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RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 30 - Linear programming (Ex 30.5) Exercise 30.5

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 30 - Linear programming (Ex 30.5) Exercise 30.5 - Free PDF

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 30 - Linear Programming Exercise 30.5 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on All Chapter 30 - Linear Programming Ex 30.5 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma Class 12 Maths to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other Engineering Entrance Exams.

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Introduction - RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Chapter 30 Linear Programming Exercise 30.5

The experts at Vedantu have created the RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Chapter 30 Linear Programming intending to build knowledge and skills among the students. Class 12 is a crucial academic year with a focus on vast conceptual knowledge about different Chapters. The students are required to practice the RD Sharma Solutions regularly to be successful in the Exams and set a routine accordingly to accommodate it. Linear Programming comes up with some of the solutions according to the RD Sharma Solutions. They are mentioned below:

  • There needs to be an optimization in Linear equation and objective function

  • Expression of the total number of constraints must be done in quantitative terms

  • There should be a Linear relationship between the objective function and constraints.

Some important components of Linear Programming Class 12:

Linear Programming Questions - The questions of maximising and minimising the Linear function Z are subjected to conditions, which is determined by a set of Linear inequalities with non-negative variables, are termed Linear Programming questions.

Objective Function - A Linear function Z = ax + by, and a and b are constants here required to be maximised or minimised concerning a set of given conditions that are referred to as objective function. Constraints - Constraints are the restrictions that take the form of inequalities on the variables of Linear Programming. Some conditions are known as non-negative restrictions like x>0 and y>0.

Linearity - The relationship that exists between two or more variables in a function is called Linearity. It is required to be Linear always which means that the degree of the variable must always be equal to one.

Finiteness - There must be a finite and infinite set of input and output according to the Class 12 RD Sharma Solutions. This means that when a function has infinite factors, the optimal solution shall not be feasible.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 30 - Linear programming (Ex 30.5) Exercise 30.5

1. What are the different types of Linear Programming questions?

Chapter 30 of Class 12 RD Sharma Solutions have a few important Linear Programming questions such as:

  • Manufacturing Question - In such a Linear Programming question sum we determine two things:

  1. The units of the different products that need to be sold or produced.

  2. Machine hours required, warehouse available space, manpower required, etc. Maximisation of profit is the main objective function.

  • Diet Question Sums - the different types of constituents or nutrients included in the diet are determined in this question sum. Minimisation of the cost of production is the main objective function.

  • Transportation Question Sums - The costs of transportation that are required to be minimised under given constraints are determined in this type.

2. What happens when a feasible region of Linear Programming is unbounded in RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Chapter 30?

If a feasible region is unbounded then the optimal value may be maximum or maybe minimum in Linear Programming. We determine the optimal point, based on the maximum value that can be taken as M and if one half of the plane is opened which is determined by ax + by > M then there is no common point with the feasible region. Hence the maximum value of Z is M or M has no maximum value and vice versa for Z.

3. How will the RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Chapter 30 Linear Programming Exercise 30.5 benefit the students?

RD Sharma is a book that is specially designed according to the latest CBSE syllabus consisting of two volumes. The Chapters are arranged in increasing order of difficulty level. There are some unique features of the RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Chapter 30 Linear Programming Exercise 30.5 that a student must look into:

  • The RD Sharma Solutions consists of detailed theory with illustrations.

  • An algorithmic approach is considered while solving

  • There are a variety of conceptual questions and Exercises

  • The solutions are easy and understandable.

4. What are the advantages of Linear Programming for Class 12 RD Sharma Solutions?

The students must know that what they are studying will benefit them in several ways. Some advantages of Linear Programming are as follows:

  • LP makes sense and provides a better understanding of business questions.

  • The manager can choose the best solution with the help of LP by evaluating the cost and benefit of various alternatives.

  • LP provides a knowledge base for the full allocation of rare resources.

  • LP helps to make changes according to changing circumstances.

  • LP helps solve multi-dimensional questions.

5. What are the benefits of studying the RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Chapter 30 Linear Programming Exercise 30.5 from Vedantu?

For students, the solutions by Vedantu are very useful for Class 12 Examinations. Every year new and more complex questions are asked in the board Exam. The RD Sharma textbook for Class 12 is very important for students studying the CBSE Board. Download RD Sharma Class 12 Maths Solutions from Vedantu now and learn.

See below for the key features of the solutions:

  • It is easy to understand the basics and concepts

  • Increasing Examples with figures.

  • Based on a detailed summary of some important concepts and formulas

  • CBSE Patterns Followed

  • Included in all Chapters and workbooks