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RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 16 - Tangents and Normals (Ex 16.2) Exercise 16.2

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 16 - Tangents and Normals (Ex 16.2) Exercise 16.2 - Free PDF

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 16 - Tangents and Normals Exercise 16.2 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on All Chapter 16 - Tangents and Normals Ex 16.2 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma Class 12 Maths to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and Score More marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other engineering entrance exams.

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Overview of RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 16

When we talk about Tangents we define it as a Tangent that just touches the curve at a particular given point whereas the normal is a straight line that is perpendicular to the Tangent. This topic Tangent and its normal is well described in the RD Sharma book of Class 12. It is registered as the 16 Chapter in the book. If you want to have good and detailed information about the topic you should refer to RD Sharma self-help guide.

 Studying Tangents and Normal from RD Sharma 

  • A Tangent is a line that touches the curve at one point and that point has the same slope as the curve of that point. This Is the definition of Tangent as per RD Sharma and its normal is a perpendicular line that lies in the Tangent.RD Sharma book provides you with a detailed study of the topic Tangents and normal and all your basic as well as difficult concepts are well cleared in this book.

  • Not only about clearing the topic by providing detailed information it also provides you with a lot of questions in its practice problems exercises that will help you to score good and also will provide you with the information on how you can apply the formula and the concepts that you have studied.

  • For having a good revision of this topic  Tangent and normal, you need to work hard by revising athletes topics mentioned IN RD Sharma and you need to correct and crosscheck all the solutions that you got by solving the problem exercises. This will increase your score and help you to boost your performance.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions Chapter 16 - Tangents and Normals (Ex 16.2) Exercise 16.2

1. How should I prepare Chapter Tangent and Normal for the mathematics examination from the RD Sharma book?

Chapter tangent and normal is indeed a tricky chapter that requires all of the revision. For the revision of this Chapter, you need to go through a lot of practice problems. If you are going to solve many practice problems then only you will be able to score higher and have a clear view about the application of the sub-topics that you have under this topic Tangent and normal. For the practice of this topic RD Sharma is considered as the best book because it will not only provide you with many questions but also a detailed description of the whole topic.

2. What is the need of using the RD Sharma book for the Chapter Tangent and Normal?

RD Sharma book is very good if you want to clear your understanding of the Tangent and this book provides you not only with the detailed study of the topic and its subtopics but also it gives you a lot of problems to solve so that you can increase your ability to solve the sums and thus increase your score and pass your examination with good marks.

3. From which website I can get the solution of Chapter 16 Class 12 Tangent and Normal Ex 16.1?

Vedantu has specially designed the solutions of the chapter Tangent and normal by the experts to help the students to get good knowledge about the whole concept that they have learnt. There are many problems provided in RD Sharma's book and you are required to solve all of them if you want to get a good revision of the formulas and concepts you have studied. So to score well in your examination, You need to have the correct solution of all the sums and that is provided to you by Vedantu. These solutions are specially designed by experts to increase the ability of students to solve problems.

4. Is Chapter 16 of Class 12 Tangent and Normal a tough topic?

Tangent and normal is a tricky topic and you can solve this topic only I'd you have good knowledge about all the concepts explained in it. For that, you can refer to NCERT but if you want to have a detailed study and problems for practice also then you are required to follow self-help books such as that of RD Sharma that is going to increase your ability to solve the examination and it will boost your performance. The thing that you should remember is that for practice problems solutions you should refer to experts such as Vedantu and get the solutions from them.

5. How will the solution if RD Sharma Chapter 16 Tangent and Normal help me to clear the examination of JEE and board?

The solution of the chapter Tangent and normal is a must for all the students as we know that this is a quite tricky chapter that has many difficult questions for which you tend to refer to experts. In Vedantu we always provide you with the solutions that are specially designed by the subject experts and these solutions also contain shortcuts that will help you to solve the problem quickly and it will help you to save your time in JEE examination and you can focus on some other problem. So it is required that you should refer to solutions of the chapter Tangent when you are solving the practice problems.