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CUET UG 2024 Goes Hybrid: Fewer Subject Choices, More Efficiency?

February 12, 2024
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The Central University Entrance Test (CUET) UG, the gateway to many prestigious universities in India, will undergo significant changes this year. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced a hybrid mode for the exam, combining online and offline components, while also reducing the number of subject choices available to candidates. This approach aims to benefit students, especially those in rural areas, by eliminating the need to travel far for the exam.

CUET UG Exam Goes Hybrid with Reduced Subjects

Key Changes for CUET UG 2024:

  • Registration Details and Timeline: Registration for the CUET UG 2024, managed by the NTA on behalf of the UGC, is expected to commence around February 19.

  • Major Changes in Exam Structure: The third edition of the CUET UG, scheduled between May 15 and 31, will witness significant changes, including alterations in the format, subject choices, and difficulty levels.

  • Hybrid Mode: UGC chairman M Jagadesh Kumar mentioned that for subjects with higher registrations, the test will use OMR sheets instead of the Computer Based Test (CBT) format. This is expected to improve efficiency and reduce logistical challenges.

  • Moderating Difficulty Level for Student Well-Being: The NTA is actively working to maintain a moderate difficulty level in the CUET UG 2024 to alleviate stress among students during the examination.

  • Reduction in Subject Choices for Streamlining: Candidates can now choose a maximum of six subjects, down from ten previously.

The six choices will comprise three domain subjects (e.g., Science, Humanities, Commerce), two languages (English + one additional), and the general test.

This decision, based on NTA data, aims to simplify the exam process and address difficulties in center allocation.

  • Three Shifts and Reduced Exam Days: The exam will be conducted in three shifts each day.

Shift 1

Shift 2

Shift 3

9 am to 11 am

12.30 pm to 2 pm

4 pm to 5.30 pm

The hybrid format is expected to reduce the overall number of exam days.

  • Streamlined Exam Center Allotment: The reduction in the number of subject choices aims to simplify the process of allotting exam centers, addressing complexities that arose when students had numerous options.

The decision on whether to use the normalization process for result calculation will be made based on the evolving situation and circumstances surrounding the exam.

The modified CUET UG raises questions about its effectiveness in achieving its objectives. While aiming for efficiency and inclusivity, it's crucial to ensure the changes don't disadvantage students or limit their academic aspirations. The success of this new format will depend on its implementation, student feedback, and the adaptability of universities.

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