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If Binny spends Rs. A daily and saves Rs. B per week. What is her income for two weeks?

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Hint: In this question we have to calculate income for two weeks. Use formula income of a person = savings + expenditure. Calculate savings and expenditure and evaluate income.

Complete step-by-step answer:

Expenditure of Binny in one day = $Rs.{\text{ }}a$
Expenditure of Binny in one week = $7 \times a = 7a$
Total expenditure in two weeks = $7a \times 2 = 14a$
Savings of binny per week = $Rs.{\text{ }}b$
Saving of binny in 2 weeks = $Rs{\text{ }}2b$
Now, income = savings + expenditure
=$Rs.(2b + 14a)$

Note: In order to find income for a given number of weeks where the problem is mentioned in different quantities of measurement of time. First convert all the time quantity into some general or standard time quantity and then proceed.