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MHT CET 2022 Question Paper with Solution

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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MHT CET 2022 Question Paper with Detailed Solutions - PDF Free Download

At Vedantu, we believe that the more you practice, the better you perform in the exams. That’s why we have provided MHT CET Question Paper 2022 PDF here so that you become thorough with the question paper pattern. Practicing MHT CET Question Paper has many advantages. One of the most important factors these papers address is the management of time. We have seen that many students would have studied hard and learned the concepts well, but still struggle to finish answering the paper. Our highly qualified teachers have curated these MHT CET Past years question papers and provided you in PDF format that are available for free download.

Understanding the Significance of MHT CET 2022

MHT CET 2022 stood as a pivotal moment for thousands of students aspiring to pursue careers in engineering and pharmacy. The examination not only tested the depth of their knowledge but also evaluated their problem-solving skills and time management abilities. With stiff competition and limited seats in esteemed institutions, excelling in MHT CET was crucial for securing admission to top colleges.

An Insight into the Question Paper

The MHT CET 2022 question paper comprised sections in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, each carrying equal weightage. The paper aimed to assess candidates' proficiency in these subjects, covering a wide array of topics from the prescribed syllabus. Questions varied in complexity, ranging from basic concepts to application-based problems, challenging students to think critically and analytically.

Important Topics from Each Subject:

  • Physics: Topics such as Mechanics, Optics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Modern Physics were prominently featured in the question paper. Understanding fundamental principles and mastering problem-solving techniques in these areas is essential for success.

  • Chemistry: Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry constituted the core of the Chemistry section. Emphasis on chemical reactions, periodic properties, and stoichiometry underscores the importance of conceptual clarity and application.

  • Mathematics: Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Geometry formed the crux of the Mathematics section. Proficiency in mathematical concepts coupled with the ability to apply them in diverse scenarios is imperative for tackling this section effectively.

  • Biology: For students opting for pharmacy and agriculture courses, Biology played a pivotal role. Important topics included genetics, ecology, physiology, and biotechnology.

Benefits of Practicing with MHT CET 2022 Question Paper and Solutions

  • By revisiting the MHT CET 2022 question paper and solutions, candidates gain a comprehensive understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus.

  • Solving questions with detailed solutions reinforces fundamental concepts and enhances problem-solving abilities.

  • Practicing with the question paper improves time management skills, enabling candidates to allocate sufficient time to each section during the actual examination.

  • Familiarizing oneself with the question paper and solutions instills confidence in candidates, reducing exam-related stress and anxiety.


The MHT CET 2022 Question Paper with Solution PDF provided by Vedantu offers valuable resources for students preparing for the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test. It's important to focus on understanding the types of questions asked, exam patterns, and solution strategies. Pay close attention to topics that are frequently covered in the exam, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Practice regularly with these materials to improve problem-solving skills and time management.