NSTSE 2020 Exam Eligibility Criteria

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NSTSE Exam Eligibility

National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) is conducted by the Unified Council to gather brilliant minds from across the country. This 60 minute-long test consists of three subjects, Science, Mathematics and Critical Thinking. Though it follows the CBSE syllabus, the examination is suitable for students of ICSE, ISC and other state boards as well. Before applying for the test, one should know if they are eligible or not. NSTSE eligibility is not very complicated and primarily consists of the subjects students already study in their academic sessions.

What is the NSTSE Exam Eligibility?

Usually, NSTSE examination is conducted for students from the Class of 1 to 12. If you are in class 11 and 12, you have to choose between PCB and PCM. There is no examination for PCMB. Subjects get divided once you ascend to higher classes. Candidates are expected to be Science students. Otherwise, the higher level of Science will not be understandable to a student of other subjects. 

What are Some other NSTSE Eligibility Criteria?

The NSTSE exam has two levels. While any student can sit for level 1, level 2 is only for candidates who qualify for the previous exam. Only top 500 students of level 1 in addition to the top 20 students of every individual class are eligible. The final result of the NSTSE exam is declared based on this exam.

Students of 1st standard cannot sit for the second level. Students from class 2-12 give this exam.

Advantages of NSTSE

NSTSE is a scientifically framed evaluation that tests the skills and concepts of its candidates. This examination offers clear insight into a student’s ability to grasp a particular subject.

  • By taking the examination, one will understand where they stand in conceptual understanding as it provides a benchmark for students across the country.

  • Candidates will get feedback on real learning and relevant tests on what is being taught.

  • NSTSE eligibility is straightforward. Anyone studying in school can participate.

  • It is accessible to all the students through school. Individual applicants can also sit for the test. 

  • It provides a detailed analysis that will help in pinpointing areas of strength and weakness.

NSTSE Gives Special Opportunity

If you enrol to NSTSE through the admission portal of Unified Council, the NSTSE will give you a “Success Series Book”. This provides clear guidance and an excellent opportunity for the candidates.

It is a comprehensive book on effective study techniques, shortcut techniques to solve difficult problems and memory retention methodology. This is worth Rupees 50, but NSTSE will provide it for free.

Benefits of NSTSE Exam

  • If you secure the highest percentage of marks among all the classes, you get award money of Rs. 2 lakh.

  • Top 3 rank holders from every class will get a Momento, a Medal and a Laptop.

  • Rank holders (from rank 4-10) get Rs. 3,000. While rank holders from rank 11-40 get Rs. 1,000.

  • Ranks 41-100 from each class will get a Talent and Olympiad Exam Resource Book from M/s. Brain Mapping Academy.

  • The top 100 ALL INDIA rank holders along with the state toppers get a Medal.

  • As a consolation prize, every participant gets an Olympiad Coach Online subscription worth Rs. 1,198 and a Certificate of Appreciation.

Did You Know?

  • Unified Council has become the Times Education Icon. They have been honoured with the Times Excellence Award for the Best Olympiads by Times of India.

  • Unified Council has also won Edu-Resources Star Rating Award by Education World.

  • Students from Tanzania, Yemen, Iran, UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Nepal, Qatar and Indonesia also participate in the examinations held by the Unified Council.

  • Every year around 4,50,000 students apply for the NSTSE exam.

NSTSE focuses on the fundamentals, helping to create a strong base upon which students can grow their skills. It is designed to teach how to think independently and create a logic-based view which is critical to succeeding in today’s world.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can a Student of W.B. Board Sit for NSTSE Exam?

The NSTSE examination follows the CBSE syllabus only to set the exam paper. This examination is suitable for anyone from ICSE, ISC and any other State board. NSTSE exam eligibility does not mention that only students from CBSE can sit for the test.

Irrespective of their school board, any student studying in classes 1 to 10 as well as 11-12 (PCB or PCM) can apply for NSTSE examination. Students cannot opt for PCMB in this Olympiad. This is a science Olympiad, and thus it is suggested only for science students, and not from individuals hailing from other streams. A commerce student who has Mathematics is also not eligible for this examination.

2. How Many Marks Are Needed to Be Eligible For NSTSE Level 2?

NSTSE Eligibility for level 2 does not depend on how much you have obtained. Your rank in the 1st examination is what determines whether you will be eligible for the 2nd level or not. The top 100 ALL INDIA rank holders and the top 20 rank holders of every class will ascend to level 2 and will be eligible to sit in the exam. But if the student is from grade 1 then he or she will not be eligible for the 2nd level. NSTSE level 2 examination is only conducted for classes 2 to 12. This examination will determine the final result.