Important Questions for CBSE Class 6 Hindi Vasant

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CBSE Class 6 Hindi Vasant Important Questions - Free PDF Download

Students of Class 6 should follow the important questions from Hindi Vasant to fetch good marks in the examination. These questions will help to understand the relevance of the topic in the exam. A detailed explanation is available through these crucial questions, which will benefit the students in their exam preparation. With the help of subject matter experts, these questions are framed following the guidelines and syllabus of the CBSE board. All these questions are designed with various levels of difficulties that usually come in the examination. This helps the students to be specific with the answers when they are about to write in the examination. Moreover, it gives them a better insight into the chapters which are otherwise challenging to remember. Register Online for NCERT Class 6 Science tuition on to score more marks in CBSE board examination

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Give Us a Glimpse of the Chapters of Class 6 Hindi Vasant?

If students want to secure higher marks in the examination, they should be aware of the syllabus and the chapters that are incorporated in Class 6 Hindi Vasant. This will help them prepare an excellent strategy for the examination if they go through the important questions chapter wise. Here are the details of the chapters given below: 

Serial No. of Hindi Vasant’s Chapter

Hindi Vasant’s Chapter Name 

Adhyay 1

Wah Chidiya Jo

Adhyay 2


Adhyay 3

Nadaan Dost

Adhyay 4

Chaand se Thodi Gappe

Adhyay 5

Aksharo ka Mahatva

Adhyay 6

Paar Nazar Ke

Adhyay 7

Saathi Haath Badhana

Adhyay 8


Adhyay 9

Ticket Album Ke

Adhyay 10

Jhansi Ki Rani

Adhyay 11

Jo Dekhar Bhi Nahi Dekhte

Adhyay 12

Sansar Pustak Hai

Adhyay 13

Main Chhoti Hoon

Adhyay 14


Adhyay 15


Adhyay 16

Van Ke Marg Mein

Adhyay 17

Saans Saans Mein Baans

Explain the Marks Weightage and Distribution of Hindi Vasant Class 6 Important Questions?

In the final Hindi examination, the literature segment can include marks that carry a weightage of around 30 marks. It is essential for students, as it will enable them to have a general idea of the type of questions they might be asked in the examination. Students shouldn’t skip Hindi Vasant at all because it is a vital part along with the other two components of Class 6 Hindi, Dhurva and Bal Ram Katha.  

Questions framed will typically carry a marks distribution of 1, 3, or 5 marks. So, students must prepare themselves for the short answers and the long answers questions. It is recommended that every chapter of the book should be read in-depth as questions may come from any chapter. With good preparation from all chapters, it ensures that they score better in the examination. 

Importance of Studying Hindi Vasant Class 6 Chapters?

The Hindi Book Vasant introduces the students of class 6 to different short stories, drama, and poems in an interesting way. It will give exposure to the young students to a variety of fascinating concepts and at the same time, they can learn important aspects of life. Every chapter is based on different parts of the literature, that enable the students to comprehend different things through the same book. The book is written in Hindi through which students will also develop a good command of the subject. 

State the Benefits of Studying Important Questions for Class 6 Hindi Vasant?

To excel in the class 6 examination, preparation, and strategy are very crucial for success. 

One of the aspects of this is to download the Hindi Vasant Class 6 important questions, that can benefit the students consequently. Let’s understand the underlying facts of studying the important questions. 

  • Students will know the answers to the important questions and write quickly in the examination. 

  • With the help of the important questions, the students will be able to remember the entire lesson taught in the chapters. 

  • By practicing the important questions, they will be more confident and well prepared for the examination. 

  • By studying the questions students can also prepare the answers for the examination. 

  • Important questions help them to understand the question pattern, giving them an overall idea about how to make the preparation. 

Tips to Excel in Class 6 Hindi Vasant Textbook?

The class 6 Hindi Vasant comprises fascinating stories, poems, and narration in the entire textbook. All these have been selected in a manner to develop an intrigue in the young readers of standard 6th. However, students also need to pay attention to all the chapters from Vasant textbooks if they want to achieve good marks. 

Students need to develop great reading skills in Hindi so that they can fluently learn the chapters. The next is to focus on the writing sections, this will help them to write efficiently without making silly mistakes in the spelling and grammar section. Whenever answering any long type question make sure to include an introduction, body, and conclusion in paragraph format. This helps them to answer with precision and clarity. 

Is it Good to Download the Study Material and Important Questions for Class 6 Hindi Vasant?

The aim of downloading a PDF version of the Hindi Vasant important questions and study materials is to derive benefits of E-learning. There are many such significant advantages and we are going to discuss them in detail. 

  • It saves time by simply downloading the important resources and questions that otherwise required extra time to write and prepare. 

  • Students get access to instant learning facilities in the already hectic study and extracurricular pressure. 

  • They can take the help of the course materials to frame answers to important questions. 

  • It involves a cost-benefit as all these important questions and study materials are free for downloading. 

  • The PDF version file size is small, so there is no need to worry about a strong internet connection. 

  • Moreover, if there are any doubts students can consult with the subject teachers to get these queries resolved. 

FAQs on Important Questions for CBSE Class 6 Hindi Vasant

1. Where can I download NCERT Class 6 Hindi textbook?

Class 6 Hindi textbooks provided by NCERT go by the name of 'Vasant' and students can seek out and download these books from different websites. One of the best ones out there would undoubtedly is by Vedantu as they offer not just the textbooks for download, but the NCERT Solutions, Important Questions, Revision notes, and other materials, which are exclusively prepared by experts to help students in their exam preparation such that they can score the marks they dream to achieve. These solutions are available at free of cost on Vedantu( and mobile app.

2. Which chapters are included in NCERT Class 6 Hindi textbook Vasant?

The NCERT textbook, ‘Vasant’ which students use is prescribed for class 6 Hindi. This textbook has a total of 17 Chapters that students of Class 6 have to learn. CBSE has also provided Important Questions to help students out by emphasizing the important topics and preparing questions so that students can study them by giving them more priority. Chapters 1 to 17 are designed exclusively in a creative manner for class 6 students to easily understand and follow the language.

3. What are the benefits of using important questions of Class 6 Hindi?

Important Questions are study materials that have been compiled exclusively for students with important topics in each chapter of every subject. These can help the students fetch good grades for their exams, especially in the case of class 6 Hindi. Hindi being a language can be difficult to study among the multitudes of stories given in the textbook. These questions are prepared such that the students grasp the relevance of the topics with specific emphasis on the difficulty of questions.

4. Which are the important chapters to learn for Class 6 Hindi?

Class 6 Hindi can be a bit difficult for students since Hindi is a tough language to learn. But, the students need not fear as the Important Questions, which have been developed to help them with both their studies and exams, cover all the important topics coming from every chapter. As such, the following list includes the important chapters for class 6 Hindi;

  • Chapter 1, 

  • Chapter 2

  • Chapter 3

  • Chapter 4

  • Chapter 5

  • Chapter 6

  • Chapter 11

  • Chapter 12

5. Where can we download important questions for Class 6 Hindi?

The Important Questions material for Class 6 Hindi is available to download on a vast multitude of websites on the internet. The best and highly recommended one however is Vedantu’s questions as students have been choosing them over others most of the time. The link to access these questions is available on Vedantu. These materials are created with specific emphasis on topics to instil in students a relevant understanding of concepts. These solutions are available at free of cost on Vedantu( and mobile app. The expert-prepared answers are just a bonus to the students.

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