Solve to find the value of the :-
\[1+1\div 100\times 10\]

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Hint: We will use BODMAS to solve this question.
Let us know about BODMAS.
BODMAS: BODMAS stands for Bracket, Of, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction. ... According to BODMAS rule, the brackets have to be solved first followed by powers or roots (i.e. of), then Division, Multiplication, Addition and at the end Subtraction.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Let us solve this question now. So, as mentioned in the hint, we will open the brackets first. But as we can see that there are no brackets in the question, so, we will move to the next step, that is solving the powers or roots. But, again we can see that there are no powers and roots in the question, therefore, we will move to the next step, i.e. division.
\[1+1\div 100\times 10\]
\[1+\dfrac{1}{100}\times 10\]
Now, we will perform multiplication.
Now, we will perform addition.
For adding 1 and \[\dfrac{1}{10}\] , we need to take the L.C.M. of 1 and 10, i.e. 10.
So, we get \[~\dfrac{1+10}{10}=\dfrac{11}{10}\] Therefore, the answer of this question is 1.1.
\[1+1\div 100\times 10\] = 1.1

NOTE:- The student must use the BODMAS rule for solving this question as without using BODMAS, the answer would come out to be wrong.
Also, not only for this question, one must use the BODMAS rule only for solving such questions as if we will use the BODMAS rule, then only the answer would be correct, otherwise not.

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