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NTSE 2020-21 Answer Key Stage 1 MAT

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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An Introduction to MAT

Mental Ability Test (MAT) is directed to dissect the general capability of students regarding critical thinking and consistent thinking aptitudes. It challenges their sound judgment inside a particular time period. These ranges of abilities are looked over an assortment of inquiries identified with information examination, verbal and non-verbal thinking, figure related issues, and so forth It by and large investigates the methodology of an understudy to plan and take care of a specific issue and puts their speculation cycle to test. It is one of the significant boundaries to screen the competitors based on their arrangement and capacity to understand.

As discussed earlier NTSE is conducted in two tests MAT and SAT. MAT (Mental Ability Test) includes quantitative aptitude topics like Number series, Cube and Dice, Venn diagrams, Number and Rankings reasoning topics like clocks and calendars, blood relations, Alphabet test. Also, there are topics like Non-verbal Classification, Non-verbal Analogy, and non-verbal figure Partition.

Stage- 1 conducted on 13th December 2020 for states Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Haryana, Assam, Maharashtra, and UT Chandigarh.

Dates for release of Answer key for the stage 1 NTSE Exam

Name of the examination

Release Date

NTSE 2021 exam

January 2022

NTSE official answer key 2021

January 2022

Result Dates for NTSE  2022

March 2022

Procedure to download NTSE Answer Key, Stage 1

The answer key of the various states is released online. The below procedure must be followed by the students in a stepwise manner to ensure that they can download the answer key easily-

  • Look for NTSE Answer key Stage 1 2021 of the state you need the answer key for

  • Find an answer key link for the MAT or the SAT NTSE exam

  • This will lead to a pdf with all the answers to the exam

  • Now you just have to simply download this file and remember to save it as well

  • You can go ahead to match all your answers with the downloaded answer key to check how much you have scored.

  • If your calculated score exceeds the expected cutoff marks, then there is scope for you to make it to the merit list.

Procedure for computation of your scores using the NTSE Answer Key 2021

For calculation of your scores, and finding out your expected result, you can match your answers with the ones in the NTSE answer key. If you are successful in achieving the cut-off scores, you will be eligible for the next level of the NTSE Exams, 2021. 

The below-listed points must be followed by every student for the computation of their expected scores-

  • Firstly, you must remember to download and save the answer key of the respective state.

  • Do a comparison of the answers you have marked with the ones mentioned in the answer key.

  • Remember to calculate your scores keeping in mind the marking pattern of the NTSE Examination.

  • Total marks you have obtained in the NTSE Examination will be equal to the total correct answers you have multiplied by 1 mark.

  • Next, you have to do a comparison between the marks you have achieved and the cutoff of the last year to know if you will be able to appear for Stage 2 of the NTSE Exams.

Examination Pattern for NTSE Exam 2021-22

There are two main phases for the NTSE Examination- Stage 1 and Stage 2. Students clearing the first stage move on to writing the second stage. Stage 1 is mainly state level, Stage 2 on the other hand is national level. Both of them have two papers each.

However, the pattern of the paper for both the examinations is the same and it is as shown in the below table-

Name of the Paper

Name of the test

Total number of Questions

Total marks allotted

Total time allotted

Paper 1

Mental Ability Test



120 minutes

Paper 2

Scholastic Aptitude Test



120 minutes

Expected Cut-Offs State Wise


MAT Cut-Off

SAT Cut-Off

Overall Cut-Off





Madhya Pradesh




Uttar Pradesh




































Essential points of NTSE Answer Key 2021 to keep in mind for all aspirants-

  • In the NTSE Exam for any incorrect answer, there is no negative marking.

  • To appear for stage 2, each student must obtain the minimum qualifying marks in two examinations- MAT and SAT.

  • You must not follow the unofficial NTSE 2021 answer key, as this can be different as compared to the official answer key. Therefore, you must not rely on this for calculating your final score.

FAQs on NTSE 2020-21 Answer Key Stage 1 MAT

1. Would I be Able to Demand Re-Assessment/ Reverification of my Answer Sheet?

No, There is no provision for re-assessment/ reverification.

2. I have Cleared the Stage- 1 of the National Talent Search Examination. How Might I Apply for the National Level Round?

No Need to apply, The form would be sent to the registered address.

3. Is There any State Quota in NTSE Stage- 2?

There is a state quota for stage 1, only selected candidates would qualify for the national level based on merit. There is no state quota at stage- 2.

4. How do Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the NTSE differ from each other?

The National Talent Search Examination is conducted every year in two phases- Stage 1 and Stage 2. Only students who clear stage 1, are eligible for attempting stage 2. Stage 1 is conducted as a state level examination, whereas stage 2 is a national level examination. The course outline, as well as the marking pattern, are the same, however, there is a difference between the difficulty levels of Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the NTSE examinations. The stage 2 is comparatively harder than the stage 1. 

5. What is the number of students who go forward for the NTSE Stage 2 Exam?

Around nine to ten lakh of Class ten standards appear for the National Talent Search Examination, Stage 1 every year. Out of which, approximately there are a total number of four to five thousand students who successfully clear Stage 1 and go for writing the stage 2 exam. Based on the performance of Stage 2, only two thousand students are awarded the scholarship schemes by the State Government. The amount is further enhanced to Rs 1250 per month for Classes XI and XII and Rs 2000 per month for students studying graduation and above

6. Would I be able to demand re-assessment/ reverification of my answer sheet?

No, There is no provision for re-assessment/ reverification since the NCERT does not allow it. In any case, if you do not receive your score for the NTSE Exams, you can get the score by Right to Information (RTI) application with the concerned state department. Furthermore, you can raise questions, queries or even provide your feedback to the state education authorities with the help of a letter or email. You can also visit the official site of National Council of Educational Research and Training for the latest updates.

7. I have cleared the Stage- 1 of the National Talent Search Examination. How might I apply for the national level round?

There is no requirement for you to fill any additional form for the National round of the NTSE. However, you will receive the admit card for the national round from the NCERT. There is no need to apply, The form would be sent to the registered address. The probable date for receiving the same is by the third week of April. However, all students must check the eligibility criteria for stage 2 examinations as per the respective state board

8. Is there any state quota in NTSE Stage- 2?

A fixed number of students are eligible for stage 1 from every state. This number is different from state to state and is dependent on the total number of Class X students in that respective state. However, no such number is fixed for students appearing for the stage 2 of the NTSE exams. There is a state quota for stage 1, only selected candidates would qualify for the national level based on merit. There is no state quota at stage- 2.