What did the vital force theory state initially ?
a.) organic compounds are formed from a spiritual force
b.) organic compounds are formed from carbon
c.) organic compounds are formed from inorganic compounds
d.) None of these

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Hint: Vital force theory believes in the presence of some spiritual force that leads to the formation of living matter. Thus, the organic compounds may also have originated from them only.

Complete step by step answer:
First, we will understand the vital force theory in detail.
Vital force theory stated “In living nature, the elements seem to obey entirely different laws than they do in the dead. The essence of the living body consequently is not founded in its inorganic elements, but in some other thing, which disposes of the inorganic element. This something which we call vital force is situated fully outside the inorganic elements and is not one of their original properties.”
This theory was given by Berzelius in 1809. According to this theory, the organic living compounds are not formed from inorganic compounds but from a vital force. This vital force or spiritual force is called God.

Thus, for this we have the option a.) as the correct answer.

Note: According to this theory, such vital or spiritual force can-not be created artificially. So, we can not synthesize organic compounds in the laboratory. This theory was followed for many years until Fredrick synthesized urea which is an organic compound from inorganic compound ammonium cyanate.