academy for verification later. 

  • Original 10+2 or Class 12th passing certificate

  • Passport size photos

  • Certificate of Eligibility (for specific group)

  • Cast certificates (If applicable for SC, ST, OBC)

  • Proof of identity and address (Aadhar Card/ Voter ID/ Passport)

  • Original and photocopies of all documents must be kept along. 

Failure to bring any of the required documents could result in the candidate's disqualification. Candidates who are applying for admission under a reserved category should have the necessary documentation. Any candidate who fails to meet the qualifying requirements at any point during the recruitment process will be disqualified.

Now that students know what SSB is, it’s easy for them to prepare for the interview and get selected. Hopefully, this well-written article has thoroughly covered all the vital details about the SSB interview NDA. For more information on the NDA exam and SSB interview, visit our website today. You can also access the latest news on NDA and SSB interviews from our website or app.

FAQs on What Happens During the SSB Interview and Selection Process for NDA?

1. Is the SSB interview difficult?

The SSB interview is the most difficult for any service in this nation. Only a few candidates pass this interview on their first try. As a result, passing the SSB interview is quite difficult. 

2. What if someone fails the SSB interview?

The final stage of NDA admission is an SSB interview. If you fail during this stage, You have to appear for the whole process again. Any aspirant between the ages of 16.5 and 19.5 can reapply for the process. The NDA examination is held twice a year, so one might appear again for a 2nd attempt.

3. Is there a limit or restrictions to reappearing for an exam?

As long as the applicants meet the eligibility requirements, they can take the exam as many times as they like.