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English Grammar Class 9 Editing Task

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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English Grammar Editing Exercises Class 9 – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

English grammar is an integral part of the overall CBSE syllabus of Class 9 students. Mastering English grammar is crucial to scoring good marks in examinations and bracing oneself aptly for the upcoming boards. However, it is not only important for students to know the rules of English grammar but also regularly practise different types of exercises, among which editing task for Class 9 students is an important one. An editing task is all about identifying grammatical mistakes in a paragraph and rectifying them whenever required. 

The primary objective of editing exercises in grammar for Class 9 students is to help them identify errors in a sentence and correct them in an appropriate fashion. However, simply sticking to NCERT textbooks and exercises is not enough to stand out in today’s competitive academic world. It is imperative to opt for ancillary study materials. Students should go the extra mile to download sample tests, revision papers, etc. to hone their grammar skills.

English Grammar Class 9 Editing Task - PDF will be uploaded soon

Benefits of Editing Task for Class 9 Students

Students of Class 9 are taught various fundamental concepts of English at the school level. To be thorough at all the concepts, it is essential to practise editing exercises.

  • Practising editing exercises for Class 9 students not only helps them to become better writers but also excel in all other subjects. 

  • Editing exercises are relevant in all subjects, from Mathematics to social sciences, and therefore regularly engaging in editing tasks for Class 9 students helps them become all-rounders. 

  • The writing skills and essay composition abilities of young minds improve vehemently with editing exercises.

  • Editing exercises help establish the foundation.

Importance Aspects of Editing Exercises for Class 9 Students

  • Understanding the nitty-gritty of editing.

  • Four components of editing.

  • The importance of editing.

  • Rules to edit properly.

  • Practising editing exercises.

Therefore, all the editing exercises for Class 9 students should include the statements mentioned above. 

Examples of Class 9 English Grammar Editing Exercises 

Let us read the following passage and try editing the mistakes.

Once upon a time, (a) their lived a very poor girl with big dreams in her eyes. Nevertheless, she (b) do not work hard enough to achieve them. One day she had enough milk to (c) sells at the market. However, on her way, she was daydreaming about how she would (d) gets (e) loads of money after selling the milk and (f) becomes a rich girl. Just while thinking, she (g) trip and fell down, and the milk can broke and spilled on the ground. Her dreams (h) shatter immediately.


  1. There

  2. Did not

  3. Sell

  4. Get

  5. Lots

  6. Become

  7. Tripped

  8. Shattered

Practising Class 9 English Grammar Editing Exercises is the best way to excel in the domain and stay ahead in the learning curve. 

Interesting Facts Editing Exercises for Class 9 Students

  • The four mandates of skilful editing include reading the paragraph aloud, creating an editing checklist, starting with the basics, and setting aside enough time to be thorough with the task.

  • A properly edited writeup will have the following – highlighting the mistakes, fixing the mistakes, and ensuring that the end paragraph is easy to understand.

  • Mastering editing exercises in grammar for Class 9 students makes them more accountable to their work and remain more mindful of the finished product. 

  • Editing exercises are an indispensable part to excel in formal communication. 

Learn Editing Exercises with PDFs Curated By Experts 

Curated by top-notch subject matter experts, Vedantu’s English grammar PDFs are a warehouse of knowledge. They include a range of English grammar exercises for Class 9 CBSE students to ensure that young minds can expand their horizons and hone their command over English. The PDFs include tips and tricks to learn grammar faster, revision notes, and likewise. 

  • Vedantu’s PDFs are free to download with a click of the mouse.

  • They are accessible both on web and on mobile apps.

  • The content of the PDFs is regularly updated.

Therefore, Vedantu’s PDFs are a one-stop destination for all students keen on elevating their academic skills. Do not wait any longer and download them now.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 9 Editing Task

1. What is the importance of editing exercises?

Editing exercises help students be more meticulous and mindful of whatever they write. They are also important in sentence structuring, formal communication, and error identification.

2. Is knowing editing exercises important for Class 9 students?

Yes, editing tasks are a vital part of the Class 9 English Grammar syllabus.

3. Can you edit the sentence – “Ram is boy, and he enjoy playing football. One day, while playing the game, Ram fell down and broken his leg.”

“Ram is a boy and he enjoys playing football. One day, while playing the game, Ram fell down and broke his leg.”