Cyber Crime Essay

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Essay on Cyber Crime

Cybercrime is a dangerous attack, a company or an individual may face. There are many cases where the cyberattack has brought massive loss to the company and individuals due to the data hack. We live in a technology-driven era, and every information is now fed on computers. Cybercrime involves an attack on computers and digital devices. These cyber-attacks can prove hazardous not just for the organization, but also for the nation. Till date, there are many digital attack cases in India and global, pushing for more security measures. These attacks are also affecting the economy of the country if not controlled in the initial stage.

What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime or attack is defined as the systematic criminal activity occurring digitally and done by attackers. There are many examples of cybercrime, including fraud, malware virus, cyberstalking and others. Due to these, government agencies and companies are investing more on the maintenance and hiring cybercrime experts. 

Earlier, cybercrime was committed only by individuals or by small groups. However, now a highly complex cybercriminals network work on attacking the system for data collection.

Three groups of cybercrimes-

  1. Individual

  2. Property

  3. Government


This is the form of cyberstalking, trafficking, and grooming. Over the years, this type of cybercrime has been taken seriously by law enforcement agencies. It is now keeping a track over every such attack on an individual.


Similar to the real world where criminals steal the property, in the cyber world, attackers steal data. Here, the attacker steals a person's bank details and misuse the credit card for online purchase. By using malicious software, the attacker attacks the property to disrupt the system of the organization.


These types of crimes are denoted as cyber terrorism. This can be a terror because the attacker can get hold of essential documents related to government projects. An enemy nation or terrorist usually makes such attacks. There are many cases globally where a terrorist hacks government data.

Apart from these, there is a financial crime where the hacker steals the money of the user account holder. Moreover, they steal company data and finance.

  • Hacking

In this type, the computer system of the person is hacked to get personal information. In many countries, including India, hacking is a punishable act. It is quite different from ethical hacking. In normal hacking, illegal use different types of software to enter the system of the target person. Hacker is then able to monitor every activity done by the person.

  • Theft

This cybercrime is about violating copyright and downloading music or movies. In India, many movies before their releases are leaked on the movie download sites. In other words, theft is also called privacy, which can bring a huge loss to the organization.

  • Cyber Stalking

It is online harassment by an individual or a group of people. Normally, these stalkers target an individual and harass online. There are many cases of cyberstalking in India, resulting in the target person ending up taking self-life.

  • Malicious Software

These are computer-based cybercrimes where virus-based software is installed in the target people or organization computer. This is to damage the system and corrupt the data of the target.

  • Laws Related to Cybercrime

In India, there are many cybercrime laws enacted to stop this threat. Be it for the individual or the organization; these laws help to either bring down the number of cases or eliminate these digital crimes.

Apart from these laws, as an individual, you also need to take steps to stop these crimes. Like, not providing your login details, installing trust anti-virus software and keeping your online profile private can help to act against such crimes.


Cybercrime is a significant threat that can bring huge loss to the individual and the organization. It is essential to follow basic online rules to ensure the safety of self and the organization.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Does Cybercrime Work?

Ans: Group of people or an individual commits most of these cyber-crimes. These criminals use a systematic process to hack and commit these acts. These criminal communities share strategies and tools to launch attacks. Some of the cybercrime techniques

Fast Flux- In this method, the hacker moves data quickly among computers in a botnet, making it challenging to find the right source.

Social Engineering- This method includes using lies and manipulation to trick people into revealing their personal information.

Skimmers- This involves installing a skimming tool in an ATM and stealing the information. You may find such skimming devices in ATMs.

There are some digital criminals targeting organizations to steal personal information.

2. How Cybercrime Affects Society?

Ans: Cybercrime can hugely affect society. In 2018, the US faced the loss of $600 billion. As consumers are increasingly allowing technologies to get into their lives, cyber attackers are getting better access. Some of the essential information available are-

  • Personal health data sleep schedules, and geolocations

  • Shopping history, account information, and passive conversations noticed voice-controlled devices.

  • Private conversations on social media accounts

Your entire life is now available on social media, making it vulnerable to hack or cyber-attack. Attackers use different techniques including- installing malware, virus, phishing, cyberstalking, etc. These can certainly bring loss of lives and data for individuals and organizations. For society, this is a significant loss in the long run.  One needs to be very careful when presenting self socially.