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RBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2016

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Class 12 Economics RBSE Question Paper 2016 - PDF Download

The RBSE Board has included the Economics subject among the other vital subjects of commerce. The board has initiated the study of this subject for its undying role in the career of the commerce students, which will be evident in their higher studies. In the world of Commerce, this subject is quite important thus, the board has assured the study of this subject by the students of class 12 Commerce.  

The width of the subject extends far wide. The application of the subject literally starts from buying a simple item from the nearest retail shop to trading in the world market like venturing in foreign trades. All this information is provided to the students only to make them aware of the importance of this subject. The students are suggested to honestly prepare this subject right from their core level that is starting from Class 12.  

RBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2016

The students know the importance of the subject thus, they also know they need to strive and study hard in order to grasp the subject. The class 12 exam’s result will surely leave an imprint on the career path of the students. In order to have a hold over the Economics exam, the students are required to study the subject, understand the logic intently.

First, it all starts by setting their suitable routine of study. Right after that, plunge on their study. Also, to mention their routine should include the study of the previous year’s question papers. As the matter of fact, previous year’s question papers make the students quite confident in their approach as they can devise their strategy well for scoring high marks in the Economics exam. The students with the help of the previous year’s question paper will know the pattern of the question paper, the weightage consistency of each chapter, this will also help the students to identify their weaker areas and gradually work on the same. In this section, we will study the previous year’s question paper of 2016. The students are suggested to study and download the free pdf from our site itself.