Future Tense


Tense in which we talk about the future action or event are Future tense. Basically, this tense mentions something which follows the spoken or written sentence. For eg. She will dance at the party tomorrow. They are divided into four Parts- 

Simple Future

Future Perfect Tense

Future Continuous Tense

Future Perfect Continuous Tense 

Simple Future Tense

The tense tells us about an action which has not occurred yet and will occur after saying or in future.  

Rule-  Subject+ Will/ Shall + Verb(First form)


1. No Plan 

We use Simple Future when there is no plan for any activity or action until we speak or write. We make decisions at the time of speaking.  

For Example-

  • I will see what has to be done.

  • Maybe we will go to a movie tonight.

  • I think I will go to work tomorrow. 

2. Predictions

This tense is used to make predictions about the future. They are not facts or certain statements but just predictions.

For Example-

It will rain tomorrow.

Who do you think will be our next President?

Elon Musk won’t launch  Roadster before 2022. 

3. Be

When the verb “be” is used in a sentence we use Simple Future tense.  

For Example

  • I’ll be in Delhi the day after tomorrow.

  • Will you play with me tomorrow? 

Future Continuous Tense

Future continuous tense is used when we talk about the time which will be happening in the future. The action which will start sometime before that moment but would not have been finished till the moment.


Subject +Auxiliary verb WILL+ Auxiliary verb BE + Main verb 

For Example- 

  • I will be playing tennis at 8 pm tomorrow.

  • They won’t be watching TV at 9 pm tonight.

  • What will you be doing 

Positive Sentence-

She will be writing a book.

Negative Sentence-

She will not be writing a book. 

Interrogative Sentence-

Will she be writing a book?

Interrogative Negative Sentence-

Will she not be writing a book?

Future Perfect Tense

This tense talks about the past in future. It talks about the action which would have been completed in the future.


Subject + Auxiliary Verb WILL + auxiliary verb HAVE + main verb( Third form)


1- To express the action in future before another action in future.


  • I will have arrived at work by 9 am tomorrow.

  • Sapna won’t be in school when you arrive. Really? Where will she have gone?

Positive Sentence-

She will have written the book. 

Negative Sentence-

She will not have written the book

Interrogative Sentence-

Will she have written the book?

Interrogative Negative Sentence-

Will she not have written the book?

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

It is used to talk about actions that will commence at a fixed time in future and will continue for some time in future. If there is no time reference, then it is not a Future perfect continuous tense.

Without continued time reference, such sentences are Future Continuous Tense. Continued time reference only differentiates between Future Continuous Tense and Future Perfect Continuous Tense. 


Subject+ Auxiliary verb WILL + Auxiliary verb HAVE BEEN + Verb( First form) +ing

Positive Sentence-

She will have been writing the book.

Negative Sentence-

She will not have been writing the book.

Interrogative Sentence-

Will she have been writing the book?

Interrogative Negative Sentence-

Will she not have been writing the book?


1- The bus ------------( to arrive) at 12:30.

2- We --------------( to have)  lunch at mountain top café.

3-  Rohit --------------( to fly) to New Delhi on Wednesday evening.

4- Are you still reading that book? If you---------------( to finish) by 4 pm we can go out for ice cream.

5- I-----------( to see) my mother in May.

6- Look at the weather. It -----------------( to rain) in a few minutes.

7- Wait! I ---------------( to drive) you to the airport.

8- I’m sorry but you need to stay in the office until you __________ (to finish) your work

9- I don’t think you __________ (to have) any problems when you land in Boston


1- Arrives

2- are going to have

3- is flying

4- finish

5- am going to see

6- is going to rain

7- will drive

8-have finished

9-will have