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English Grammar Class 4 Kinds of Sentences

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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English Grammar Class 4 Kinds of Sentences - Download Free PDF With Solutions

Class 4 students are aware of various basic topics in English grammar. Now it's time to explore more about each topic in detail. Grasping the complete essence of grammar will provide them a thorough knowledge and develop high-end language skills. The topic Kinds of Sentences for Class 4, helps more in enhancing speaking skills besides listening, reading and writing, etc.

Different types of sentences have different punctuation marks. The Class 4 students can easily identify the sentences wherever it appears in the exam paper if they have command on all types of sentences.

English Grammar for Class 4 Sentence and Their Kinds Download Free PDF

In today's lesson, we'll discuss Sentences and their kinds. A sentence is a string of words expressing a complete thought and is usually composed of at least one subject, one verb, and one object. Sentences are important as they help us organize our thoughts, and sentence fragments can create confusion. For clearer concept understanding, practice questions and solved examples are provided throughout the article. Let's get started exploring this fascinating subject.

Introduction to  Sentence

Introduction to  Sentence

Sentences and Their Kinds



Sentences are the building blocks of paragraphs. It is a group of words that together make up a piece of writing.

  • It can be any length, from one word to several hundred, and it can have a beginning, an end, or both. It is a fundamental building of written communication. 

  • It is a unit of meaning that can be built from individual words and arranged in a meaningful way. When used effectively, sentences can create powerful messages that influence the reader.

  • Sentences can make a powerful impact on your writing. They're a tool for conveying purpose, bolstering arguments, and delivering your message in an easy-to-understand way.

Remember the sentences we write to reflect the way we think and communicate. 

Kinds of Sentences:

Sentences can be classified into four types: 

  1. Imperative sentences

  2. Assertive sentences

  3. Interrogative sentences

  4. Exclamatory sentences

Imperative Sentences:

  • An imperative sentence provides instruction. It is often used to give orders or instructions.

  • A command, order, request, instruction, or piece of advice can all be expressed in an imperative sentence.

  • Imperatives give instructions to an implied second person without a subject.

The Following Tasks can be Performed Through Imperative Sentences:

  • To demand something

  • To give a mandate

  • Provide an invitation

  • To express an instruction

Examples of Imperative Sentences

  • Please stop talking.

  • Go to sleep now.

  • Bring me my lunch.

  • Get out of my path!

  • Close the entranceway.

Assertive Sentences

Assertive Sentence

Assertive Sentence

Assertive sentences are a powerful tool that can be used to communicate effectively and assertively with others. A fact-stating sentence is an assertive sentence. These are straightforward assertions. They make a claim, assertion, or declaration. Additionally known as declarative sentences. A period or full stop is typically used to end such assertive phrases.

Typically, assertive sentences come to a complete stop or period in the end.

Examples of Assertive sentences 

  • I am feeling hungry.

  • Alex is a good baseball player.

  • She plays for the Rockers club. 

  • She dislikes crowded places.

  • Rain has already begun.

Interrogative Sentences

Interrogative Sentence

Interrogative Sentence

  • An interrogative sentence is a type of clause that introduces a question.

  • They are used to elicit information from the reader, listener, or viewer.

  • A question is essentially expressed in an interrogative statement.

  • The word "What", “How”, “When”, “Why”, “Can”, and “May”, often appear at the beginning of interrogative sentences because it functions as questioning phrases.

Examples of Interrogative Sentence

  • What colour is your shirt?

  • What do you wear to work?

  • How much precipitation is in London?

  • When are you going to see your moms?

  • Where do you call home?

Exclamatory Sentences

A sentence that displays intense feelings or emotions is called an exclamatory sentence. Exclamatory sentences are often used to express strong emotions such as anger, joy, or surprise. 

For example,

  • I can't believe it!

  • How amazing!

  • Wow!

  • My Jesus! 

  • Oh, that is great!

Difficult Words with  Meanings




an impulse to reveal in words, gestures, actions


a small part broken off


move through an unfamiliar thing in order to learn about it


Very interesting 


the capacity to have an effect

Practice Questions

1. Find out the exclamatory sentence?

  1. You Failed

  2. You Succeeded!

  3. You didn't try.

  4. You Didn't Do Anything.

2. _________ is the imperative sentence for a cappuccino.

  1. Order a Cappuccino

  2. Make a Cappuccino

  3. Buy a Cappuccino

  4. All of these

3. Identify the interrogative sentence 

  1. What did you do the day before?

  2. You win!  

  3. I lost my mobile phone.

  4. I’m feeling sleepy.

4. "He enjoys playing football" is an example of a ___________sentence.

