What is benzene?

Benzene is an aromatic organic hydrocarbon with the formula C6H6. It is parent compound of many aromatic compounds. Presence of benzene can be recognized by its characteristic odor. 

Structure of benzene – Eilhardt Mitscherlich, a german chemist heated benzoic acid with lime and produced benzene. Although benzene was 1st discovered by scientist Michael faraday. Benzene has a cyclic structure with 6 carbon atoms and 6 hydrogen atoms. In benzene each carbon atom is attached with one hydrogen atom and two other carbon atoms. 


Due to delocalization of six electrons in benzene, actually there is no distinct single or double bond in benzene. That’s why bond length is 1.39 A. These 6 electrons make electrons clouds above and below the aromatic ring. 

           Benzene: Electrons clouds above and below the aromatic ring