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TNHSC Class 12 Zoology Question Paper 2020

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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Class 12 Zoology TNHSC Question Paper 2020 - Free PDF Download

TNHSC stands for Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Certificate Examination. The exam is conducted in multiple languages including English, Hindi, Telugu, French, Tamil, Kannada, Arabic, German, Malayalam, Sanskrit and Urdu. Class 12 examinations are undertaken as TNHSC examinations and it plays an important role in shaping up the career of students. All about TNHSC class 12 Zoology question paper 2020 can be explored in this article.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

How is the Structure of TNHSC Zoology Question Paper?

TNHSC Class 12 Zoology Question Paper 2020 comprises three parts namely Part I, Part II and Part III. It will cover the zoology course of class 12 and it is composed of maximum 70  marks. The time duration given to attempt the question paper is 3 hours. Every year, the TN board Zoology Class 12 question paper pattern is the same and some of the sure shot questions can be guessed if students go through the previous year question papers and also the sample question paper for 2020. The more students get to practice, more is better for their performance.

Students are given a few instructions on how to attempt the TNHSC Zoology question paper such as to use blue/black ink to write and underline and to use pencils for drawing diagrams. Also, students should check whether the question paper they have received is fairly printed or not, if there is anything blurry or unclear, they should immediately inform the hall supervisor.

Different Sections of TNHSC Class 12 Zoology Question

Let’s know more about all the parts of the TNHSC class 12 Zoology question paper 2020 predicted to be like.

  1. Part - I will consist of 15 objective questions that may also comprise assertion and reason kind questions. 15 questions will be of 1 mark each and thus part-I will be of total 15 marks. True and false statement questions may also be asked as in the previous paper. Having sample papers in PDF format will help students to practice and gain perfect understanding for the upcoming examination. Students should be well versed with topics related to genes, chromosomes, microorganisms, immunity, flora and fauna, etc.

  2. The second part, Part - II will consist of theoretical questions where students may need to answer six of the 9 questions provided in the questions, where one or two questions are compulsory to attempt. The 6 questions will be given 2 marks each and therefore part II will be of total 12 marks.

  3. Part - III will consist of explanatory or descriptive questions, again may be six of the multiple questions are necessary to attempt. These 6 questions will be of 3 marks and thus, part-III will be of total 18 marks. Some are compulsory and others may be optional; it is easier for students to choose the ones they have the most knowledge about.

  4. Part - IV will have 5 questions which are all compulsory to attempt and each question will be of 5 marks (distributed among its different parts). Thus, part-IV will be of total 25 marks.

Benefits of Referring to TNHSC Sample Paper

Having gone through the previous sample papers of TNHSC Zoology class 12 will boost the student’s confidence for attempting in a calm manner. As examinations bring in much nervousness and crucial exams like that for class 12 are of high importance, it is important for students to practice the sample papers from all previous years. It gives them ideas for what kind of questions they ask and which sections they should focus more on. As we have been hearing the phrase ‘Practise makes a man perfect’, it is also applied to all the students who are hoping to perform the best in their TNHSC class 12 Zoology question paper 2020. Practicing and getting up to date with all the questions and answers with the previous year question paper PDF will help students at the best.

Renowned online educational platforms such as Vedantu makes availability to download free PDF files for the students. Aspiring students can study it offline without the internet and it has been curated by highly qualified teachers. It includes TNHSC Zoology class 12 past year’s question papers. It includes a set of sample papers with questions of all the parts, instructions, options, etc. Are you eager to attempt the mock test, just check out Vedantu pyqp, it will help you a lot!