5.  "What colour is your shirt?" " is an example of ___________sentence.


  1. The correct answer is option B. You Succeeded!

  2. The right response is option D. All of these.

  3. The correct answer is option A. What did you do the day before?

  4. Assertive Sentence.

  5. Interrogative sentence.

Benefits of Learning Kinds of Sentences Class 4 Chapter 3

The Class 4 Chapter 3, is on different kinds of sentences. It is such a useful topic for students as they are at the age of learning language skills to read and understand the question paper, speaking to friends and teachers in school, etc. As of now, the Class 4 students only knew about what a sentence is, parts of a sentence, etc. But learning the kinds of sentences will give a complete picture of the sentence. It provides various benefits to the students. 

  • They are able to answer and identify the type of sentence in different parts of the question paper like unseen passages, marking punctuation marks, understanding the questioning words, reading comprehension, oral tests, etc.

  • Types of sentences for Class 4 itself gain marks for them and also develop reading skills. Different types of sentences can be read in different tones of the language.

  • Not only in English language grammar but also in other subjects like science, social, etc. The reading ability of kids improves by learning sentences Class 4.

Examples of Class 4 English Chapter 3 Question Answer

The examples for each type of sentence for Class 4 in the chapter 3 PDF are given with answers. It helps the students of Class 4 download the PDF and practice both online and offline. Also, they can take the printout to practice anywhere at any time. Our well-experienced language experts have prepared a bunch of examples for every kind of sentence and practise questions for the self-assessment of the kids. Few examples like: 

  1. I am a good girl.

  2. What is your name?

  3. Please stop here. (a request)

  4. How beautiful the colour of your dress is!

  5. I read in class IV.

  6. Who is your father?

  7. Stop! (a command)

  8. I go to school every day.

  9. Wish you all the best. (wish)

  10. 2. May God help you! (prayer)

Important Topics For Class 4 English Chapter 3

The PDF consists of topic-wise contents in chapter 3. The sentences in Class 4 are of five different types. Any sentence in the English language comes under any of these five types. The fine types that come under the Class 4 English Chapter 3 Grammar PDF are as follows: 

  • Assertive or Declarative sentence

  • Interrogative sentence

  • Imperative sentence

  • Operative sentence

  • Exclamatory sentence

Download the PDF Of Class 4 English Grammar Solution

The PDF prepared by subject matter experts consists of all the topics of chapter 3 from the Class 4 English grammar textbook. Downloading the PDF is simple. Anyone can directly install the app and download the PDF so that the parents or teachers can assist their children with knowledge on every topic. 

  • The PDF is useful for gaining detailed knowledge on every type of sentence for Class 4 students.

  • Downloading and taking the printout of PDF avoids wasting time, and continuously getting an internet connection.

  • Well-experienced faculty were available round the clock to clarify the doubts of students, teachers, and parents. 

  • The PDF also consists of numerous examples, and model questions along with the key. So practising the kinds of sentences for Class 4 will become easier. 

  • The subject matter experts of Vedantu have given a detailed explanation with lots of examples in Class 4 English Chapter 3. Practising multiple examples for each kind of sentence will help students get a grip on the topic.

Choosing Vedantu for Class 4 English grammar solution will become a vice for enriching knowledge and allowing students to self-explore the subject topic-wise. It is also helpful for parents to guide their kids correctly, and they can instantly clarify their doubts from Vedantu.


This article has discussed some essential parts of sentences, like their parts and functions, as well as different subtypes of sentences, such as interrogative and declarative ones, among many others. Grammar is significant because language is what enables us to discourse about language. Grammar identifies the categories of words and word groups that compose sentences in all languages, not only English. Sentence structure is crucial because it gives us the structure we need to communicate our ideas in writing clearly. Writing entire sentences with the appropriate punctuation is always the goal. All sentences must start with a capital letter and have a full stop, an exclamation point, or a question mark at the end depending on the type of sentence.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 4 Kinds of Sentences

1. What is a sentence?

A sentence is a group of words that gives a complete sense. It contains a subject-verb and an object.

2. What are different types of sentences?

We have five different types of sentences. They are, 

  • Assertive or Declarative sentence

  • Interrogative sentence

  • Imperative sentence

  • Operative sentence

  • Exclamatory sentence

3. What is the punctuation mark for an interrogative sentence? 

Every interrogative sentence is a question, and it ends with a question mark.