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English Grammar for Class 9

Last updated date: 18th Apr 2024
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Class 9 English Grammar - Why Do We Study Grammar?

Class 9 English Grammar is another crucial subject which is to be attended by the students. The subject of English comprises literature topics and grammar topics, in this article, we will be dealing with English Grammar for Class 9.

English Grammar is important as this subject forms the very basis of learning how to converse and write in the English Language. Without proper understanding and practice of English Grammar, one cannot speak or write in English fluently.

In this article, we will be discussing the Class 9th English Grammar Syllabus, Solved exercises of Class 9 English Grammar, and Preparation tips that will help the students to study Grammar and make them prepare before their English exam efficiently. 

Class 9th English Grammar Syllabus

English Grammar for Class 9 is an important part of the English subject which is required for the students to take care of. The Grammar section in the Class 9 exam is a mandatory part consisting of Regular Grammar and Integrated grammar which we will be discussing in the following section.

Study the following chart which presents the Class 9th English Grammar Syllabus. We have discussed each topics of Class 9 Englihs Grammar very briefly along with their relevant examples in order to give the students of Class 9 a clearer view of the topics present in the Class 9th English Grammar Syllabus:

Syllabus Topics

Brief Discussion



Tense is a verb-based method indicating time - Past, Present or Future. 

Past - Sita wrote a letter.

Present - Sita writes a letter.

Future - Sita will write a letter. 


Modal or Auxilliary Verb is ‘can’ or ‘would’ words that are fitted with the main verb to express the possibility, intention or necessity of the sentence. 

Modal Verbs:

  • Can

  • Could

  • May

  • Might

  • Will

  • Would

  • Shall

  • Should

  • Must

  • Ought to.

Active and Passive Voice

Active Voice is such a tone of sentence which places the subject at the beginning followed by the target of the subject. While, in the passive sentence the target of the action is the main focus.  

Active Voice - Sita will write a letter

Passive Voice - A letter will be written by Sita.

Subject-Verb Concord 

The agreeing of the subject and predicate in a sentence is called subject-verb concord.

The light bulb in his room flickers every night. 

Direct and Indirect Speech 

Direct speech is a reported speech of the speaker. While, the indirect speech is the speech that tells what someone said. You convey in your own words using indirect speech, but in direct speech you say exactly what the speaker has spoker word-to-word. 

Direct Speech - The Minister said, We will soon start working in the rural and backward areas of Raninagar”. 

Indirect Speech - The Minister said that they will soon start their work in the rural and backward areas of Raninagar. 


Clauses are a group of words which contains the subject and a verb which are related to each other. 

When it started thundering they went inside. 


Determiners are specific words which are used to modify and introduce the noun in a sentence. 

The farmer is tilling the land. 


Prepositions are words which are placed before a noun or pronoun to show the time, direction. 

before, behind, below, beneath, beside, between, close to, down, during, except, inside, instead of, into, like, near, off. 

Integrated Grammar Syllabus:

  1. Gap Filling - Is a task in grammar where the students are required to fill words missing from a text. 

  2. Editing Task - Editing is another integrated task of grammar where the students are required to revise the text or paragraph. They are required to check the spelling, grammar, make sure that each of the sentence has a subject, checking for sentences that makes sense. Here the students are required to be cautious and do the editing.

  3. Omission - In the task of omission, the students are given two or three lines and there some words or phrases are missing and the students are required to identify and rectify them. 

  4. Sentence Reordering & Sentence Transformation - Here chuck of few words will be given in a jumbled manner, and the student is required to re-arrange them into meaningful sentences. 

These were the topics present in the English Grammar for Class 9. Hope the students will have a clear picture and idea of the same before they start with their Grammar exam preparation.

English Grammar for Class 9 - Preparation Tips 

Class 9 students willing to score maximum in the Grammar section of English examination must go through the following suggested preparation tips:

  1. Understand the concept totally. Once you understand you can never get it wrong. 

  2. Never learn grammar! Always understand the subject logically. 

  3. Solve the questions, exercises, worksheets as much as possible to be fluent in your learning. 

  4. Once you have understood and practiced enough, start using your grammar knowledge practically. 

  5. Be aware of what and how you are conversing in English. 

  6. For integrated grammar, all you require is much reading and practice of the same. 

  7. Prepare with the sample papers, NCERT Solutions practice well for your grammar exam.   

  8. Refer you main text book of grammar and more Class 9 solutions on the subject to master in the same. 

Hope the study was beneficial for the students. The students were introduced to the Class 9th English Grammar Syllabus, they are required to study with those topics and gain better understanding from the detail of each topic.

We also have discussed the integrated grammar portion briefly, the students are required to pracrice more and more from reliable sources. Additionally, we also have added preparational tips for the Class 9 students on how to score maximum marks in English Grammar.

FAQs on English Grammar for Class 9

1. Suggest some Class 9 English Grammar Book Solutions.

Some of the suggested Class 9 English Grammar Book Solutions are:

  • CBSE, NCERT English Grammar and Composition. 

  • Functional Englsih Grammar and Composition - S.K. Khandelwal

  • Applied English Grammar & Composition - Dr. M M Sharma

  • A Comprehensive Grammar of English - G. N. Verma

2. Is Grammar compulsory in Class 9 CBSE?

Yes. Grammar is compulsory in Class 9 CBSE. English Grammar is a very crucial part of English. It consist of both - Regular Grammar and Integrated Grammar. 

3. Is NCERT a good book for Grammar Class 9 exam?

Yes. NCERT is the most preferred grammar book for any board or competitive exam level. 

4. How can I master English grammar in Class 9 CBSE?

Practice is always the key, but priorly you are required to understand the topics logically and then go on with the practice papers and worksheets as much as possible. 

5. From where can I get free PDF and NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar?

Vedantu provides Free PDF and NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar which can be downloaded free of cost. The students can then save the pdf and use them for revisional purpose.