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TNHSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2016

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Class 12 Economics TNHSC Question Paper 2016 - PDF Download

After class 10th board all students dream to score the highest percentage in Class 12th board. Before appearing for the Class 12th board, students have to choose the stream of their choices, for which they need to do well in the 10th board exam also. Like other states, Tamil Nadu state conducts its own board exam for both class 10th and class 12th and Tamil Nadu state provides certificates to students after passing board exams. Tamil Nadu board exams are conducted every year in the month of March-April. 

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Class 12 Economics TNHSC Question Paper 2016 - Free PDF Download

About Economics Subject

Talking about economics, it is one of the main subjects if you are from commerce stream and economics as a subject deals with a portion of society, economical values, various acts for the welfare of society and totally a theoretical subject. Most of the concepts of this subject are interrelated which makes it a little bit difficult to understand as it has topics regarding production, consumption, and transfer of wealth, etc. 

Each board has its own syllabus like in Tamil Nadu syllabus of economics is mostly based on their state’s economic condition and the national and international economical facts also. Economics also covers Infrastructure facilities in the country, their development, and their importance.

Marking Scheme For Tamil Nadu Board

This exam was conducted under the guidance of the directorate of government examination. The main aim of the board exam is to provide the best education system to all students along with proper guidance and support. So that they can at a position of achieving their dreams after the end of school. Tamil Nadu board is conducted in both English and Tamil language. 

Tamil Nadu state boards follow different marking schemes than others. In the Economics question paper, there are four sections. Section A has 20 objective questions, each question is of 1 mark, section B (very short answer questions) has 10 questions but you have to attempt only 7 of total 14 marks, section C (long answer questions) has 7 questions of 3 marks i.e total 21 marks and section D (essay type question) has 5 questions of seven marks each i.e total 35 marks. The paper of economics is of 90 marks and 10 marks are for internal assessment.

How Vedantu is Helpful While Preparation?

  • Vedantu provides you the same sequence of question papers along with correct and descriptive answers with a given word limit. 

  • Our top educators are there to solve each year economics question paper in a very sequential way by which you will come to know about the pattern of question paper along with answer framing ability because it really matters in which way you are framing your knowledge as it is new to creative along with knowledgeable matter and we guide you for the same. 

  • We create what you exactly want for your success. 

  • We guide you throughout your preparation journey like a mentor as we teach you how to cope up with your studies even on your bad days, this story of ours will always keep you motivated for your goal. 

  • By studying through our prepared solved question paper you will definitely get perfect strategy and guidance to score 90+ marks in economics subject as all students put their efforts to score 90+ percentage in board exams.  

Benefits of Practicing Solved Question Paper

If you are practicing solved question paper of economics Tamil Nadu board then you are making yourself familiar with the pattern of questions which are asked every year and which will really be going to help you while preparation of Tamil Nadu board exam and from this you will also learn tricks to make you answer creative with proper paper because creativity and matter really matter in board exams. Top educators of Vedantu prepare the best solution for you which will make you learn so many concepts. Along with answers we also provide you notes on those particular questions to enhance your knowledge and learning ability. 

How to Download the Solved Question Paper of Economics 2016?

Below is the link of the solved economics question paper along with the solution provided. You can download it from the given link and can solve it in both online and offline mode as both modes are available to make you feel comfortable in every condition, only thing we want to make you learn in each condition. You can solve more and more practice papers as so many practice sets are available in both offline and online mode. 

Why Trust Vedantu?

We as Vedantu family provide you with motivational articles that will really help you in motivating yourself regarding exam preparation, so that you can plan the best time table for you. As soon as you start your preparation for the board exam at a certain point you face several challenges so to overcome all these challenges you need a mentor so we provide you all our best mentors, who will help you in dealing with these challenges. So keep practising and learning from the Vedantu app. 

FAQs on TNHSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2016

1. Define the Term Social and Environmental Cost?


Social and environmental cost: When we produce economic goods, many environmental bads and social bads are generated. All these must be considered while enumerating National income.

2.  Write Three Functions for the Agriculture Credit Department.

Ans: Functions of Agriculture Credit Department are listed below:

1. To maintain an expert staff to study all questions on agricultural credit.

2. To provide expert advice to Central and State Government, State Co-operative Banks and other banking activities.

3. To finance the rural sector through eligible institutions engaged in the business of agricultural credit and to coordinate their activities.