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TNHSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Class 12 Economics TNHSC Question Paper 2019 - Free PDF Download

If you are looking for Economics Question paper for class 12, then you are at the right place! Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Higher Secondary Economics Question paper 2019 is available in pdf format for free download Directorate of Government Examination, Tamil Nadu organizes the 12th Standard board exams each year. The TN HSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019 pdf given below will help students to find the most important and repeatedly asked questions in the Tamil Nadu Class 12th board exams. We have uploaded the TN HSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019 pdf on this page. By solving the Economics question, the students will be able to understand the exam pattern, type of questions asked in the exam, and their complexity level. You can download TN HSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019 free pdf.

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Tamil Nadu HSC Board Information

The Tamil Nadu Government Examinations was introduced in the month of February in the year of 1975. The Board is very much responsible for the examinations to be conducted for the Class 10th (SSLC) and Class 12th (HSC) students in the state of Tamil Nadu. Students can also visit the official website of the Board for various information they will need and also to know the final timetable for the examination to be conducted in the year. Other than this, the hall tickets and the results are also announced by the Board through their own website.

TN HSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019 Paper Weightage of Marks



1) Knowledge


2) Application


3) Understanding


4) Skills/Creativity


TN HSC Economics

Economics is one of the subjects that deals with the interactions and traits of our economy. It is comprehensive and can be obtained across all the surfaces of the community. Economics is a part and parcel of daily life and it can be a good career choice. Specialization in economics is a degree plan and for other higher levels it would require a good fundamentals in the provided schooling degree, So, economics subject has been included in Class 12 syllabus.

Scoring good marks in this particular subject is necessary if the students want to create a benchmark in their evolving economics career. To assist students score well, we at Vedantu have collated the old Question Papers For Economics Class 12 from the previous years’ board examinations. Students can make effective use of these question papers during their revision sessions.

Why is Practising the Question Papers for Economics Class 12 is Important?

  • Going through the question paper helps the students to be well aware of the syllabus.

  • It urges the students to begin their revision sessions.

  • The Question papers provides support the students to get rid of the examination fear.

  • It helps the students recognises the silly mistakes committed and also assists in outlining the examination strategy.

Advantages of Solving TN HSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019

  • Previous year question papers are taken as a model structure and students can use these as reference material for a better understanding of their entire curriculum.

  • It also provides us a clear idea about the real question paper.

  • By solving questions from these kinds of papers, students can get an idea about different types of questions that might come in exams and also improve their weak areas.

  • TN Board Question papers are useful learning materials for students.

  • Practicing the Question papers will boost up the confidence of students.

  • Practicing the TN HSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019 helps you to know on which topic you have to concentrate more and where you are lacking behind.

  • It will help you to plan your exam strategies effectively.

  • There is a possibility that the questions are given in TN HSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019 can be asked in the Class 12 board exam.

How to Prepare for TN HSC Economics Class 12 Board Exams?

Students can go through the tips and tricks to prepare for the Tamilnadu exams 2020. This will help the students to plan their study schedule in a proper way and will also help them to score well in the Tamilnadu 12th result.

Students should always set a goal for themselves, which they should aim to achieve during the course of preparations of the Examination. It is very important to set a high bar ior students to excel and also work hard in their exams. Having set their goal, students must assess the exam pattern and Tamilnadu 12th syllabus. This will help them develop an understanding of the economics subject.

It is highly advisable that students must make a strong action plan to achieve their goals. This must involve studying on a daily basis, practising consistently, making sufficient revisions as well as making notes.

After completing the Tamilnaduand more. Class 12 syllabus, students need to keep a track of their progress by assessing themselves and also by practising Tamilnadu Class 12 model and sample question papers. Not only will this will help the students analyze their preparations, and know their strengths and weaknesses but will also help them gain confidence.

Students should dedicate more time for the proper revision of the subjects whose exams are scheduled prior.

What are the Advantages of  Vedantu’s TN HSC  Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019?

Some of the advantages of referring to the TN HSC  Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019 by Vedantu are given below:

  • Helps in assessing the total preparation level of the students. It helps the students to get to know the Class 12 TN HSC  board exam question pattern and marking scheme of different questions.

  • After going through the question paper the students will be familiarized with the important topics to concentrate on from an exam point of view.

  • Students will learn how much time should be devoted to solving each question which enables them to complete the entire paper on time.

  • By solving the TN HSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019, students will be aware of the question paper pattern that can be designed for the board exams.

  • Going through the question paper will help the students to feel more self-confident to crack the board exams.

Attempting the previous year’s question offers an opportunity to evaluate oneself and these should be attempted thoroughly as if you are attempting the actual exam. You can also evaluate the understanding of the topics and time factors. It also enhances the confidence level. You will be aware of a combination of easy and complicated questions and master the art of balancing to maximize scores which eventually matters. Also, there is a possibility that most of the questions may be repeated, or given with slight variations.