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Vote of Thanks Speech

Last updated date: 21st Apr 2024
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The vote of thanks speech for farewell can also be referred to as parting speech. It is usually given after the event has come to an end, it can be a school farewell as well. The person appointed to present the vote of thanks for the farewell party speech holds quite a responsibility to not miss out on anybody while expressing gratitude for the success of the event. The speech is a way to appreciate the efforts of all involved parties. One can also share his personal experience of the event in their speech. In the below-given article, we will explore different ways to deliver a vote of thanks speech for farewell. It can be a long vote of thanks for school farewell, or a short vote of thanks for farewell. 

A vote of thanks is also sometimes called the gratitude speech. This is the time that a person either the host or a friend of the host will be providing the vote of thanks. This vote of thanks allows people to express their gratitude for other people who have attended the event. It is always considered to be an important part of any ceremony as it eventually affects the entire function and expresses it more effectively. Students who would like to get a Vote of Thanks Speech For Students in English can now get access to it via Vedantu where even a first-time speaker can take some experience to learn from.

Long Vote of Thanks Speech 

This form of Vote of thanks for a farewell party is helpful for students in schools and colleges who are the appointed speakers for the closing ceremony.

Hello everyone, what a spectacular event that turned out to be. I am not surprised that it was a brilliantly done farewell party. It is an absolute delight to have an opportunity to end the evening with a vote of thanks speech. 

Like everything else that is good in our journey, it also comes with a few stops. Our journey in our school/college (mention the name of your school/college) has come to an end. But the relationships and memories we made here will certainly not be discontinued. The learnings will not be forgotten.

My friends and I were discussing the other day, we always wanted our school life/college life to end soon so we can take on new challenges. We always thought we would be ready when the time comes to bid adieu, we will all stay strong and not cry. But nobody prepares you for this moment and here we are, all of us teary-eyed.


Regards and respect are very small words to express what I feel for this school/college (mention the name of your school/college). The people here, right from the staff members, teachers, Dean, Vice-Principal, and Principal are all so welcoming and warm. 

Today you see me here on stage, speaking confidently without a cracked voice and nervous pauses because of everything I learned here. I was frightened of the stage but my teachers, especially Ms. Padmalata (mention the name of your teacher) always showed faith in me. Like we all know with faith, practicing is also important. 

She trained me every day during breaks to speak confidently. And with that came a renewed confidence in me and I could socialize better and make new friends. Thank you so much ma’am for all the teachings and shaping my personality. 

I was never interested in sports, but without discouragement, this school/college has truly helped me in acting on my strengths of physical ability. And now I practice Badminton and enjoy it so much. A huge thanks to our Dean, for always bearing with our mischief, and being patient with it, you became our friend when teaching us the right way to be. My friends and I are eternally grateful to you for sharing your personal experiences with us. 

Our Vice-principal and Principal for always shielding us and guiding us to navigate our way through the world. Your managerial expertise always kept us on our toes and ready for the next challenge. School/college life is so much more than just academics, it's building lifelong memories and bonds with people you connect with. And even through mountains and valleys, I know the friends I have made in this school/college are my lifelong friends. 

On behalf of all the final year students, I would like to give a huge round of applause to our juniors, the anchors, the showrunners, the performers, what a show you managed to pull off. The food was delicious and the games especially were the most entertaining and hilarious. We will always look back at the time we spent here with a huge smile so thank you for making it possible. Thank you once again to every one of you present here for being a part of our journey in any capacity. 

Thank you.

Short Vote of Thanks Speech 

This short vote of thanks for the farewell speech is brief and very effective where one can thank everybody who has commendably done their work to make it a success.


Throughout the farewell event, I was just thinking about how fortunate I am to have spent such impressionable years of my life in this school/college (mention the name). I would like to sincerely thank our Principal Mr. Abc (mention your Principal's/HOD name) for continuing with the tradition of the school/college and making the last day of the final year extremely special.

Final days in any case are truly very hard to deal with, one is excited and nervous but our teachers have held our hands in this new shift and change we are embarking upon. We are all so grateful for your consistent support.

The teachers/professors of this school/college are truly the friendliest and kindest ones. I can speak for all of us when I say, we were all so inspired by your graciousness and helping us rise from our weaknesses and mistakes. It truly motivated us to do better every day. And we hope to keep making you proud always. 

