My Elder Brother Summary

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This is a comical story, however with many takeaways. The speaker of the story begins by telling how his elder brother was older than him by 5 years in terms of age and class both. The speaker thinks that his elder brother has continued in the same grades to create a powerful academic foundation. The speaker may be a little kid and, therefore, most likely incapable of creating satiric remarks. The younger brother believes that his elder brother is studious and has great knowledge, which he should follow unquestioningly as we've all been tutored since childhood, that, we should respect our elders and obey them. Here, the speaker likes to play and does not prefer to study. Nonetheless, he does not solely pass his examinations. However, he passes the examination with flying colours. On the other hand, his elder brother keeps on studying but fails. Will this imply that the elder brother is stupid? A big no from the speaker's point of view. Every individual has different grasping power than others. So, I do not think it's honest to correlate the flexibility to recall a memory with intelligence. The elder brother blames the education system, which is biased towards his failures. I notice myself sympathizing with him. I feel that's the primary take away from this story is: the bias towards committal to memory. 

The elder brother should act as elder brother as a result of he's 5 years older than the narrator. The younger brother should act sort of a younger brother as a result of he's 5 years younger. All this role-playing has, I think, underprivileged the elder brother of his childhood. He cannot fly kites he cannot play; he should study all day long as a result he feels he must set an example for the younger brother. I feel that is another takeaway from the story. 

The end of the story, at first, seems kind of abrupt. But, I feel it holds a deeper meaning, the narrator says. The elder brother is reprimanding the younger brother for wasting his time chasing kites. Happy with himself for completely advising his younger brother, the elder brother currently opens his own heart. The elder brother was older than the speaker by 5 years and is all the same as a toddler himself. He confesses that he too desires to fly kites. That confession breaks the ice!  Then, a kite whose line had been cut in a duel, sail on top of the head of the brothers. A few strings remain connected to the kite. The elder brother is sort of tall, he leaps, catches hold of the string, and fling off with the prize. He relieved his childhood.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Items that Munna Likes to Do?

Answer: Munna likes to play marbles, fly kites, play volleyball and kabaddi. He also likes drawing photos of animals and birds.

2. What Did Bhaiya Do All Day?

Answer: Bhaiya reads books all day.

3. Why was Munna Not Pleased with the Timetable that Bhaiya Created for Him?

Answer: Munna wasn't pleased with the timetable that Bhaiya created for him because as a result of the timetable, there was no time for him to play.

4. Does Munna Assume Once that His Brother was Strict with Him? Why was Bhaiya Strict with Him?

Answer: Yes, Munna once assumed that his brother was strict with him and thus, he became unhappy and started to cry. Bhaiya was strict with him because being an elder brother, it had been his duty to worry that Munna wouldn't waste his time. He wished Munna to review arduously.

5. Whose Character Does One Like a Lot of – Munna’s or Bhaiya’s? Why?

Answer: I favour Bhaiya’s character quite more than Munna’s. It seems Bhaiya was a bookworm. Still, he didn't pass his categories. However, if truth be told, Bhaiya had a lot more qualities than Munna. He felt that Munna was his responsibility. He was strict with Munna because he didn’t want Munna to waste his time. He wasn't smart at studies; however, he had a lot of expertise.