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CUET 2023 Exam Pattern

Last updated date: 25th May 2024
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Get Acquainted with the CUET 2023 Exam Pattern

Vedantu is launching Class 12 CBSE Board + CUET Crash Courses for Science & Commerce Students. The course will comprise of LIVE classes by Master Teachers and doubt-solving by Class Teachers, along with class notes, assignments and tests. 

As per the Board exam and CUET preparation, the course is divided into 2 phases

1. 2nd Jan 2023 - 4th Feb 2023: Core subjects for Boards and CUET will be covered in 125 sessions.

2. 15th Mar 2023 - 30th Apr 2023: Sessions on additional subjects & revision of core subjects of CUET.


The Prices are as Follows (for 300 students) - 

Course Price Break-up




















The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is an exam conducted by NTA across the country for admission to undergraduate courses in different central universities in India. Students who have successfully passed the 10+2 board examinations with 50% marks are eligible to apply for the CUET exam to pursue different UG courses in any of the leading central universities. 

Candidates appearing for CUET 2023 have to score the required cut-off marks to qualify for admission to universities. The student must be aware of the CUET exam pattern so that adequate preparation can be taken to ensure satisfactory performance in the exam. Students appearing for the CUET exam must be aware of the CUET paper pattern, subjects, and marking process to focus on preparing well for the exam. Read on to know the CUET 2023 exam pattern complete details.

CUET 2023 Exam Pattern Details

The knowledge of the CUET exam pattern helps candidates to be aware of all the details regarding the structure of the question paper, subject distribution and marking scheme. The CUET exam paper consists of three different sections as follows:

Section 1: Language

The first section has two parts, section 1A, and section 1B. The candidate can choose any one of the regional languages from a list of 13 languages for section 1A of the question paper. Candidates can attempt the CUET exam in any of these 13 languages. Section 1B is based on a foreign language and candidates need to choose one foreign language from a list of 19 languages. The language test is based on reading comprehension, literary skills, and vocabulary.


Section-2: Domain-specific test

The second section has 27 domain-specific subjects and candidates have to select any 6 subjects based on the stream and university of their choice. Section -2 consists of CUET subject-related questions.


Section-3: General test

The general test covers topics on general knowledge, current affairs, analytical ability, quantitative analysis, and logical aptitude.

All questions in the exam paper will be of multiple choice question (MCQ) type. There will be a total of 175 questions out of which the candidates need to attempt 140 questions. The question distribution of different sections and the number of questions to be attempted are described in the table given below.



Total no. of questions

No. of questions to be attempted

Section 1

13 and 20 languages



Section 2

27 domain-specific subjects



Section 3

General test




The CUCET UG 2023 exam is scheduled to be held from 21st to 31st May 2023. The CUET 2023 exam will be held in two slots. The exam will be held in computer-based online mode.

 Important Points about CUET 2023 Exam Pattern

Candidates preparing to appear for the CUET 2023 exam must go through the following CUET details regarding the CUET exam pattern to make them fully prepared for the exam.

  • Type of Questions- Sections IA and IB have Language-based questions for testing the skills as per the language opted for by the candidates. The questions are based on comprehension passages. The section-2 consists of questions related to the subjects chosen. The general test is based on general knowledge, current affairs, analytical ability, quantitative analysis, and logical aptitude.

  • Maximum Subjects- Candidates can choose a maximum of 3 Languages from Section IA and Section IB combined. The third language opted has to be following the domain-specific subject as given in Section 2. Candidates are required to select a maximum of 6 subjects out of a total of 27 domain-specific subject options. These subjects are opted based on the subject requirement for the courses in the applicable university.

  • Difficulty Level- The difficulty level of sections in CUET 2023 would be according to the syllabus of the Class 12th standard.

  • Marking scheme: For each correct answer, students will get 5 marks, and for each wrong answer, 1 mark will be deducted. No negative marking is there for unanswered questions.

  • Number of Attempts- Class 12th students of the previous year can also appear in CUET 2023 provided the respective university for which the candidate is applying for grant permission. 

Students should be fully aware of what is the CUET exam and the CUET exam pattern so that they can focus on the preparations accordingly. Solving previous question papers for practice would help understand the question distribution and difficulty level and also develop the time management skills. The students should consult study materials from different sources that would guide them in developing language skills, analytical approaches, and awareness of current affairs. The syllabus of CUET 2023 is based on the class 12th syllabus so a strong knowledge of concepts on various topics of class 12th helps students to score good marks in the exam. 


The CUET 2023 is an important entrance test for admission to prestigious universities in India. The students should follow the CUET exam pattern 2023 thoroughly and prepare accordingly by taking the help of various resources both offline and online. Regular practice and revision will help students develop the skill and confidence to handle the questions in the CUET exam and score good marks.

FAQs on CUET 2023 Exam Pattern

1. What is the mode of the CUET 2023 examination?

The CUET 2023 exam will be conducted in a computer-based online mode.

2. What is the maximum number of subjects one can choose in Section 2 of the CUET exam?

Candidates can choose a maximum of 6 subjects out of 27 domain-specific subject options for sections 2.

3. How many language options are there in Section 1 of the CUET exam?

There will be a total of 13 languages under Section-1A and 20 languages under Section-1B.

4. How many questions are required to be answered in the CUET 2023 exam?

Candidates need to answer 40 questions from Section 1, 40 questions from Section 2, and 60 questions from Section 3 of the CUET 2023 exam paper.

5. What type of questions are given in the CUET exam?

The CUET exam pattern is based on objective type multiple-choice questions (MCQ).

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