NSTSE Mock Test 2020

Online Mock Test For NSTSE

Unlike school examinations, NSTSE heavily relies on the understanding of the topics and a conceptual approach towards the subject. Because of this, practising sample papers and taking NSTSE mock tests is essential. Both time management and answering strategy can be figured out in this way.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How to Score More in the NSTSE Exam?

Ans. There are no shortcut tricks to score more in NSTSE examinations. You can set aside a fixed time in your routine to sharpen your conceptual skills every day. Just knowing the results of things is not enough. Focus on processes and understand every phenomenon step by step. One can go one step ahead and practice the sample papers of the NSTSE examination daily. Take online mock tests and keep a timer to know how fast you can finish the test. The pattern in the sample papers provided by the Unified Council is identical to that of the original test. Plan the strategy that works the best for you and you will surely get excellent marks.

Q2. How Difficult is NSTSE?

Ans. The Unified Council has framed NSTSE to find promising minds in the field of Science. Thus, NSTSE will seem very difficult for students whose concepts are not clear. Whereas to students who have a clear conceptual understanding of Science and Mathematics, it will be easier. No test is difficult if the candidates are well prepared. The bar of difficulty is a little higher than that of school examinations. Hence, it is advised by the Council to solve sample papers and take NSTSE mock tests. This way, candidates can get more familiar with the test and can readily answer the questions in the actual exam.

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