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Write the successor of the number provided;

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Hint: In order to solve this problem we need to know that successor means the number just after the number provided. Adding one to the given number will solve your problem.

Complete step-by-step answer:
The number given is 2440701. We need to find the successor of the given number.
We know that the successor of the number means that the number just after the given number. The successor of a number can be obtained by adding 1 to the number. So,
$\Rightarrow$ 2440701 + 1 = 2440702.
Hence the answer to this question is 2440702.

Note: In this question you just need to know that The number which comes immediately after a particular number is called its successor. The successor of a whole number is the number obtained by adding 1 to it. Your problem will be solved by knowing this concept.
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