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AP EAMCET 2017 Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions - 24th April 2017 Evening Shift

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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24th April 2017 Evening Shift - AP EAMCET 2017 Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions

The AP EAMCET is one of the best entrance exams conducted by the Board of Intermediate Education of Andhra Pradesh. The sole purpose of this exam is to help the candidates who are seeking admission in Engineering and Agriculture streams, having an organized syllabus.

The questions of AP EAMCET for the Engineering aspirants come from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, while for the aspirants of Agriculture, the questions come from Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Also, we would like to suggest the candidates appearing for AP EAMCET to prepare every topic included in the exam syllabus of AP EAMCET 2017 as a question that can arise from any topic.

Andhra Board Previous Year Question Paper 24th April 2017

AP EAMCET 2017 Question Paper with Solutions – 24th April 2017 Evening Shift

Q1. Select the correct option from the given choice for the expression: cos3⁡θ + cos3⁡(1200+θ) + cos3⁡(θ-1200) =

  1. √3/2 cos cos θ

  2. ¾ sec3⁡θ

  3. 3/2 tan3⁡θ

  4. ¾ cos cos 3θ

Ans: Option D

Q2. Consider that a screen is placed 5.5 m far from a single slit. This slit is illuminated by monochromatic light of wavelength 6000 A0. 3 mm is the distance between the first and third minima in the diffraction pattern on the screen. Find out the width of the slit.

    1. 0.1 mm

    2. 0.4 mm

    3. 0.3 mm

    4. 0.2 mm

Ans: Option D

Q3. What are the correct statements from the given options?

  1. 12 is the total number of sigma bonds available in benzene.

  2. LiF is more covalent than KF.

  3. SnCl2 is more covalent than SnCl4.


  1. a, c

  2. a, b

  3. b, c

  4. a, b, c

Ans: Options B

Importance of AP EAMCET Paper 24th April 2017 Evening Shift

Here are some points that tell about the importance of AP EAMCET Paper 24th April 2017 Evening Shift.

  1. Students can join higher education in fields like Engineering, Medical, and Agriculture.

  2. Securing good marks in AP EAMCET helps the students to get admission in a good college for proper higher studies.

  3. The competition among the students is quite tough for this entrance test. Students from the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana can appear in this test.

Download AP EAMCET PYQP 24th April 2017 Evening Shift PDF

Students can download the Andhra Pradesh Board PYQP with Solutions PDF files by logging into our website. The link is mentioned below.

Salient Features of AP EAMCET from Vedantu for PYQP 2017

Students appreciate the efforts made by Vedantu for its quality education, error-free concepts along with questions and answers. Many of the aspirants are taking the Vedantu Education System very seriously which is helping them in their board as well as the competitive exams.

The Following Points Can Surely Clarify on the Actual Features of Vedantu for AP EAMCET PYQP:

  1. We believe in excellence. So, we always try to save time and energy of the students by giving them the proper concept about the subjects along with numerical solutions.

  2. Students can learn from anywhere at any time.

  3. Notes and PYQP solutions are prepared by our subject experts to make all the contents error-free.

FAQs on AP EAMCET 2017 Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions - 24th April 2017 Evening Shift

1. What are the important topics of Mathematics in the exam of AP EAMCET?

Here is a list of important topics of Mathematics for AP EAMCET: 

  • Probability,

  • Algebra,

  • Trigonometry,

  • Analytical Geometry, and

  • Vectors. 

Students must focus on mathematics as it comes with 80 marks in this exam. Securing good marks in Maths can help you to achieve the best rank in the AP EAMCET.

2. There is a query of a student of the CBSE board that he has applied for the engineering stream through the AP EAMCET. Is it possible for him to tackle this exam?

Yes, students from the CBSE board can appear in this test. It is a good opportunity for the CBSE students as the AP EAMCET question paper will be covered from class 11 and 12 science stream syllabi. 

In this exam, it comes with three sections viz: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The marks are distributed as:

  1. 40 questions - Physics and Chemistry, and 

  2. 80 questions - Maths

3. Who prepares the syllabus of AP EAMCET?

As per resource, JNTU (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University) situated in Hyderabad, releases the official syllabus for AP EAMCET on the official website. This syllabus is prepared for the science stream students.

4. For Agriculture aspirants of AP EAMCET, what is the syllabus for their test?

The syllabus for Agriculture aspirants of AP EAMCET covers: Botany, Zoology, Physics, and Chemistry of class 11 and 12. Aspirants of Agriculture need to focus on these subjects, leaving Mathematics.