We will all miss such events where we all spend our time sharing laughter and joy. The lunch breaks and the time spent deciding on the menu in the canteen with friends and having fun are a few moments that will stay with us forever. 

It is because of this school/college that we feel prepared and ready for the next chapter of our lives. We have learnt here the value of discipline, hard work, and teamwork. We have learnt to honor the commitment to doing the job we are supposed to do. Thank you for making us all confident in handling life. 

Thank you. 

10 Lines Vote of Thanks Speech

  1. The final few days have left us all misty and emotional thinking about leaving the place where we spent so many years of our lives.

  2. Our school/college (mention the name) has given us so much that will stay with us forever.

  3. It is here we made our first friends, had our fights, shared laughter and pain, and learned about the world through our teachers.

  4. This place was our world and it was truly filled with so much warmth and joy and there was always room for improvement.

  5. Our teachers have taught us the most valuable lessons, to not try to be like anybody, we should only try to be better than yesterday's version.

  6.  This attitude has changed my perspective and resolved so many insecurities.

  7. School life/college life has made us more confident and also be appreciative of each other.

  8. It has taught us it is never too late to begin again, thanks to our Principal Ms/Mr XYZ (mention her/his name) always giving us second chances.

  9. We know endings are only new beginnings, and the journey so far has been the best, the memories I made here will be forever cherished.

  10. Starting a new journey of life, hope we are worthy of your praise and make all of you proud always. 

Hierarchy of Education Set: (Steps in which the Name is mentioned)

  1. Founder of Institution

  2. Head

  3. Directors/ Vice President

  4. Head of the Department

  5. Faculties

  6. Students

  7. Press People

  8. Office administration

  9. Non-teaching faculties

  10. All other organizers, electricians, staff, musicians, photographers, etc.

Make sure that when you mention the name of people you mention in such a way as provided above.

FAQs on Vote of Thanks Speech

1. Why is it necessary to give the Vote of Thanks Speech?

A vote of thanks is an official speech that is important in each program to be provided. It indicates the gratitude that the host feels towards all the people who have helped him or her organize the event and the people who have attended it to make it special. This vote of thanks speech is also important for students especially during programs in school as they learn how to deliver the speech in the right way. This is the way that they learn through school and then practice it later on in life.

2. Does the way of delivering the Vote of Thanks Speech affect the overall performance of the student?

Yes, the way that students deliver the Vote of Thanks Speech will highly affect the performance of the students. This is especially in the case of big competitions and during the exams, where the correct deliverance of speech will also have marks. It is only if the deliverance of speech is done well, that the message will be properly reached out to the audience. This also makes it easier for them to understand the purpose behind the speech. One of the best ways to practice proper deliverance of speech is by practicing It many times in front of a mirror.

3. Is the Vote of Thanks Speech an important part of the syllabus?

It has been made that Vote of Thanks Speech is also a part of the syllabus. This allows the students to understand the way that a speech is being delivered, be it in front of an audience or in front of a class of students. This vote of thanks speech also has a proper parking system where each of the sentences and the way that you write it will also affect the total marks that you obtain. It is hence important that you practice and pay proper attention to the Vote of Thanks Speech For Students in English via Vedantu  NCERT Solutions for English.

4. How to ensure that a good Vote of Thanks Speech has been written?

Some points need to be added in the Vote of Thanks Speech so that it becomes a good one. These points can be provided as follows:

  1. Your first sentence of speech must let the audience know what you are thinking and what is going to be delivered through the speech.

  2. Later on, tell the audience in about one to two sentences why you have been specifically asked to give the vote of thanks speech

  3. Go on, to begin with, your speech by thanking the honorable guest, host, and audience.

  4. Try to keep the thank you that you say to each person in brief and do not elongate.

  5. Be sure that you mention any remarkable events that have occurred during the function.

5. Who should students be mentioning while providing an opening statement in the Vote of Thanks Speech?

When starting with an opening statement students can use the following format:

Honorable (guest’s name), Respect Principal sir, respected teachers, and my most valuable friends! It is my privilege to be offering thanks for this particular event.

I and the entire group (name all the event organizers, supporters, crew members, and other special guests) are pleased to call the program a wonderful success. Thanks to you all who have attended and those who have worked hard to make this event a grand success. I am looking forward to all such opportunities where we get to work together again.

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