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Telangana Board (TSBIE) Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12 Biology 2019

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Telangana Board Biology Class 12 Previous Year Papers 2019 with Solutions - Free PDF Download.

Telangana state board of intermediate education was established in the year 2014. It is under the jurisdiction of the state government. Its headquarter is located in Hyderabad. The responsibilities of the board include regulation and supervision of the functioning of secondary examination for schools affiliated under the government of Telangana. It controls and maintains necessary changes and policies for secondary education. Various courses are offered by this board to help students prepare for university admissions and for competitive exams as well as jobs. It also conducts examinations for higher secondary students. The various responsibilities of board include-

  • Conduct Board examinations for higher secondary students.

  • Grant affiliations to the government and private schools.

  • Preparing syllabus and course outline.

  • Regulation and formulation of various policies to improve and provide quality education.

Telangana Board Class 12 Biology Previous Year Paper 2019 with Solutions will be uploaded soon on this page.

Telangana Board Class 12 Biology Previous Year Paper 2019

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Telangana Board (TSBIE) Question Paper for Class 12 Biology 2019

Study Material of Telangana Board

The study material for the Telangana board is based on the SECRET pattern which is more or less also the syllabus for various exams such as NEET, JEE. While appearing for Telangana board exams students can effortlessly score 90% marks if they follow the right path. The board also releases curriculum prior to conduct of exams so that students can prepare accordingly and score good marks with less burden.

Examination Pattern of TSBIE

Exams are conducted every year by the state board. Biology subject is divided into two parts; zoology and botany. Syllabus of zoology-

  • Unit 1- Digestion and absorption.

  • Unit 2- Breathing and respiration.

  • Unit 3- Body fluids and circulation.

  • Unit 4- Excretory products and their elimination.

  • Unit 5- Muscular and skeletal system.

  • Unit 6- Neural control and coordination.

  • Unit 7- Endocrine system and chemical coordination

  • Unit 8- Immune system

  • Unit 9- Human reproductive system

  • Unit 10- Reproductive health

  • Unit 11- Genetics

  • Unit 12- Organic evolution

  • Unit 13- Applied biology


  • Unit 1- Plant physiology

    • Transport in plants

    • Mineral nutrition

    • Enzymes

    • Photosynthesis in higher plants

    • Respiration of plants

    • Plant growth and development

  • Unit 2- Microbiology

    •  Bacteria

    • Viruses

  • Unit 3- Genetics

    • Principles of inheritance and variation

  • Unit 4- Molecular biology

    • Molecular basis of inheritance

  • Unit 5- Biotechnology

    • Principles and processes of biotechnology

    • Biotechnology and its application

  • Unit 6- Plants, microbes and human welfare

    • Strategies for enhancement in food production

    • Microbes in human welfare

Role of Vedantu

Vedantu provides you top notch study materials and previous year Biology question paper of TSBIE, so that you can ace up your preparations. Solving previous year question papers familiarises with paper pattern, possible questions to be framed from different topics, important and frequently asked questions. The more you practice the better you perform in the final examination. You can use this paper to analyse your knowledge, writing skills and time management. With repeated practice of previous year question papers you can surely score good marks.

FAQs on Telangana Board (TSBIE) Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12 Biology 2019

1. Enumerate applications of plant tissue culture.

The method which is used to grow plants out of meristematic tissues, in sterile conditions, on a nutrient culture medium is known as plant tissue culture. It has various applications over traditional practices such as-

  • It produces exact copies of parent plants or clones which is desirable when we want parental traits in offspring.

  • Plants produced by this method complete their life cycle in a short period of time.

  • Plants can be produced even in the absence of seeds or sexual reproduction.

  • Regeneration of the whole plant from a single cell is possible.

  • Plants produced and disease free.

  • It is also a method of in-situ conservation of endangered species.

2. What are the steps involved in recombinant DNA technology?

The joining of DNA molecules from two different species to create a new offspring is a part of recombinant DNA technology. Various steps involved in recombinant DNA technology are-

  • Isolation of genetic material- it is the first step in recombinant DNA technology to isolate the desired DNA from the host. The DNA obtained should be purely informed free from other organelles of the cell. Various enzymes such as cellulase lysozyme acceptor are used to digest other macromolecules of cells. Finally, chilled ethanol precipitates DNA which is pulled out.

  • Digestion by restriction enzyme- restriction enzymes are often referred to as molecular scissors which cut DNA at specific locations. After cutting the DNA desired segment is obtained by electrophoresis, which involves movement of negatively charged DNA to positive electrodes. The different sized DNA molecules separate under an electric field.

  • Amplification using PCR- polymerase chain reaction is used to make multiple copies of the desired fragment in-vitro.

  • Ligation- the desired fragment of DNA is then ligated with a vector by the help of DNA ligase. It is then turned as recombinant.

  • Insertion into host- DNA is introduced into the host cell and this process is called transformation.

  •  Isolation of recombinants- this is done by the help of marker genes.

3. What is chyme?

Chyme is the food that passes from stomach to duodenum after continuous churning of food by the action of stomach walls. It comprises food, water, HCL and various other enzymes.

4. Write the important characteristics of Chordata.

Chordates are characterized by the following-

  • Presence of notochord which provides skeletal support and develops into vertebral columns in vertebrates.

  • The dorsal hollow nerve cord develops into the brain and spine.

  • Pharyngeal slits present.

  • Post anal tail is extension of skeletal system.