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Republican Party

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Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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What is Republican Party?

It is one of the two major political parties in the United States of America also known as the GOP (Grand Old Party). It is one of the contemporary political parties alongside its arch-rival democratic party.

Republican Party: History

The American Republican party is also known as GOP, (Grand Old Party) was the political party that stood against slavery and its complete abolition. In the 20th century, the party came in association with laissez-faire capitalism, low taxes, and conservative social policies. It has adopted an elephant as its logo.

The term Republican was adopted in 1792 by the followers of Thomas Jefferson who favored government with limited powers that are decentralization of the government. His philosophy though remained consistent with the republican party but his faction over the period of time became the Democratic-Republican party which eventually gave rise to the rival of the Republican-Democratic Party.

The people supporting this political ideology are called Republicans. The republican party became a strong force when some prominent anti-slavery leaders joined hands with it to avoid extension of slavery in the territories of ‘kanas’ and ‘Nebraska’. The first presidential nomination took place in 1856 and the republican nominated ‘John C. Frémont’ who demanded Congress to abolish slavery in particular in the North. He was unsuccessful but still could conquer 11 northern states and held 2/5Th of electoral votes. Abraham Lincoln was the first-ever Republican President in the history of the United States of America from the Republican Party. He conquered 18  northern states and received 60% electoral votes, however only 40% popular votes. In the meantime 7 Southern states parted their way from the union which led to the American civil war from 1861-1865. 

In 1863 Lincoln signed the ‘Emancipation Proclamation’ which declared all the slaves in rebel states to be “forever free” and also welcomed to join union armed forces. This effect led to 1865 the abolition of slavery being officially introduced in the Constitution of the United States of America in the 13th Amendment. Since Republican Party played a prominent role in the abolition of slavery in the History of the United States of America, The republican Party sometimes is known as the Party of Lincoln.

The prolonged civil war was weakening Lincoln politically. In order to handle this Lincoln announced  “Andrew Johnson '' a pro-union democrat as a candidate for Vice President and the Lincoln-Johnson pair landslide the opposition and won the election. In the country’s second critical election, in 1896, the Republicans won the presidency and eventually control of both houses of Congress which was a pinnacle in the history of the Republican Political party, and the Republican Party became the majority party in most states outside the South. William McKinley was the presidential candidate of the time.

In 2001 ‘George Bush’ was one of the remarkable presidents of the republican party and the last republican President was ‘Donald J Trump’ who is also a great Businessman and philanthropist.

Republican party beliefs:

Its 21st-century current state ideology is American conservatism, which includes both social conservatism and fiscal conservatism which has its emphasis on free trade and lower tax. The Republican party supports lower taxes, free-market capitalism which does not allow the private sector to own government agencies and run it according to their personal interest and profit which directly indirectly put the burden on the common people, restrictions on immigration causing various issues within the country, increased military spending to safeguard the borders and USA has a history of rivalry with its nieghbours, gun rights, restrictions on abortion, deregulation, and restrictions on labour unions.

 Republican party ideology:

It is the political party that was the first organization in the political history of the United States of America to stand against slavery. It initially believed in the decentralization of the government, that is, a government having minimum power. The recent ideology of the Republican party is Conservatism. It is an ideology that supports free trade, fewer taxes, no capitalism in the market. They also support restricted immigration and deregulation which involves changing the policies frequently.

Republicans have historically opposed same-sex marriages and thier stand on the LGBT issue is a firm one. The republican party is so adamant about LGBT issues that it opposed the inclusion of Gays in the military. 

Republican party on social issues: 

The republican party always opposed discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, age, sex, gender, disability, and national origin, however, remained silent on discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity.

The republican party has historically opposed the trade and consumption of drugs and decriminalization of drugs and always is in favor of the war on drugs. The Republican Party has always extended its support for gun ownership rights and opposes laws regulating guns.

Republican party Economic policies:

The Republican party has economic policies that favor common people and less burden on them. Free market and individual achievements are the primary factors of this party's agenda in terms of economic policies. They are against too much government spending or the government taking heavy debts and then imposing high taxes to recover them. Modern Republicans advocate the theory of supply-side economics, which is of the belief that taxes on goods and services must be minimal, less import-export duties, etc.

Republicans always prefer private spending over government spending as they believe that the private sector is more effective to help out the poor by their charity compared to government welfare programs.

Republicans believe that the private sector must manage their own circumstances and establish their own methods of employment practices which must include profit, wages to the labor, and free-market piece of work. Republicans have always opposed Labor unions and organizations and their members even at the political level. They also oppose an increase in minimum wages as they think increasing the wages can affect the businessman and when this businessman faces loss because of increase in the wages, they try to balance it by removing people from their jobs that are outsourcing jobs which can cost the heavy price to the end consumer.

FAQs on Republican Party

1. When was the Republican Party formed and who was the founder?

The republican party was formed on 20 March 1854, in Ripon, Wisconsin, United States, and its Founders were: Horace Greeley, Henry Jarvis Raymond, Alvan E. Bovay.

It is also known as the Grand Old Party(GOP).

2. Who was the arch-rival of the republican party?

The democratic party was the arch-rival of the Republican party and these two are the most noted political parties in the history of the United States of America.