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NTSE 2020-21 Answer Key MAT Chhattisgarh

Last updated date: 20th Apr 2024
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NTSE 2020 Paper Solution Chhattisgarh (MAT)

One of India's most prominent scholarship tests is the National Talent Search Examination. The purpose of the exam is to find exceptional students all around the country and present them with a scholarship programme so that they can continue their education. The National Council of Educational Research and Training is in charge of the examination (NCERT).

The NTS Exam is two-tiered, meaning it is administered in two parts. The state-level examination is stage one, while the national level test is stage two. It's a paper-and-pencil test with multiple-choice questions (MCQ). For each question, there are four possibilities, only one of which is accurate; the applicant must choose the proper answer and mark it.

The state conducts stage one, and it is up to the state to add or remove any terms and conditions at its discretion. The NCERT administers the second stage of the test, which is a national level examination. Both state and national exams are broken into two parts: the MAT and the SAT. To achieve high test results, students must study hard for the exam and be completely conversant with the NTSE Syllabus.

The Mental Ability Test (MAT) assesses the student's problem-solving abilities. The questions are designed to assess the applicant's mental abilities across a variety of areas. The test consists of 100 questions and is divided into three sections: verbal reasoning, nonverbal reasoning, and grammar.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a portion that assesses a student's intellectual abilities using questions from the NCERT Class 10 textbooks. This paper's questions mainly revolve around chapters from areas that students are already familiar with within schools, such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, history, geography, civics, economics, and general knowledge.

NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) conducted by the National Council of Education Research and Technology (NCERT), is a scholarship test conducted for identifying the bright students wanting to pursue their higher education in science and social science. The Stage-1 of the exam was conducted on December 13, 2020, for 11 states, including Chhattisgarh and you can find the answer key of Chhattisgarh MAT here.

NTSE 2020-21 Chhattisgarh (MAT) answer key

Here’s the NTSE 2020-21 Answer Key MAT Chhattisgarh:

1 B

2 A

3 C

4 A

5 D

6 D

7 D

8 C

9 A

10 B

11 A

12 C

13 C

14 D

15 C

16 B

17 B

18 A

19 B

20 A

21 A

22 B

23 C

24 B

25 B

26 B

27 C

28 A

29 A

30 B

31 A

32 D

33 B

34 D

35 D

36 C

37 B

38 C

39 B

40 A

41 C

42 A

43 B

44 D

45 C

46 D

47 D

48 C

49 A

50 C

51 B

52 D

53 C

54 A

55 C

56 C

57 D

58 B

59 C

60 C

61 A

62 D

63 D

64 B

65 D

66 B

67 B

68 C

69 B

70 C

71 A

72 B

73 A

74 B

75 A

76 B

77 A

78 C

79 B

80 C

81 D

82 B

83 A

84 B

85 C

86 D

87 C

88 B

89 A

90 D

91 D

92 B

93 A

94 B

95 C

96 A

97 B

98 D

99 C

100 A

FAQs on NTSE 2020-21 Answer Key MAT Chhattisgarh

1. For how long will selected candidates get a scholarship?

Scholarships up to PhD level are available to winners pursuing Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Languages, Commerce, and Vocational courses. Scholarships up to the second-degree level are available to awardees completing professional courses in Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Management, and Law.

2. Is there a limit on the number of scholarships available?

There is a 15 per cent and 7.5 per cent quota provision for ST and SC applicants, respectively, depending on national rules. Scholarships are only available to candidates who meet the minimum requirements in these areas. Additionally, a 3% allocation is set aside for physically handicapped kids.

3. Who is eligible to take this exam?

Students in Class 10th at any recognised institution, including Kendriya Vidyalayas, Military Schools, and Sainik Schools, are eligible to take the State level Examination (NTSE Stage One) in their respective states. Other Classes are not eligible for this plan. Furthermore, the relevant State/UT may impose additional qualifying requirements for taking the Stage One Exam.

4. What is the code for my district or centre?

The centre code is usually given on the application form. However, if the information is missing from the form, you should contact the school administration or the state liaison officer in charge. If the form was obtained in person, contact the person who collected it; if the form was downloaded from a website, contact the appropriate authorities. On their website/form, just a few states provide clear information.

5. What are the benefits of passing the NTSE?

Scholarships are offered under the current plan to individuals who wish to pursue courses in sciences and social sciences up to doctorate level, as well as professional courses such as medicine and engineering up to second-degree level, providing they meet the requirements outlined in this brochure. A total of 2000 scholarships will be given out. Scholarships are available to students who pass the second level. The scholarship amount has been increased to Rs 1,250 per month for students in Classes 11 and 12, and Rs 2,000 per month for those in undergraduate and graduate programmes.