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Uttar Pradesh Board (UPMSP) Class 12 Chemistry Latest Syllabus 2023-24

Last updated date: 21st May 2024
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Uttar Pradesh Board (UPMSP) Chemistry Syllabus for Class 12

Students who are familiar with the UP Board syllabus will be able to stay ahead in the class because they can plan for an efficient preparation strategy significantly, and at the same time, can learn productively for the coming exams.

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Uttar Pradesh Board (UPMSP) syllabus for Class 12 Chemistry will be uploaded soon on this page.

Uttar Pradesh Board (UPMSP) Chemistry 2019-2020 Syllabus for Class 12

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Preparing for UP Board 12 Chemistry Exam 2021-22

  • Go through the entire topics mentioned in the class 12 UP Board Chemistry syllabus 2023-2024.

  • Highlight the important points and make notes on formulae and those topics.

  • Students appearing for the class chemistry 12 exams are advised to solve as many UP Board class 12 model papers 2019 and last years as possible. Because the previous year question papers are of great use for them.

  • Go through the timetable and cover the entire syllabus at least two months before the final exam comes. Then, start revising the UP Board class 12 syllabus 2023-24 to keep the topics remembered.

  • Solving the previous year model papers helps in understanding the exam pattern well. It also acquaints the students with the level of difficulty of the exam, which helps in scoring well in their exams.

  • Take a look at the high weightage topics properly as the maximum questions are asked from these topics.

  • Go through the UP Board class 12 preparation tips to know any tips and tricks for the exam preparation.

Syllabus Covered Under UP Board (UPMSP) Class 12 Chemistry

Let us look at some of the topics that fall under the Class 12 Chemistry category.

  • The Solid-State

  • Electro Chemistry

  • Solutions

  • Surface Chemistry

  • Chemical Kinetics

  • The General Principles & Processes of Isolation of Elements

  • Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers

  • Polymers

  • Biomolecules

Downloading UP Board Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus 2019-20

Students can also download the UP Board (UPMSP) class 12 Chemistry or another related subject syllabus 2023-24 from the official website using the steps listed below.

  • Visit the UP Board official website.

  • Scroll down and check for the important information and download section.

  • Click on the link of class 12 syllabus.

  • It will route to a pdf file, which will comprise the UP Board Class 12 syllabus 2023-24.

  • Download the file by saving it.

Detailed Syllabus of UP Board Class 12 Chemistry

Let us look at some of the chapter's detailed syllabus of the UP State Board


This unit carries 05 marks, and contains the sub-topics as:

  • Types of solutions, 

  • The solubility of gases in liquids, 

  • Expressing the concentrations of solids in liquids,

  • Solid solutions,

  • Relative depressions of property-vapor pressure, 

  • Molecule numbers, 

  • Roulette law, 

  • Precipitation of freezing point, 

  • Gradation of boiling points, 

  • Osmotic pressure, 

  • Abnormal molecular mass, 

  • Finding molecular mass by molecule number properties, 

  • Vant Half coefficient and its calculations.

Solid State

This unit carries 03 marks, and it contains the sub topics as:

  • Classification of solids based on various binding forces - molecular, cohesive, ionic, and the metallic solids,

  • Intracellular & crystalline solids (initial introduction),

  • Divisive & three-dimensional crystal lattice and the unit cells,

  • Computation Potential,

  • Calculation of density of a unit cell, in solids Congestion spaces,

  • No. of atoms per unit cell in a cubic unit cell,

  • Point Defect,

  • Electrical and Magnetic properties,

  • Band theory of conductors, metals, semiconductors,

  • Conductors and semiconductors of type n and type p.

Advantages of Previous Year Question Papers Pattern for UP Board Students

  • The updated and revised UP Board class 12 chemistry syllabus 2023-2024 is more useful for the state board students, and it will assist them according to the current demands.

  • As the exam and paper pattern will be regulated for the state examination, it will also help students to prepare well and get a good score for the national level competitive examination and boost their knowledge.

  • The UP Board Chemistry Latest Syllabus will offer a piece of in-depth expertise in the easy language.

Why Choose Vedantu?

By selecting the student's learning choice as Vedantu, they will gain more knowledge and advantages as listed below:

  • They can train and improve their knowledge in the exam pattern, scoring, and more related things.

  • They can get any of the paper from the official site of Vedantu such as 12th biology important questions UP Board, UP Board biology paper 2019, biology class 12 UP Board, UP Board syllabus of class 12th biology pdf, biology class 11 UP Board.

  • Including this, they can also download all these papers in the PDF format and can keep it with them and can use at the time of their exams.

FAQs on Uttar Pradesh Board (UPMSP) Class 12 Chemistry Latest Syllabus 2023-24

1. Explain Some Features of the Chemistry Class 12 UP Board Syllabus?

Let us look at some of the features of UP Board (UPMSP) Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus.

The syllabus comes along with the important details, including:

  • Name of the Units.

  • The course structure.

  • Details of topics and sub-topics.

  • Question Paper structure and the marking scheme.

  • Practical information, including a list of experiments.

2. How can I Download the Syllabus of the UP Board?

Students can download the syllabus of UP Board from the official website. Once they reach out to the official website, they can get the required information by applying the search option on the page, and the results display accordingly. They can then select the appropriate link and download the respective question paper or revision notes or more. Even they can avail of the paper from the other websites like Vedantu and more.

3. How can I get the Results of UP Board Exams?

After the official announcement given by the UP State Board with respect to the release of results, students can see their results on the official website of the UP Board and by entering their hall ticket number.

Students can also get their results from the other third party websites.

4. What does UPMSP Refer to?

UPMSP is an acronym for the term, "Uttar Pradesh Madyamik Shiksha Parishad," which is the Uttar Pradesh State's official board.