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NSTSE Mock Test 2

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Online Mock Test 2 For NSTSE

National-level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) aspirants must practice well as the exam witnesses fierce competition. Applicants must take online mock test 2 to get familiar with the exam pattern and to improve their speed, accuracy and problem-solving abilities. With this motivation, Vedantu, a premier online learning platform, caters to NSTSE Mock Test 2 which can be availed by registering on the platform. These online tests by Vedantu are beneficial in cracking NSTSE with excellent results.

NSTSE Mock Test

Table for NSTSE Exam Date 2022-23

The following table includes the exam dates for the NSTSE 2022-23:

Exam Dates

Exam Mode

2nd December, 2022

Offline Mode

16th December, 2022

Offline Mode

18th December, 2022

Offline Mode

NSTSE 2022-23 Highlights

Full Name of the Exam

National Level Science Talent Search Examination

Short Name of the Exam 


Conducting Body

Unified Council

Conduction Frequency 

Once every year

Level of Exam


Medium of Paper


Application Mode

Offline / Online

Exam Mode


Duration of the Exam

1 Hour

NSTSE 2022-23 - Eligibility Criteria

  • The NSTSE eligibility criteria dictate that students who are studying in Classes 2 to 10 can apply for the exam.

  • Students in Class 11 and 12 (PCB or PCM) are eligible to appear for the NSTSE 2022-23 examination. However, for the PCMB group in Classes 11 and 12, there are no exams.

NSTSE 2022-23 - Application Process

Follow the steps mentioned below to register for the NSTSE 2022-23 exam:

  • Visit the official website, which is

  • Go through the details and then select the option for which a candidate has to register.

  • Now, click on the registration link.

  • Fill in all the details properly and then submit.

  • After successfully registering, you need to pay the registration fee online.

NSTSE 2022-23 - Result

The NSTSE 2022-23 shall be declared sometime in March 2023 (the date is tentative). Students who have opted for the SPR or Student’s Performance Report will get the following information:

  • Skill analysis of a student

  • Correct answers to all questions

  • Highest marks in the group

  • Analysis of each question

  • Marks obtained by a student in each subject

  • Subject-wise and overall rank at the national level

  • Answers that a candidate chose for questions in NSTSE 2022-23

  • Average marks of all the students in all subjects


Taking the NSTSE Exam Mock Test 2 for 2022-23 will be a crucial step towards making the preparation process easier and more effective. Students are encouraged to sit for the test and come out more confident than ever!

FAQs on NSTSE Mock Test 2

1. Why should I take the NSTSE Exam Mock Test 2 for 2022-23?

Taking the NSTSE Exam Mock Test 2 online will ensure a student’s problem-solving abilities, accuracy, and speed to deliver better results in the actual test. The online mode will make the process further seamless and students can work on their preparation in the comfort of their homes. 

2. What is the mode of the NSTSE Exam Mock Test 2 for 2022-23?

The NSTSE Exam Mock Test 2 for the year 2022-23 shall be conducted online as in the case of all other years. 

3. Where can I register for the NSTSE Exam Mock Test 2 for 2022-23?

You can register for the NSTSE Exam Mock Test 2 for the year 2022-23 on Vedantu’s platform (app or website).