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English Grammar Class 9 Sentence Reordering and Sentence Transformation

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Sentence Reordering Class 9 – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

In simple words, we can understand sentence reordering exercises as the arrangement of a bunch of lines that are presented in a jumbled fashion. The key is to restructure the sentences of a paragraph in the correct order and extract the right meaning. Then, the student has to answer the questions related to the paragraph. The topic on sentence reordering and sentence transformation for Class 9 students is an integral part of their overall syllabus and essential to score good marks in examinations. 

Although it is important for Class 9 students to be fluent in all the different grammar rules and concepts, various exercises like gap filling, editing, and sentence rearranging tasks also have pivotal importance. Apart from the NCERT textbooks and exercises, students should take the help of ancillary study materials like revision notes, sample papers, extra notes, etc. to expand their horizons.

English Grammar Class 9 Sentence Reordering And Sentence Transformation - PDF will be uploaded soon

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Importance of Sentence Reordering and Sentence Transformation for Class 9 Students

Having a firm grasp on sentence reordering Class 9 students is essential to do well in examinations and improve their command over the English language. 

  • Sentence reordering exercises help students improve their cognitive skills and do well in all subjects.

  • The regular practice of sentence rearrangement exercises allows students to form meaningful sentences and enhance one’s writing skills.

  • Lastly, sentence reordering in Class 9 is essential to improve the essay writing and answer composition skills of the students.

Important Topics of Sentence Reordering Sentence Transforming for Class 9 Students 

  • Understanding Sentence Reordering.

  • Importance of Sentence Reordering.

  • How to Reorder Sentences.

  • Types of Sentence Rearrangement Exercises.

All exercises in sentence transformation for Class 9 students should include the topics mentioned above. 

Examples of Sentence Reordering Exercises for Class 9 Students

Example A

  • Vijay fills out the form for the music contest.

  • A talent hunt show is looking for trained musicians like Vijay.

  • Vijay is called for auditions.

  • Vijay is a trained Indian classical singer.

  • Vijay gets selected.

The correct order of the sentence is 42135.


Exercises on sentence reordering Class 9 CBSE should include simple and relatable examples to make the learning process easier for students.


Types of Sentence Transformation Class 9 Exercises 

For Class 9 CBSE students, the sentence restructuring exercises are mainly of four types, and it is important to know about all of them to score good marks in exams.

  • The Basic Format – These reordering questions include jumbled statements and students have to simply arrange all the statements logically.

  • Static First Statement – It is the second type of format wherein the first statement is static and students have to arrange the other sentences in a way that the first statement’s position remains constant.

  • Static Last Statement – Here, the last statement given has to remain static and the students have to rearrange the sentences in a way that the position of the last sentence does not change.

  • Static First and Last Sentence – The last format of sentence transformation Class 9 exercises includes ensuring that the first and the last statement remain static and the leftover sentences are arranged in a way to bring about a logical connection between the top and the bottom lines.


Learn CBSE Class 9 English Grammar Sentence Reordering Exercises with PDF Curated by Experts 

In today’s day and age of cut-throat competition, some extra assistance in academics goes a long way. It is in such a context that Vedantu’s PDFs come to the rescue. Curated by adept and experienced subject matter subjects, the PDFs on sentence reordering Class 9 with answers by Vedantu include revision notes, different variants of jumble sentences, test papers, and so forth. Along with this, below are some benefits you will get by referring to Vedantu’s pdf.

  • Vedantu’s PDFs are free to download with a click of the mouse.

  • They are available on the web and also on mobile applications.

  • The content of the PDFs is regularly updated by Vedantu’s subject matter experts.

So, do not wait any longer and download Vedantu’s PDFs on sentence reordering exercises with answers for Class 9 and begin your journey of becoming a topper now.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 9 Sentence Reordering and Sentence Transformation

1. Is it important to have a good vocabulary to solve sentence rearrangement questions?

Yes, good vocabulary makes solving sentence rearrangement exercises easier.

2. Which are some of the topics that can help me improve my sentence reordering skills?

Having a firm grasp on concepts like tenses, rules, conjunctions, prepositions, degree of comparisons, and so forth can help you improve your sentence reordering skills.

3. How many types of sentences are there in English grammar?

There are four types of sentences in English grammar – assertive, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences.