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What is Diary Writing?

Having a bad day? Or you want to record something eventful happened to you? Well, diary entry is one effective way of expression or just a mere recording of events of your life. Diary writing has been a way of recording and recollecting and expressing events or emotions. Maintaining a diary is cathartic and it renders the mind some freshness from the busy life.

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Why Write a Diary?

  1. Effective Catharsis:

Sometimes we can’t find a friend or anyone to confide our deepest feelings. Diary serves as a friend in need where we can express anything and in any way without any fear of any judgment or miscommunication because it is you who has access to it.

  1. Recapture Memories:

Diary lets you recall the good or bad memories you had and lets you realize how much you have grown or what mistakes you did in the past. Sometimes reading a diary just makes you laugh or live memories which you had nearly forgotten.

  1. Recording Events:

Some people write a diary as maintaining a journal where they record all the events chronologically so as to revisit it for any purpose. This helps in not missing out on important details in daily life.

  1. Problem - Solving

We tend to overthink everything and make our problems bigger than they seem to be. By writing them down we realize that it is not as big a problem as we cooked it in our head. Sometimes while writing a dairy we tend to find a solution as we reflect upon ourselves while writing the problem down.

Diary Writing Format


Meghna’s birthday party at Leela

It was Meghna’s birthday and we went to Leela together. It was a beautiful place to have a birthday party and she did throw a lavish party. I got to meet many of her friends and one of them became a little close to me.

Her name is Rucha and we connected on the basis of Harry Potter. We both are Potterheads and I loved it, although she comes across to talkative I like her. I am looking forward to seeing her at a cafe we decided to meet the upcoming Friday.

I gave Meghna a beautiful dress which she liked and wore to the party. It felt nice getting out after a long week. I think I should get out more often to refresh my head.

I will write again soon.


Tips on Diary Entry

  1. Include a Date

Writing a diary with a date helps one remember the event and the time of the event. It also helps to keep a track of events and when they happened. In our busy lives, we hardly remember how the time slips. Dating the entries will give you are a clear picture of time during that event. Including a date just on the corner of the page is enough. The format of the date should be similar in order to avoid confusion.

  1. Mention a Subject

Sometimes diary entry can be very descriptive, just mentioning a dominant emotion or any particular event in a few words can help in knowing what is a whole entry about. For Example, If you were unhappy about the way your brother talked to you and you were sad. You can just mention- Feeling sad.

  1. Express yourself freely

The whole idea of writing a diary is to exhibit your emotions, where it is private and no one can access it. Diary entry has to be made with an open heart without any fear of anyone reading it. It is one place where you can be yourself as it stays with you. 

  1. Write more Often

Writing regularly is not a task which just happens automatically. In starting you might have to set a reminder to write and then eventually you start gravitating towards your diary to write anything you feel. Diary becomes your friend and its very therapeutic to express oneself every now and then.

  1. Give it a Name

You might want to address your entries to someone, you can give any name or some people just call it- Dear Diary.

  1. Be Honest

If you are writing the diary under an umbrella of fear of getting public, then it is pointless. You should be honest to yourself as it is your diary and your safe place to express anything you wish to. Being honest is the only key to catharsis while writing a diary. You should not manipulate your writing, thinking of someone else reading it. The honest expression will always make you reflect back on the situation with a bigger outlook.

  1. Aligning Your Thoughts is Important

Brainstorming before writing will help you align your thoughts in order to record everything as you want to write. Sometimes our emotions make our brain foggier and a little thought before writing would help us express ourselves clearly.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is it Beneficial to Write Every Day?

Ans. Although writing frequently is beneficial but it is not compulsory to do so. It totally depends on you whether you want to write daily, weekly, or even monthly but writing daily has its benefits.

2. Does Writing a Dairy have any Other Benefits?

Ans. Yes, writing continuously over time will definitively improve the clarity of your writing as well as the clarity of your speech and you will learn how to express your thoughts more freely as time passes.

3. Is Diary Writing Well for Mental Health?

Ans. Yes, it is! Because you can reflect back on your thoughts without any bias and most importantly it becomes a medium where you can write without any fears! Thus it is beneficial to your mental health.

4. Is it Better to Write in any Specific Format?

Ans. Although it is not mandatory in writing in an ordered and coherent manner, connecting dots becomes easier which in turn makes introspection easier.

5. Can I Write Anything in a Diary?

Ans. Yes! Although it is beneficial to keep separate diaries for separate things. For example, a personal Diary is best for writing your thoughts and feelings and a bedside diary or a notebook for writing ideas which you get at night. This is too highly personalized and depends on person to person.